Aligning to the Divine

The Divine as you, as you align to it, holds all you need. You can’t understand how amazing you are when you’re looking for yourself under a bush somewhere.

The Living Universe

The mechanistic view of the universe, where everything is separate, creates isolation and depression and loneliness and hopelessness. But when we step into this bigger picture of the Living Universe, then all of a sudden we are independent free agents, but we’re also supported by this deeper web of relationship that makes us feel empowered.

A Different View: Relationships, Order & Process

What’s an evolutionary view that values our felt sense of process? What is a view of the natural world that does not demonize humanity for arriving on the earth’s crust and yet feels the weight of urgency to radically awaken so we can respond to the cry of our times?

The Recreation of the Self

You self-identify through the things you see before you. You know your name because somebody says it. You know your identity because you were told who you were by other people. If there was nobody to say your name, who would you be?

Archaic Drum Interview w/ Kelly-Ann Maddox

Kelly-Ann Maddox: After picking up her first Tarot deck at a young age, Kelly-Ann developed an intense passion for the tool and has now spent almost two decades exploring its potential. In her work as an intuitive spiritual counsellor, she seeks to combine the rich, symbolic language of the cards with different psycho-spiritual modalities including Transpersonal Psychology and Jungian Psychoanalysis.

The ‘Elder Brother’ comes to Australia

Often called ‘The Elder Brother’, the People of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta see modern cultures and technological civilization as ‘The Younger Brother’. I caught up with the ‘Elder Brothers’ by a Skype conversation with their facilitator as they were visiting Uluru, in Australia, at the invitation of traditional keeper, Uncle Bob Randall.

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