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Using a wearable device called The Audeo, a person sends nerve signals to their vocal cords without making a
sound. These signals are picked up by a neckband and relayed
wirelessly to a computer that converts them into words spoken by a
computerised voice.

Michael Callahan, co-founder of Ambient and one of the developers of The Audeo, says effective use of the device requires "a level above thinking" and careful training.

The device has been used to let people control wheelchairs using their thoughts, or to assist those with speaking disabilities regain their ability to communicate

On February 26, 2008, one of the first "voiceless phonecalls" was demonstrated at the Texas Instruments Developer Conference in Dallas, Texas. This version can only recognize about 150 words and phrases, but Ambient hopes to release a version without a vocabulary limit by the end of this year.

Future plans for the device involve being able to connect to the Internet and share and retrieve information, just by "thinking" about it.


Image by Morgan Maher

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