NYC Events

New York City Tolkien Conference

Welcome Travelers of Middle-earth! Many of our readers may know for several years Anthony Burdge and Jessica Burke ran “The Northeast Tolkien Society,” which held numerous meetings and events in the New York City area. We placed the group on hiatus for a time as we were under contract to complete our first 2 books via the Independent Press Kitsune Books.

Art, Drugs & Consciousness

The Evolver Network presents a special conversation with Daniel Pinchbeck, Adam Green, and Hamilton Morris in Brooklyn, this Thursday, with a dance party to follow.

The 5th Annual Ayahuasca Monologues

"Gossip Girl's" Penn Badgley has joined Allyson and Alex Grey, Chris Kilham, and more at this year's NYC Ayahuasca Monologues (Thurs, Oct. 4). If you can't be there in person, you can now catch it all through our online video Evolver Intenstives program.

Nothing and Everything

Ellen Pearlman and Vincent Katz discuss the influence of Buddhism on the American Avant Garde in the late 1950s and early 60s. May 16, NYC.

Beyond Money

Discuss reasons to occupy Wall St. at the What Comes After Money? book release party, with Sharon Gannon, Daniel Pinchbeck, Ken Jordan, Kelly Heresy. Friday, October 28 in NYC.

Refurbishing Nightlife

For six weeks, enjoy Stuart Braunstein's new pop-up night club, "Popped," at the Canal Room on Broadway.

Brooklyn Mandalas

This week, witness Lama Tenzin Yignyen make the Sand Mandala of Compassion at the Brooklyn LaunchPad.

Freeform Epiphanies

This Friday, APOCRY- PHON presents an
arts and music retrospective in NYC celebrating Angus MacLise, the Velvet Underground’s original drummer and psychedelic enthusiast.

300 Souls: Notes from a Young Astrologer

In Greek mythology the way to invoke a bad fate is to show hubris. Modern hubris is nothing more than investing too much energy into unexplored assumptions. The more we get to know our assumptions the more that fate, and time and space itself, become malleable. The work of creation becomes cooperative.The word becomes flesh.

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