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Inside/Out: Tips for Working from Home

Inside/Out: Tips for Working from Home
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No matter how you’re getting down to business these days, we may not have to physically go to the office, but we definitely still have to put in the work. Whether you are working from home on outside projects or working on projects inside of you, creation is about building a practice.

As the Delic team has always been remote, we compiled a list of tips to help you build your work-from-home practice- from the inside/out.

7 Staff Tips for Working from Home from

1. Make Your Bed & Make It Nice

Sleep quality is a major component in productivity no matter what you’re working on. Why not give thanks to the cushion that holds space for you while you rest? Get up, make your bed! Make it fully and take pride in it. Making your bed takes a few minutes, demonstrates gratitude and will jumpstart your discipline practice for the day.

2. Organize Your Days

Use the freedom of remote work to organize your workdays in ways that allow you to create a practice and a rhythm. Repetition is meditative and over time can create boundaries that allow you to feel safe. When you feel safe you can be creative. You may want to dedicate certain days for specific tasks or schedule in a set amount of time for “deep work” such as research, spreadsheets, or creative ideation.

3. Enter and Exit your “Office Space” with Intent

Psychedelic ceremony practices are applicable in your everyday life. While you’re working from home, set an intention. In this case, the size doesn’t matter, the practice of committing to action does. If your intention is to cross off all the boxes on your to-do list, acknowledge that, but do not be so attached to the outcome that you end up in shame spiral if you miss a box. Practice setting the intention. Committing to it. And see what happens.

4. (Set and) Setting

Set and setting are paramount when creating a nourishing space to journey with plant medicine. Defining a set and setting standard will benefit ALL aspects of your life too. Make the setting of your workspace appealing to you. You deserve it. Decorate your space. Set up a diffuser, sound system, a pleasant lighting situation, and reduce the clutter.

Our COO shares her gear game:

“Some of my favorite gadgets are blue light filtering glasses, a laptop-stand to allow for more ergonomic typing, an arm-restless chair that I can sit crisscross-applesauce in, and a stack of ultra-high-tech boxes/books that I use to make my sitting desk into a standing desk.”

5. Pay Attention to How and When Your Drop into the Flow

You know it. You’ve felt it. The ‘runner’s high’. Create a practice that initiates your flow-state more often. When you tap into it, sit with it. Breath. Be quite and meditate. Let it fill your insides and dictate your outside work. The more you get familiar with your flow-state the easier it will be to recall it.

6. Move With the Sun

While you’re transitioning from day-time work into sleep time, allow yourself time to wind down, clear your head, take a shower, have a tea, or whatever it is that you do to prepare yourself to sleep. When the sun goes down, your body naturally moves into sleep mode. Blue light sources confuse your circadian rhythm and negatively affect sleep quality. If you don’t sleep well, you can’t work well.

*Extra tip: red-light night lights are a godsend for moving around after the sun goes down without the interference of blue light.

7. Feeling Stuck? Take a Gratitude Walk

Guess what traps energy? Sitting down! We highly recommend standing most of your workday. This keeps the blood circulating and the mind moving.

When you get mentally stuck, go for a gratitude walk. Downtime is just as important as being “on” to your productivity practice. When you move your body, your nervous system relaxes, when you relax you are more creative. Your creativity is what makes you human.


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