Some Words About the Poem

The poem is dream and dreamer intertwined. It remakes language in the act of being writ. Mind and tongue, breath and mark. Papyrus, clay, paper, cyber-bit and byte.


we were trees
now we’re saw dust
and it’s hard to be modest
while they’re raping the goddess

Broken Soul – Psychedelic Poetry

“I was sitting full-lotus around a fire that was whispering symbols in a tipi in the desert listening to the wind howl when I closed my eyes and left. There is a latch that clings to our souls that I know how to undo with a bit of focus.”

Entering the Mythic Journey and Making Your Soul

Everyone craves an enlarged perception of themselves and the world, a deeper emotional connection to their
own hearts and to the hearts of others, a wilder capacity for joy—yet we have almost no societally sanctioned space for this endeavor.

Holy Soul Jelly Roll

The Allen Ginsberg Estate is about to re-release in dowloadable format the most comprehensive audio collection the poet ever produced. Volumes have been written about Ginsberg's poetry, but nothing substantial has been written about the songs. Why not? Because poetry is "literature" subject to "literary criticism," and music is not?

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