Living Small

The tiny house movement is a beautiful, constructive act of rebellion against a culture where overconsumption, going into debt and overwork are the norm.

You Say You Want an Evolution

When you support the Evolver Social Movement (E+SM), you play an integral role in accelerating a planetary transformation by spreading a new awareness of our collective, creative potential.  For our spring drive, we are seeking 333 pioneers inspired to help the new transformational culture flourish and spread.

Corporate Water World

Merck becomes the next big corporation to endorse the UN's CEO Water Mandate, a catastrophic greenwashing initiative.

Evolver Spores: The Spirit of Water

This Wed, more than thirty-five Evolver Regionals will explore the mystery, history, and contemporary politics of water. We welcome all those in the Evolver/RS network to join us for a healing blessing for the Gulf at 10:30pm EST. Hosted by and The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance. (July 21) [Video]

Oil Spill as Archetypal Myth

I see the tragedy of the Oil Spill as an archetypal symbol of our collective shadow. Our suppression and denial of our addiction to oil–our emotional denial–cannot be ignored any longer. Our collective psyches have produced a symbol so big, so in our faces, that we cannot shove it down and suppress it.

Valis, Zebra, Gaia

The sophisticated mimicry we find among insects and animals might also exist on a hidden, higher scale. Via synchronicity, the natural intelligence of life initiates a kind of informative dialogue…

It’s No Trick: Cruelty in the Modern Age

We’ve made laws to protect our wild world from extinction and exploitation, yet we still imprison and gawk at nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures. What does our treatment of fellow Earthlings say about the legacy we leave for future generations?

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