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Traditional Astrology Meets Modern Times

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If you enjoy reading my daily horoscopes at RealitySandwich, then check out my new online course, “Ancient Astrology for Modern Times,” starting Monday nights, from  7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, eastern time, via live webinar. The program can be taken as either a 6 month immersion or a full year apprenticeship. We offer sliding-scale rates for folks who cannot afford our tuition, and all of our classes can be attended live or taken through correspondence (all of our classes are audio/video archived along with lecture notes, homework assignments, and supplemental materials in an online class folder).


Ancient Astrology for Modern Times

Monday Nights, Starting June 6th

Via Live Online Webinars

a 6  Month Immersion or 1 Year Astrological Apprenticeship Course

from 7:00 to 10:00 pm eastern time

All classes are recorded and the course may be taken from anywhere in the world

We offer sliding scales for those who cannot afford the program

For more information visit the Apprenticeship Courses page at


When you study astrology at Nightlight, each lesson is designed to meet the needs of students of all different levels of interest and expertise.
Every lesson includes:
* A live in-class lecture and discussion
* Audio/Video recordings of each class for students who cannot attend live
* Archived powerpoints
* An optional homework assignment featuring supplemental reading, additional audio/video content, and reflection questions or homework exercises
* An optional quiz and answer key to test yourself on the material covered in each lesson
* A heroic reading list for the most ambitious students to follow in addition to the supplemental homework
What you will learn….

The first six months of our one year apprenticeship can be taken as a six month immersion into the fundamental principles of classical and modern astrology. The curriculum of these first 6 months focuses on the following subjects:
Unit One: Origins in Astrology
* The History of Astrology
* The Cosmological and Philosophical Foundations of Astrology
* The Traditional/Modern Debate in Astrology
* Fate and Free Will in Astrology
* The Basic Astronomy of Astrology
Unit Two: Core Theory
* The Early Cosmic Model and the Traditional Seven Planets
* The Discovery of the Modern Planets and the Depth Psychology Movement in Astrology
* The 12 Signs of the Zodiac from both Traditional and Modern Perspectives
* Planetary Cycles
* The Traditional Meanings of the 12 Houses
* Planetary Joys and the Language of Essential Dignities
* The Ptolemaic Aspects and Traditional Aspect Theory
* Assessing Planetary Powers
* The Symbolic Mind and Interpretation
* Chart Demonstration and Group Practice
c82d0d16 1b3a 4698 a38a 8eb06dc7d633These two units take approximately six months to complete, while meeting once per week for 2-3 hours at a time. Each lecture is accompanied by recommended readings and lecture notes. Each lecture is also audio/video recorded for students who cannot attend live. I make myself available at anytime for student questions via email.
After the six month mark some students will be finished while others will stay on for the second six months of the program. If you decide to stay on for the full year, here is what you’ll learn in the final unit:
Unit Three: Prediction and Live Client Demonstrations
* Regular, live client readings that demonstrate the implementation of the theory from the first six months
* Planetary Forecasting and Prediction with the Outer Planets
* Daily Horoscope Writing, Eclipses, and Mundane Astrology (the astrology of current events)
* Traditional forms of forecasting and prediction, including Solar Returns and Annual Profections
* Sharing and studying the charts that our students bring to class (including our own birth charts)
Students who wish to receive the certificate of course completion must pass three unit exams at 80% or better, and students must have 80% live attendance on the year (unless the student is taking the course from another part of the world and cannot attend live).




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