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This Week in Burning Man: News from the Back Burner 8.23.15

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Black Rock City is just one week away. For the first issue of “News from the Back Burner” you can take your pick of swarming locusts, pharaonic 1%ers, Burner Exodus and Black Rock Sheriffs – it all sounds veritably biblical. Burning Man is also taking heat of another kind this year. Puns aside, with a public consciousness increasingly concerned about global warming, climate change, and the takeover of experimental spaces by corporate interests, is Burning Man no longer the T.A.Z. (temporary autonomous zone) it was once heralded as? Explore these questions and more in this week’s Burning Man media snapshot:

News from the Back Burner

  • Burning Man Could Be Moving To Utah (Burners)
  • Daniel Pinchbeck: “Why I’m Not Going to Burning Man This Year” (Reality Sandwich)
  • “Why I AM Going To Burning Man This Year” (Return)
  • Hey, Burning Man: Your desert party sucks for the rest of us (grist)
  • Burning Man’s makeshift city has a huge bug problem: ‘They’re everywhere’ (Daily News)

An update…

  • Bugs Leave Quickly As They Swarmed In Days Before Burning Man (NPR)

But, just in case:

  • A Gear Guide to Surviving Burning Man’s Bug Plague (Wired)
  • Burning Man Staffer Dies on Site of Annual Festival (NBC)
  • Nevada Sheriff Promises Crackdown on Burning Man Crime (ABC)
  • Documenting Burning Man’s Construction, Through Wind and Rain (SF Weekly)
  • VR Enthusiasts at Burning Man Are Making Their Own Camp (re/code)
  • Burning Man to host first-ever Virtual Reality Camp, featuring giant Godzilla and motion-capture suits (GeekWire)
  • Burning Man Children’s Book Looks for Funding (NBC Bay Area)
  • The Kids of Burning Man (Slate)
  • Over 15 Years’ Worth Of Dazzling Art At Burning Man (Huffpost)

When all is said and done…

  • When it’s not Burning Man on the playa (RGJ)

And at last, tangentially:

  • Chewbacchus to bring mini Burning Man-style fest to eastern New Orleans (Nola)

Featured Image: “LEGO Truck at the 2011 Temple” Creative Commons license. 

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