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Talking with Her on the Other Side: Abou Farman and Leonor Caraballo

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As the film Icaros: A Vision nears its US theatrical release, starting at Metrograph in New York City, the film’s producer and co-writer Abou Farman sits down with mediums and readers to see how his partner in life and art, Leonor Caraballo, feels about the film, her afterlife and other issues.

Leonor, the co-director, passed from this world before seeing the film finished. Abou and Leo collaborated for 15 years as the arts duo caraballo-farman. Hailed by the New Yorker and VarietyIcaros: A Vision is a narrative feature about illness and healing at an ayahuasca center in the Peruvian amazon.

Below is an “afterlife interview” with Leonor that is the first in a series that will be published on Reality Sandwich. The transcript (completed with help from Karen Colon) has been edited for length; no one in this world is responsible for its content.

(Pictured right: Leonor Caraballo and Abou Farman)

Leonor Caraballo

Afterlife Interview #1

Reader: I am not a psychic, this is not a psychic reading. Psychic reading reads the information right there in your field and Akashic session goes to your soul’s perspective and your soul’s imprint on the akashic field. We look at what’s going on with you now from that perspective

Abou: So it’s through me and my imprint that you might access Leo?

Reader: What we do in the records, you’re going to hear me say ‘masters’ and ‘teachers’ and ‘loved ones’. ‘Loved ones’ would be your wife. Loved ones are the ones we’ve know in this incarnation. I don’t get to choose; they come forward directly. Or if they can’t, we can still connect with them indirectly through the masters of teachers. I lost my husband two years ago very quickly and suddenly, and I have seen him through the records several times.

Abou: When was that? Two years ago what date?

Reader: January 18.

Abou: Within a few days of me!

Reader: Wow, okay. We have a similar timeline. And her name is Lil?

Abou: Leo. Short for Leonor.

Reader: Alright, let’s get in the records so we’re all on board, okay?

Abou: Mhmm.

Reader: Alright so… you’re so serious. It’s actually not that serious!

Abou: [laughs]

Reader: I’m going to be reading a short prayer, it’s part of my access process. I’m going to be quiet for a minute. I’ll let you know when we’re in there. Typically, the masters and teachers open with a comment or something and we’ll see what happens from there. When I go through the prayer you don’t have to connect with the words per say, but it’s useful if you get out of your head, stop thinking. It’s a big state of letting go. You’re a little elevated, just let yourself drop down to the heart in your body. Literally. It’s a big relief, there’s absolutely nothing to do there, so you’ll feel that.

Abou: Okay got it.

Reader: Alright. Here we go. I ask god if he will have his shield of love and truth around you permanently so only god’s love and truth will exist between you and me. I allow the masters, teachers and loved ones of you to channel through me out of whatever realm to say whatever they wish. I ask the permission of the lords of the akashic records so I am able to look into the records of you and remove whatever information I am allowed.

Abou: [breathing]

Reader: Sitting with Abou, the records are open; masters and teachers, anything you want to begin with from what you were showing me?

They gave us a block of information, so I’m going to put it in my own words. The block of information is very much about what you have come to study from your soul’s perspective in this lifetime. Soul’s purpose is much more about what we become, and what we become aware of, than what we do.

What you have come to investigate, according to them, is how beings and physical beings are more alike than they are different, and how the concept of separation is distinctly an illusion, meaning there is no separation between, say, you and me. There’s one of us here.

They’re going to your wife specifically. She doesn’t have her head on the pillow but, they are saying, you are closer than ever. Now you understand the concept, as anyone would with half a brain. What you are learning is more and more that the connection is eternal. Actually it’s a big part of her leaving at that point.

By the way, maybe you’re aware of it, that was no accident. That was a known probability, that she was going to, what they’re calling, ‘take a leave of absence’, physically, so that you could continue your journey. You are and have been continuing your journey with her in non-physical and you in the physical. One aspect to point out is that only love remains and the connection that we have with all we have loved. But we’re talking inter-dimensional reality.

Do you want me to just see if she’s directly available to come forth?

Abou: Sure, yes. Or indirect, whichever way we can get to her.

Reader: Alright love, pronounce her name one more time for me.

Abou: Leonor.

Reader: There she is clear as a bell! She said “I’ve been waiting.” She’s been here. I’m just picking up on it. She’s more in the peripheral view here. First, she’s very joyful at the moment about this, she’s calling it ‘connection communication.’

She said, “it is like it has always been from my side. Except only better. Guess what? I get to be inside you, I get to see through your eyes, I get to feel what you feel, sometimes.’

Now she’s kind of, I want to say dry humor. She said. “I’m like a parasite.” But she’s kidding. Though they can infuse directly into our fields.

She wants to explain a little bit of her experience of being out of body. The experience of being in body feels like the dream. She’s saying, “the remembered dream.” And “I am without nothing. Not without you, not without a body.” She’s saying that the concept or meaning of without does not exist, “I am with all, I am all, I am all,” that’s what she’s saying. She’s saying, “this is bigger than we thought, bigger than we talked about.” You two.

Abou: “This” meaning what?

Reader: [Asking Leo] What do you mean by this? Can you clarify that a little bit more?

She’s saying, “All within one, all as one, all vibrating, pulsating with a distinct rhythm, not unlike that of the heartbeat, meaning the human heartbeat.” It’s always within, it is a pulsing, rhythmic, joyful life force. Now she’s calling it so wonderful. She’s breaking up the word: won der full. Like full of wonder. Now she’s playing with the ‘won’ and putting an o in front of it: “One der ful, everything one.” She talked about oneness not as a concept but as a direct experience. Where do you want to go with this?

Abou: I’m thinking the afterlife is here and is now, is what we live together with all the dead that are already socially with us. That’s what I thought she said when she said ‘this’ is bigger, this all around is bigger.

Reader: Her awareness is bigger now, you get that?

Abou: Yeah.

Reader: Therefore even the way she walks with you in your afterlife together is bigger because she’s showing us this. She’s calling it a wide angle lens. She has a wide angle lens now.

Abou: She was always very picky and discriminating. She knew exactly what she liked and pushed aside things that she didn’t like. Does she have anything specific to say about the film? We talked about continuing with her through the film, so the film was an active part of her existence after death, of her activity after death.

Reader: Now she’s going back to the words “wide angle lens” and she’s saying, “Yes, I was focused.” She’s saying, “Forceful with my focus. Now if I see with a soft focus I see many potentials, many probabilities, many possibilities, and yet I am able to sift through them to the one that rings.” And she’s calling it “the loudest, with resonance for what we together wish to create.” She’s saying, “transfer,” but that means, I guess, giving it to the world.

She’s saying whatever is happening with it now is a little different than she probably would have. She may have taken slightly different turns if she were here physically. She’s saying, “what a won” – there’s that word again – “what a wonderful process.” You have been collecting what she’s calling “the subtleties that I would like to communicate.” I don’t know how but I think it’s been bubbling up in you through her. The subtleties of – she’s calling it –  “after life,” but it really means life as a whole, and it really means inter-dimensional realities, coming together, coinciding, coalescing – my words not hers. So she likes it. Do you feel okay with that or are you worried?

Abou: Yeah. But knowing her, there must be something she doesn’t like. 

Reader: Well we’re not talking to her as you knew her, we’re talking to her as a soul, the hologram of her. Something you don’t like? Let me see… Well, she really doesn’t want to talk that way, but what she is saying is, “I would like an even clearer experiential delivery within the film that would touch those who cannot move past the conceptual.” That means to actually bring them into experience. And she is saying, “the conceptual delivery is brilliant.” The experiential aspect, she’s saying, could’ve been where people would go in it and come out feeling like “whoa I had an experience beyond understanding.”

Abou: That makes sense.

Reader: She’s delighted with the way it came together, because she said you understand that “we made what we were making.” You were collaborating inter-dimensionally, so whatever your film is about – you said it was Ayahuasca or something…

Abou: Yeah, partly, it’s about Ayahuasca, shamanism and dying…

Reader: She’s saying, you were in it while you were creating it more than if she had been there with you physically. That’s the part she loves the most truly.

Abou: Mhmm

Reader: Is the film all done?

Abou: The film has been done for a year already, or more. Now it’s coming out theatrically on May 19. What’s up with the cockroach?

Reader: Let me see: What’s up with the cockroach? I don’t know. She’s saying, “I’m waving at you.” That’s what she’s saying.

Abou: I love the cockroach.

Reader: She’s saying to you, “you know I don’t miss you.”

Abou: What?

Reader: She’s saying she does not miss you because there is no missing. She’s going back to what she said in the beginning, “there’s no without.”

Abou: Mhmm.

Reader: So she can’t miss you.

Abou: Mhmm.

Reader: She’s saying, “no missing, no longing, no wanting anything to be better, or even different. It’s surprising how all is well.” That’s one of the masters’ and teachers’ favorite saying, “all is well.” It’s hard for us to see because we’re on a whole different paradigm, but she says there is only expansion now. She likes bringing that expanded awareness to the physical. She’s telling you it’s like playing all the time.

Abou: Yeah, she was very physical.

Reader: The word “play” is actually sacred in the records because our souls are like playful children, joyful, curious children, very childlike. Do you want to shift gears or go into anything a little differently?

Abou: This is the only gear I know. What are you suggesting? Are you hearing something? Feeling something? I’ve missed physically working with her and having her madness, her wildness,her sense of discrimination and her focus on physical things.

Reader: In a precise way…

Abou: I want to work like that somehow again.

Reader: This is going to come through the masters and teachers. They’re saying the collaboration you shared with your wife when she was physical and the collaboration you are sharing now is intrinsically what they’re calling deep. It has synergism, meaning you build a fire together. You have felt that obviously because you directly experienced it. You can kind of touch that feeling cause you’ve been in it, and you say, “more of that please.”

Abou: More what?

Reader: Almost like I want more of that dessert.

Abou: Yeah, and less of the other ones, ‘cause we also fought a lot you know. In work it was part of the process, but there were parts of each other that we hated.

Reader: Soulmates are often that way. I’ve got two stones here and the masters and teachers say it’s like two rough stones rubbing together. Through the process you get a lot of expansion, creativity, and awareness, but it often involves conflicting friction.

Abou: Mhmm

Reader: You will have another collaboration, of course. She’s saying – again, she does have a sense of humor – she’s saying, “it will never be me again.”

Abou: Yeah.

Reader: Of course not.  It’s gonna be different. Looks like your main creative partner… actually, there’s a man.

Abou: Uhuh.

Reader: There’s a man coming in that I think – this is my word – it’s really like soul brother.

Abou: Mhmm.

Reader: You may have met him already, I’m not sure. But I think you’re going to start collaborating together. If I track it – even though the future is so fluid – I want to say around September of next year.

Abou: Okay. Some kind of guy?

Reader: Some kind of guy that your soul connected with.

Abou: Yeah.

Reader: Yeah. This guy’s brilliant, I mean brilliant mind. And has an expanded vision as do you, obviously. I think he’s going to be really funny, just flat out funny, you know, in a wise, funny way. That may be a point of recognition. The kind of humor I would call cosmic humor.

Abou: Yeah, yeah.

Reader: You know when you pull back into, say, the 8th dimensional and look at us from that perspective, it does get very humorous.

Abou: It’s true, you pull out and it can be very funny. But at the same time we’re involved in these horrible worlds, at this point especially.

Reader: Yes.

Abou: Between Leo and the masters, what do they say about politics right now?

Reader: Let me see. The collective is shifting from us and them being separate to all is one, that’s the biggest shift. It’s a unity consciousness and the vehicle for this shift right now is the collapse of control, control stemming from fear.

Abou: Mhmm.

Reader: I don’t think I’ve met anyone, including myself, that doesn’t have a little bit of a need to control. But the truth is we are shifting from control to command, and those are the masters’ and teachers’ words. Command is love-based, control is fear-based. But for that to happen, it’s got to be delivered to us through what they’re calling contrast.

Abou: Mhmm.

Reader: We’re seeing the contrast. We are seeing what control looks like, we’re seeing what fear looks like, we’re seeing what judgement looks like, we’re seeing what power versus empowerment looks like, and that’s why it’s so essential for us to fight fire with light.

Abou: Mhmm.

Reader: Not fight fire with fire.

Abou: Yeah.

Reader: Fight fire with light. It’s the only way.

Abou: Fight with light.

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