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The God Molecule: Excerpt from the Book

The God Molecule
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The following article on The God Molecule and DMT and 5-MEO-DMT is excerpted from The God Molecule: 5-MeO-DMT and the Spiritual Path to the Divine Light by Gerardo Ruben Sandoval Isaac published by Divine Arts Media. 

After performing over 1,600 ceremonies (and still counting) for people from different parts of the globe, I have witnessed the magical healing properties of vaporized venom of Bufo alvarius. It can cure addictions, depression; I have seen with my own eyes the medicinal application for many illnesses that afflict mankind nowadays.

I have introduced this sacred medicine to doctors, lawyers, psychologists, therapists, my dad, old senile patients, artists, AIDS and cancer patients, severely depressed people, schizophrenic patients, and drug addicts. All sessions turned out with marvelous positive results.

It is the only substance I have witnessed capable of showing us who we really are. It removes our ego-made masks and shows us what we are made of… Light!

As a gynecologist, I haven’t got the time to dedicate my life fully to this sacred molecule and spread the word of its value. But I am humbly proud of what I have done and realized. As an ob-gyn, I am a witness to the birth of humanity, but through this amazing spiritual work, I am also a witness to humanity’s rebirth.

I believe that the secretion of the Bufo alvarius toad was the magical component in the smoke blend used by the Sonoran Yaqui Don Juan Matus in Carlos Castaneda’s book The Teachings of Don Juan, which he loved to call “humito” or “little smoke.” Reading that Castaneda’s experience of smoking humito was such a powerful entheogenic experience can only lead to the suspicion that it actually was 5-MeO-DMT from the Sonoran Desert toad; something that was kept secret for so long, escaping the Spanish conquistadores and the Inquisition that tried to abolish all signs of polytheistic religions.

Hollywood has also secretly tried to capture the magic and power of entheogens such as in the film Renegade, in which Mesoamerican Indians, my ancestors, gained the most sacred knowledge from their treasured entheogens.

One can only presume that everything is in place at the right time, with all happening for a reason. I am not so interested in the past use of this medicine but in the actual and future use of this powerful entheogen.

For some reason 5-MeO-DMT has appeared now. Let’s accept it and embrace it like the Seri Indians have, giving it a proper use, with the respect it deserves.

I suggest preparing the body and the mind for the experience. In order to achieve the maximum knowledge or wisdom one would need to respect and have high intentions for the experience when ingesting an entheogen.

I must emphasize that I have never used an entheogen for entertainment purposes, except for LSD in common doses. All of the hundreds of experiences or trips I have made have had a purpose. My respect for the experience has always been as profound as it is for the substance. I act as a facilitator of the experience in a ceremonial setting.

The ceremonies are shared in a loving context and with mutual respect, with attention paid to what every person requires in their process of evolution. The sole purpose of these ceremonies is to reconnect the human being to the primary or primal Source. All people, regardless of their conditions or gender, may become masters of their own consciousness, and receive privileged access to perform an apocatastasis, returning to their own selves again by means of liberation, healing, purification, and transformation.

Since I was young living in Catorce I have always pursued knowledge to become a better man, to help my relations.

I have always consumed entheogens to attain a religious experience.

Entheogens are the fundamental pillars of my religion, of my relationship with God or the Source or the Light. So instead of going periodically to church or a temple I prefer to have a trip or an entheogenic experience.

I don’t believe in partying with entheogens. If I used them a lot, it was probably because it was my destiny. Any other ordinary individual surely would have lost his or her mind.

Humans suffer from a disease I call “Everlasting Dis­satisfaction Syndrome.” We will never be satisfied with what we possess. It is our human desire to want more, be more, in an endless effort to fill a space that will never be filled with material things. Eventually we will end up like a spider trapped in its own web.

Overpopulation, waste, pollution, depletion, and destruction work synergistically to influence humankind in a negative way.

This human desire for overconsumption or consumerism is the main factor obscuring our purpose. Entheogens, I believe, are the cure for this evil human disease.

We must learn to love what we possess and be grateful with the life that is given to us.

There is a relationship between light exposure and endogenous (or naturally produced) DMT. The less exposed our brains are to artificial light, the more DMT will be pumped into the brain’s bloodstream. Without this exposure, ancient Biblical characters such as Moses, Abraham, and Isaac had more DMT endogenously and hence were able to have such profound religious experiences. This explains the multiple revelations of divinity received by humankind in ancient times.

As soon as we created artificial light we deprived ourselves of secreting naturally produced DMT, and maybe 5-MeO-DMT, by the pineal gland. Technology basically separated us from the Light Source, the Divine Light of Consciousness. And that is why I believe now is the time for this medicine to be shared among our tribes worldwide. This might just be the solution we are all waiting for.

The Sonoran Seri Indians name all toads otac, the Yaqui Indians name the desert toads boboc, and the Mayans call all toads Xpek.

Amazed by it they embraced it and now besides using peyote, they use this sacrament in their ceremonies.

Now in my free time I share this molecule and medicine with the people along with my Seri chant and sacred mantras in a ceremonial setting based on respect and the will to be a better person.

I won’t go deep into the testimonials of the individuals who have been a part of this quest, in order to respect their privacy, since many were drug addicts, or had severe mental issues or were living a nightmare, like myself. But just to mention some: women suffering from sexual repression, severely depressed people, victims of strong drug addictions, patients with terminal disease, families separated by madness and reunited by an entheogenic experience — these are a few of the many different circumstances that my dear and precious toads’ secretion has cured and fixed. I have been following up on as many people as possible and have discovered there are definite pre- and post-states of awareness induced by 5-MeO-DMT or other entheogenic experiences.

I recall the experience of a well-known, very bright psychologist. As soon as the medicine entered his body he started to scream, “It burns! It burns!” He yelled uncontrollably. I tried my best to calm him down. Afterward he told me he had been sent to hell, and even breathing burned. It was the most horrifying experience of his life. He complained to me. He demanded an explanation for what I had “done to” him. It took him a long time to calm down. The last complaint came a month after his experience, when he called me asking the same question: “What the fuck did you give me, Doctor?”

But whether they have good or bad experiences from 5-MeO-DMT, everyone who tries it evolves in some way. They also contribute in fulfilling my dream-purpose of spreading this Light, curing and healing humanity.

We have a curious capacity to learn from an entheogenic experience. It is crucial to have time to assimilate it and have feedback regarding the experience.

Many can testify that the Truth has set them free.

It has now become more than a mission, a purpose to get together with the Light tribe and share this Light and fulfill the planet’s will.

I have always seen positive results, short- and long-term, everywhere I give this medicine. It has really become more of an honor to be part of this enlightening movement, the Light Revolution of Consciousness.

Now that I have learned from my mistakes I can proudly show my scars. I embrace them and hope to become a better man every single day, conscious of the spiritual world and of every word put into action — thanks to the magical healing and enlightening properties of 5-MeO-DMT.

I am a manifestation of the Light that has come to awaken my brothers and remind them that we are all one. We are one living, conscious being. Our planet is alive and we are all connected to every single thing in the whole multiverse.

Hikuri cleaned my body, showed me the right way to live, Teonanacatl (“flesh of the gods”) enlightened my mind, and the Bufo alvarius or “sapito” (“little toad”) secretion turned on or reconnected my soul with the Divine Light to shine on and through myself, my kind, my offspring, and my planet.

All entheogens are peyotl, hikuri, or jicuri. All are God’s Light… God’s molecules.

We are beings of Light that decided to condense into matter through our human-bound form.

Now I only have to look back at my life and my actions to confirm I was destined to have a long spiritual path toward enlightenment. And thanks to these entheogens I have grown to be a righteous man with a rich spiritual life devoted to service.

All experiences have made me who I am today: Dr. DMT, Dr. Gerry Alvarius, even Dr. Bufo, or simply Dr. Gerry. Whatever people call me they constantly remind me of my purpose. I humbly accept the honor of delivering this sacred molecule to as many people as possible in my life’s span.

16-0105 The God Molecule

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