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The Great Plan and its Implementation: The Global Healing Biotopes Plan

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I am writing this from Malta where I have come with Sabine Lichtenfels to write an Eros Manifesto, a foundation of our Love School. We are looking out to sea, near the African coast and near Lampedusa, in the middle of worldwide turmoil of unspeakable human suffering. The refugee situation is a tragedy of all humankind. Many of us have offered the help of our hearts and hands and have seen with our own eyes what is happening in, for example, Lesbos. It is clear to us that we need a new way of responding. We will only be able to bring about a permanent end to the plight of refugees if we are able to create fundamental changes in the societal conditions in both their home countries and in their destinations. If my understanding of the way this world works is correct, we can actually do this. Making the impossible possible requires, in this case, a profound change in our way of thinking. In this article I want to shed light on the logic of global healing.

I recently read an essay on the Internet with the title “Der Traum vom Blitzfrieden” [The Dream of Instantaneous Peace]. The writer, Martin Häusler, claimed that global war could be ended very quickly. This is a beautiful idea. And I believe that it is actually possible to put an end to global war surprisingly quickly but that it will not happen over night. In order to do it we need both an honest heart and a large-scale implementation plan. It will also require the fulfillment of a number of conditions relating to the existence of humankind on Earth. What kind of conditions are these?

The basic condition is the recognition of the need not only of political reform but of a fundamental system change. We need a new foundation for human culture, a new concept for the cohabitation of our planet and for the co-existence of humankind will all fellow beings. This concept already exists! It is contained within the higher world order, which we call the ‘Sacred Matrix’ and it is anchored in the genes of every living being, at least as a potentiality. The essence of this matrix is the unity of all beings; the universal information pattern which connects all of them (see my book The Sacred Matrix). For some decades we in the Healing Biotopes project have worked on an attempt to reshape community and environment in accordance with the Sacred Matrix.

Humankind has largely lost sight of this pattern. The patriarchal-imperialist-capitalist system generated a morphogenetic field of war under which life on Earth has suffered unspeakable cruelty for many millennia. We all carry within us the imprint of this history as a collective inheritance; we all have a part in this trauma. In order to bring about global healing we need a collective power which is stronger than our collective past. The achievement of global peace requires the dissolving of the collective trauma; the morphogenetic field of war has to be transformed into a morphogenetic field of peace. This process operates through the creation of new information which needs to be introduced into the noosphere and within people.

New Information

The information I refer to concerns the founding of new types of autonomous settlements (Healing Biotopes) on all continents. Contained within this is the original pattern for the coexistence of humans and of humans with our fellow beings. If this information is to initiate a new worldwide morphogenetic field, it needs to be compatible with the higher order of life from which we all originated and which sustains the cohesion of all things. All beings are connected to the universal order of the Sacred Matrix. All beings carry in their genes the image of the Sacred Matrix, no matter how far they have been alienated through the aberrations of history. Humankind’s societal order and the universal (or divine) world order need to come together for the suffering on Earth to be overcome. The ‘great plan’ consists of enabling this transformation and in manifesting the order of the Sacred Matrix on Earth. We can do this because this order is within us. Central to the order of the Sacred Matrix is a set of ethical, ecological and spiritual principles which is more or less familiar to us all. We have experienced these as truths in blessed situations in our lives, in experiences of collective solidarity, in observations of nature, in the ‘answering of our prayers,’ ‘miracle healings’ and moments of ‘enlightenment.’ We also know it from the classic books of wisdom such as the Upanishads, Tao de Ching, the Gospel of Matthew among others. And finally, we know it from the findings of modern sciences. We all know and love the Sacred Matrix when we encounter it in its purity, and yet we have abandoned it time and again because we have been conditioned differently by our behavioral habits.

The system change will be introduced though the first groups on Earth which understand and act on it. In doing this they will, in effect, establish a new evolutionary direction for human society in accordance with the precepts of the Sacred Matrix. This requires a foundation in a theoretical concept as well as lived community experiences by which the social aspects of the plan (such as the meaning of the imperative ‘do not judge’) can be comprehended. The ‘great plan’ is an entire informational package which encompasses building community, sex, love and partnership, raising children, non-violent cooperation with animals, the healing of water, the production of energy and food, new economics and networking between the new projects. Its scope is global; it is a comprehensive, ecological, technological, social and ethical concept which aims for compatibility with the principles of the Sacred Matrix in all its parts. At its essence is always the same guiding idea of compatibility. As we enter into this system change the next steps reveal themselves, for there exists within ourselves a profound knowledge of these processes. In the twilight of our forgetfulness, contours emerge that become increasingly clear – contours of the intact relation between the genders, of the relation with animals, with nature, with water, with the ‘holy spirit’ and with our higher selves. There lies latently within all people, a clear and objective vision of living a wholesome life on Earth. It resides, in the words of David Bohm, in the ‘implicate order’ of the world. Today it must be brought into the ‘explicate order.’


Building a New Global Field

Evolution works through the creation of fields; this applies both to the evolution of nature and to the evolution of human society. After Watts developed the steam engine in the eighteenth century, the industrial revolution spread worldwide. After the use of petroleum began a hundred years later, large-scale industry expanded exponentially. With the development of the nuclear bomb, the nuclear age began. With the invention of computer technology, an age commenced, the end of which we cannot yet imagine; it seems to have just begun. These technological developments have placed more and more power over the material world into the hands of man, with scant benefit to the Earth. What if we were to make a breakthrough discovery (i.e. field-creating information) of equivalent impact in the social realm? It seems clear to me that if we could really establish new centers which cohere with the essence of the Sacred Matrix, a global system change would quickly come into being – because the information of the Sacred Matrix, towards which this transformation is moving, is already present everywhere. The global morphogenetic process is based on the resonance of the human soul with the spirit of the Sacred Matrix. Healing occurs as this resonance occurs. This applies not only to the individual person but to humanity as a whole and to every region on Earth.

The new information has to be entered into the world on two levels. Firstly on the level of concrete models (Healing Biotopes) and secondly on the level of global dissemination through digital technology. With the first we demonstrate the viability of the new models; with the second we increase humankind’s readiness to recall the new information from the noosphere. This brings the information field of the Earth into an ‘excited state.’ The core of a new global society will be built from both sides.


How the Material World is Changed through Information

The world can be transformed through a single piece of essential information. We can study the workings of global processes through the correlations in our own physiological systems. To give a simple example: if I am angry at someone my body reacts with aggression. If I find out later that my anger was based on misinformation and that actually the other person acted in good faith, my physiology changes immediately. My body shifts from a mode of anger to one of appreciation – these are measurable biochemical changes. I consider this to be remarkable. Our bodies react to significant information with the release of messenger substances (neuropeptides), which influence our entire organism in a number of ways. Messenger substances prompt the DNA to produce proteins which influence the physical coordination of the body. In this way we can understand how something as complex as the human cellular system containing 50 trillion cells, is steered through the entry of a single piece of information. We experience this phenomenon in so-called ‘miracle healings’ in which an apparently incurable disease is overcome through a prayer, a positive experience or new decision in life. The organism receives new information and reacts to it with a complete change of program, from disease to healing. Sometimes such changes are caused by minute events. The human organism can be compared to a kaleidoscope showing this or that shining pattern depending on how we turn it. All of the patterns are contained within the potential of the kaleidoscope.

Is it possible that what applies to an individual does not also apply to the overall body of humanity? As I see it, individual people are cells in the super-organism of humankind. When new healing information, which is compatible with the Sacred Matrix, enters the noosphere all individuals are affected. Because we are all held within the Sacred Matrix, we can all receive healing power in the same way as can the cells in an individual’s body. We have all, however, become ‘distracted’ through the trauma of a long history of war; this is why our systems have become epigenetically distorted, often beyond recognition. Nevertheless the original image remains latently present. If this original image can now be activated through new information, the Sacred Matrix is reactivated within the organism (similar to the way in which a ‘hidden’ original image embedded in holographic film resurfaces when the film is illuminated at the right angle.) It is because the Sacred Matrix is latent within him, in the shape of his higher self, which we might call ‘atman’ or the Christ nature, that even a murderer can become loving when confronted with deeply humane information. It therefore follows that we will come to a state in which war is impossible – physiologically impossible – because the organism carries different information.


The ‘By-Itself’ Principle

As the tree grows by itself, biotopes emerge by themselves and small children start walking by themselves. Whenever a painter, a dancer or a composer surrenders to and becomes one with their work he or she has the feeling that the piece flows by itself. Life operates according to a ‘by-itself principle’ that produces performances which are miraculous in their power and precision with no apparent effort. It is clearly among the goals of a new peace culture to understand this principle (referred to in Eastern traditions such as Wu Wei and Mo Chi Chu) and to follow it with ever-greater consciousness. A shift from, that which Castaneda refers to as, ‘Tonal’ to ‘Nagual’ would delightfully enrich the functioning of new community enterprises.  

Within the coherence of the Sacred Matrix’s information field a kind of ordering takes place in us which we can call self-healing or self-organization. As the new information takes effect and gains momentum it continues operating ‘by itself’ as a morphogenetic process. Those involved do not need to comprehend every detail, nor do they need to resolve all of life’s conflicts therapeutically because they are genetically part of a healing field which increasingly self-organizes as it becomes more charged. People behave like iron particles within a magnetic field, positioning themselves according to the field’s lines of force. The ‘great plan’ I am describing contains the information of global Healing Biotopes. The plan is the magnetic field, with many lines of force by which all things, all people, all professional positions will shape themselves anew. The plan brings about self-organization insofar as those collaborating, locally and globally, are coherent with it. Thus the plan can be seen as ‘the boss.’ The more coherence a community is able to establish with this plan, the less it requires external authorities. This could give new meaning to the oft-cited term ‘grassroots’ democracy.


An Absolute End to Sexual Violence: A new vision for the polarity and love between the genders

The issue of erotic love is an essential aspect of the ‘great plan.’ We all originated from the union of man and woman. Man and woman are the two halves of humanity and they need to come together anew – in full trust, full joy, without violence or humiliation. (This is not a judgment in favor of or against homosexuality. Every path in love serves healing so long as it is walked in inner truth. What I refer to is the basic biological polarity which brought us into life.)

Where lies the truth beyond conventional projections? Of what does the polarity, this magical attraction, actually consist? Is there a fundamental difference between man and woman beyond cultural constructs? Perhaps even one of creation’s deep mysteries? Man and woman need to recognize each other on a soul level in order to enter into lasting love and mutual solidarity. This also requires us to be honest about our sexual desires. In the arena of sexuality we are all polyamorous to some extent. After some time in a couple relationship most people experience a desire for others. There is nothing wrong with this. The problem is the old concepts of relationship and fidelity which require us to conceal this desire, perhaps even from ourselves. There is another, higher form of fidelity which is grounded in radical trust and does not break when one partner comes together with another person. Many a mishap took root in the mistrust and secret lies that overshadowed erotic love. In order to restore trust between lovers we need a new social order that allows people to live their sexuality in a free and honest way. This is what we mean by ‘free love.’ It is a cultural term, not a masturbation fantasy. Violent and degrading pornographic obsessions dissolve in the field of free love as we become capable of authentic contact. Although we in Tamera have not yet resolved the entire erotic issue by introducing free love, we have removed an historic block and we continue to walk the path of insight. Free love is only possible when there is a great deal of trust among all those involved. Functioning communities are needed for the cultivation of this trust.

We experienced the ‘by-itself’ effect in our community with the transition to free love. Once the field for free love had been established people could, had they wanted, continue their old couple relationships; no one would have hindered them. We have always supported emerging couple relationships, yet which exclusive couple relationship persists with the permission to love freely? The ideal of partnership however retains its validity, for it is based on another foundation. If the fidelity between two people endures in the truth of free love, they can rely on it. Free sexuality and partnership do not contradict each other; they complement one another. (The author may perhaps serve as an example of this statement.) As I wrote in my book, Eros Unredeemed, ‘You can only be faithful if you are allowed to love others too.’

The acceptance of our animal side in sexuality is key to healing. I refer to the pure lust for flesh, which contains enormous vital power and is an expression of the Sacred Matrix. The permanent suppression of sexual attraction does not serve peace, but gives rise to disaster. There is a point in the relation between the genders that determines whether there will be war or peace on Earth. This point is the acceptance or non-acceptance of the animal-like aspect in our sexuality. The dominating systems rely on the suppression of elementary sexual energies. These systems introduced a lie into the world, which has resulted in a latent war between man and woman. The patriarchal fight against woman and the body has left deep wounds in both women and men. For thousands of years it was hardly possible for a woman to show her sensual ‘animality’ without risking her reputation or even her life.

In this realm we are facing a paradigm shift which might be more important than all others. As an expression of the Sacred Matrix, our sexual nature calls for neither violence nor subjugation. However it does demand the animal-like engagement with the flesh. When this is prohibited the boundaries are broken violently; the whole scenario of sadistic cruelty unfolds, with which human history is saturated to this day. The victims have almost always been women. (It must be that there is enormous love rooted in women that enables them to still love men!) If trust arises between the genders, if this trust reaches to the most intimate regions of lust and if this process is not just momentary between partners but is lasting and collective, then something truly new arises. The hologram of fear will thus be transformed into a hologram of trust. New messenger substances are released into the body of the whole of humanity.


Animals in a Peace Culture

The new behavior of animals is a particularly amusing and astonishing chapter in the field-building process of a peace community. I raise the issue of animals because it shows how different everything will be once humankind leaves the old cages of its thinking. Animals are an important aspect of the ‘concrete utopia’ towards which we are working. Once the animal kingdom realized that it can trust the people of Tamera, dogs and wild boars came to our property to seek refuge from hunters and other threats. We entered into a special kind of communication with our animal cohabitants. Water snakes wound themselves around people’s legs or rested their heads on human bellies. Rats no longer touched our food storage. Wild boars respected our vegetable gardens and when we brought chickens on to our land we told the wild animals (marten, mongoose and foxes) that in the first weeks they should not eat any of them. The door of the enclosure always stayed open. The chickens were able to walk out to a marked border and none were eaten. It was like a miracle but it happened. The wild animals complied with the precepts of the peace community; they respected our authority. In this way a kind of intimacy developed between humans and animals which we had known formerly only in fairytales. In the course of such experiences we understood how much animals look for human orientation and how happily they follow or cooperate when they trust. Here again we encounter the fundamental meaning of trust. The entire biology of a place seems to transform if based on a field of trust. The epochal shift we are facing today carries the name of trust. No living being would be afraid of another if everyone lived together in trust. There is no single person capable of tormenting an animal that they meet in trust. This opens up an interesting dimension for a new non-violent coexistence with all fellow beings.


The Global Healing Biotopes Project

Healing Biotopes are model settlements for the research and manifestation of the systemic change from the matrix of fear to the matrix of healing in the basic areas of human existence. Healing Biotopes work on the generation of new global healing information. This healing information consists essentially of trust among participants – trust among people and trust between people and animals. After five thousand years of war, the existence of trust cannot be taken for granted; it needs to be reestablished through agreement on common social and ethical guidelines. In conditions of trust, channels of knowledge open up. Trust is the channel through which the higher world can communicate with us. There are a number of systemic correlations in the realm of the Sacred Matrix. For example, the ability of humanity to solve its love issue depends on, among other things, the way we deal with rats, snakes or so-called vermin in the garden. Our social problems cannot be solved sustainably in a world of slaughterhouses, vivisection and fur-farms. Without a profound paradigm shift in our coexistence with all beings, no true Healing Biotope can arise. Even the best innovations in water, energy and nutrition will be of little lasting help unless they have a social context of trust – and above all the trust between the genders. This is the crucial key within the informational package for global healing – as I have already stated, trust is the healing power that releases new messenger substances in the body of humanity. Trust between collaborators demands a great readiness for truth and a high degree of solidarity.

Healing Biotopes pursue a superordinate global goal. That is why they need to collaborate on a global level. The thousands of groups that are currently making their way to new shores need a higher common global goal orientation. The coherence of a common goal will generate success. It is only on that basis that a global movement for the creation of a new world will arise; a movement which rises in order to, without violence, strip the old capitalist world of its power. We are dealing with a power struggle that will not be resolved through strength of numbers, though money or weapons, but solely through the power of information. Once the first Healing Biotopes are well established and operate as described something will change on Earth. The message will spread. The probability of similar centers emerging in more and more places increases. People will realize that there exist very concrete answers to both the material questions concerning energy, water and food and to the social questions. Nobody needs to starve, thirst or freeze to death on this planet and nobody has to suffer under permanent heartache if we use the potential available to us and if we cease allowing the forces of capitalism to stop us. Every piece of land, every village, even every neighborhood can be transformed into a Healing Biotope.

People will ask time and again how relatively small communities will be able to overcome the giants of globalized capitalism? The answer is always the same – in connection with the universal power of the Sacred Matrix. It seems important to me that this is understood. It is so clear! There is a power stronger than all violence. No plant could grow without it; no seedling could break through asphalt.

The message of the ‘great plan’ has be to heard. To this end we need good collaborators in all countries and efficient digital networking. The morphogenetic process will carry the information by itself once a critical dimension has been reached. At that point the information will spread around the world faster than the innovations from Silicon Valley because the information we are dealing with is already latently present everywhere. I like to compare this process with Silicon Valley because I believe that there is a close relation between today’s digital technology and the spiritual technology of the future. In both cases messages are conveyed in mysterious ways; information and images are sent into wireless worlds and far away objects are steered remotely.

The vision of Healing Biotopes contains an intact image of life which I have outlined briefly in this essay. If this image is entered into a central computer it can become visible on all screens. Digital technology works this way; human consciousness works this way too; it is linked in the ‘spiritual internet’ with all points of human consciousness. In order to recognize the vision of healing we need to find a place within ourselves where it can be seen and received. This is largely a process of meditative prayer and envisioning. We are able to see the vision because it really exists. Every instance of ‘seeing’ in this way causes and increases the probability of manifestation. I assume that spiritual technologies will develop almost automatically in the peace centers to come and that they will reach far beyond today’s digital capabilities. My partner, Sabine Lichtenfels receives new instructions of this kind almost every week. All beings are connected to the biological internet; all are interconnected in the one mind of the Sacred Matrix and therefore all are responsive to information from it. What seems important to me at present is that as many people as possible comprehend the informational system of the Sacred Matrix and recognize its possibilities. There are potentialities of a dimension at which no peace movement has yet been able to think.


Further reading:


Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

Dieter Duhm, Verlag Meiga, 2015

224p., €17.80, ISBN 978-3927266544


The Sacred Matrix: From the Matrix of Violence to the Matrix of Life

Dieter Duhm, Verlag Meiga, 2007

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