Ram Dass

The Man Behind the Kirtan: A Talk with Krishna Das

In 1969, Jeff Kagel had a daunting decision to make: join a newly signed band, Soft White Underbelly, or move to New Hampshire to be with
his spiritual teacher. Jeff made his choice and changed his name to Krishna Das. The band changed its name to Blue Öyster Cult. 

Halfway Between Hope & Hopelessness

In this playful clip, upcoming Evolver Intensives host, Ram Dass has a conversation with the late Terence McKenna about the evolution of consciousness, psychedelic revelations, the future as an "archaic recursion", the "lineage of miracles" and more. [Video]

Being Here Now

Join Ram Dass and his guests Jack Kornfield, Rameshwar Das, Mirabai Bush, and Dale Borglum for four online interactive video sessions exploring mindfulness, love, service, living and dying.

Be Love Now: A Visit with Ram Dass

I vividly remember the intensity and significance of our
first meeting.  He would often do
an exercise with new students that involved sitting across from one another,
eyeball to eyeball, with the instruction, "Anything that comes into your
mind that you don't want to share with me, share with me." 

Be Love Now

As we begin to
awaken, experiences lead to reflection and contemplation. Then as we become
more aware, experiences become a fire of purification, a burning ground of the
ego, grist for the mill of developing consciousness, food enabling the emerging
soul to break free of its bonds.

Drugs and Dharma in the 21st Century

Two great directions in human thought and activity have recently been coming into sharper focus. Interest in Buddhism has not been greater since it was first introduced to China where it proceeded to grow steadily for 500 years, and the serious and thoughtful use of psychedelics is making a resurgence, perhaps more profoundly than in the Sixties.

Post-Avatar-Depression-Syndrome (PADS)

Reports have appeared of people who see Avatar and fall into depression at their inability to access a world as beautiful and spiritual as Pandora, the mythical planet depicted in the film. But before you join a PADS support group, consider the lessons of LSD.

The Harvard Psychedelic Club

Leary assembled an
eclectic squadron of test pilots at his increasingly chaotic home. They
included Beat poet Allen Ginsberg; jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson;
William Burroughs, the legendary novelist; and Alan
Watts, the popular Buddhist writer and commentator.

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