Mental Illness

Dreaming the Psychogenic Fugue

The fact that people can fall asleep to become a unicorn flying through the air, and then awaken to drive to work like nothing ever happened, is an accomplishment of composure that deserves recognition.

Lucid Dreaming and Mental Illness

The editor of Gawker called me. He said he was doing a piece on Jared
Loughner, who was sentenced to life in prison without parole
for his deadly rampage in Tuscon in January 2011. Gawker had got a hold of some emails from Loughner. He said, "We have an email from him to you."

Mad Pride, Prophets, and the Revival of the Messianic Vision

I was browsing through the forum of the first
mad pride organization in America when I came across a woman with bipolar disorder and psychosis. She said that God had told her His plans for global awareness and that she has a part in that. I told her that it was a sign of a prophetic calling.  She did not
believe I was a psychologist. 

Madness, Civilization and Media

Jaycee Dugard's abduction story is part of a larger media myth and the story of civilization. Is there a link between mass mediated madness and kidnapping?

Deeksha Madness

[Daemonic Dispatches] • If your neighbor or co-worker hasn't already fallen for "The Secret," then perhaps he's hustling for – or getting hustled by – the "Oneness" movement, which promises miraculous healing powers and the imminent Golden Age through the exchange of deekshas. Ahh, smell the bliss!

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