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Trance: The Science of Self-Healing Our Bipolar Soul Bodies

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The Great Light spoke: “Remember this and never forget; you save, redeem, and heal yourself.” ~Mellen-Thomas Benedict


Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century
has never graced the shelf of a brick and mortar bookstore yet. Yet every single day purchase orders are placed on-line at for it worldwide. Why? I’m convinced it is because millions of radio talk show listeners have heard me share and resonate with its message on continents coast-to-coast: Death does not exist!

For in June 1988, my material model of reality and separate sense of self melted down in a microsecond when a deceased optics physicist colleague and close friend, George Sebastian Viguet III, stood before me in my master bedroom in Silverdale, Washington. He had died six months ago supposedly from a fatal heart attack but he merged into my consciousness in a pre-dawn lucid dream in a “second body” that I could not ever have imagined possible at that time due to my belief system. It was a new, subtle liquid-crystal-like glass energy body-not his old one, made of clay bones, blood, and flesh.

Although I hasten to add that I’m convinced today that I saw George in a spirit-to-matter transition phase then and this was not his final disposition at death.

However, as I’ve shared so many times with audiences, it was this trauma that shattered my Hard Rock Café worldview and set me free to discard the theories of both religion and science in terms of immortality of the soul. For I have what no authority can give or take away from me now: My personal observation that our soul can split-into-two separate physical and spiritual bodies like our two brain hemispheres that contain our consciousness-unconsciousness within it. Perhaps it is akin to what William Blake (1757-1827) envisioned when he said, “Man has no Body distinct from his Soul.”

More so, I came to the same conclusion as Novalis, the pseudonym of Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg (1772-1801), an author and philosopher of early German Romanticism: “The seat of the soul is there, where the outer and inner worlds meet.” (Quoted by Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) in his last published book, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and As Religion (1986).

Physicist J. Nigro Sansonese reiterates in The Body of Myth: Mythology, Shamanic Trance, and Sacred Geography of the Body the purpose of our physical body is to create a container for cosmic consciousness to experience itself. He says, “Myths make use of the special knowledge of our bodies’ life processes to tell us about ourselves, about who we are and whence we have come.” The stories of creation especially convey that our soul body has two components, subtle and gross: It is made of pure light or solar energy that is immortal but merges physically to co-create creatures in the animal kingdom from molecules of matter manifested as the living beings we call Suns and planets throughout our cosmos-a Greek word that means “order,” the antithesis of chaos.

Myths tell us that everything is alive, in particular, so-called “empty space.” Thus when our third eye opens we have visual access to this and other realms of angelic and alien existence. Our mission is to see into the Kingdom of God as Jesus did according to scholar Stevan L. Davies. As he elaborates in Jesus the Healer: Possession, Trance, and the Origins of Christianity: “Religious trance perception may be understood to be the perception of some other supernatural place beyond this world or, much more probably for the case of Jesus and his associates, it may be understood to be a radically revised mode of perception of this world. The ‘Gospel of Thomas (113)’ gives this account: His disciples asked him, ‘On what day will the Kingdom come?’ [Jesus] said, ‘It will not come by your expecting it. They will not say, ‘Look here’ or ‘Look there,’ but the Kingdom of the Father is spread out on the earth and people do not see it.'”

Mythologist William Henry knowingly writes in One Foot in Atlantis, “The original Earthly Thule, said the dualistic Greeks, was named after the Heavenly Original that existed in Hyperboria, the Greek name for Heaven. Thule or Tula is the name for the Central Sun, Spiritual Sun or the Galactic Core, at the center of our Galaxy.” The truth is, as I have repeatedly shared in my book, Tranceformers, we are melting into the fifth dimension of Mind at Large. In biblical terms, we are becoming raptured, or simply “absorbed within space.” In fact, space is where all past, present, and future versions of ourselves and worlds co-exist in the zero-point field, the so-called Void. But the Void is not empty; it is full-of-fluid, the pre-gaseous, highly-magnetic, plasma filaments of starlight.

This is why the indigenous cultures, people worshipped the Sun through ecstatic chanting, drumming, and dance rituals. Broadway dancer Isadora Duncan acknowledges, “The body, by force of the soul, can in fact be converted to a luminous fluid.” In her 1928 book The Art of Dance, she confirms that we can “convert the body into a luminous fluidity, surrendering it to the inspiration of the soul. The flesh becomes light and transparent, as shown through x-ray but with the difference that the human soul is lighter than these rays. When, in its divine power, it completely possesses the body, it converts that into a luminous moving cloud and thus can manifest itself in the whole of its divinity.”

Indian mythologist Heinrich Zimmer resounds, “Dancing is an ancient form of magic. The dancer becomes amplified into a being endowed with supra-normal powers. His personality is transformed. Like yoga, the dance induces trance, ecstasy, the experience of the divine, the realization of one’s own secret nature, and finally, merging into divine essence.”

Anthropologist Jeremy Narby, Ph.D. stated the case in The Cosmic Serpent:DNA and The Origins of Knowledge that “nature is minded” because it is made of the conscious information fields communicated through the DNA network of macromolecules that are even in the air we breathe and the water we drink. The shaman knows as well as the quantum physicist, that if one atom in the cosmos were truly unconscious, the entire creation would instantly collapse into a singularity: implode to a point. We are under the illusion of separateness therefore if we believe that when we kick a rock, it doesn’t hurt-the rock. We have been falsely taught by religion that we are not nature and this illusion of our two-eyed bipolar vision is at the root of our dysfunctional secular society today.

In his divine essence that pre-dawn day, I saw that the soul body image of George was outside of me and inside of me simultaneously, that it was minted and imprinted on the one-in-the same coin, so to speak, what we call space-time in science. The illusion of separateness, and invisibility, is manufactured by the vibrating frequency spectrum of light itself that is nothing more than space oscillating and rotating around a center point axis similar to how spinning airplane props and ceiling fan blades become invisible to “the naked eye.” Indeed, according to the laws of physics at the speed-of-light there is no space-time “objects” at all possible, only conscious images or thoughtless forms of awareness!

After years of investigation into the physics of metaphysics, as well as my own confirming observation, I’ve learned that our inner and outer space can in fact collapse into a coherent single-spaced body-image of oneness in the third eye open state-of-trance. Ralph Waldo Emerson realized this when he wrote in his essay Experience, “We have no means of correcting these colored and distorting lenses which we are, or of computing the amount of their errors. Perhaps these subject lenses have a creative power; perhaps there are no objects.” How radical an idea and co-creative too: There are no physical beings or objects that remain “solid” forever, merely we are temporarily compressed fields of spiritual sunlight-cosmic consciousness-that transform back into the zero-point field at death and/or the Mayan Calendar’s date with destiny 12/21/12: The “end-of-time?”

Jeremy Narby reminds us: “DNA is approximately 120 times narrower than the smallest wavelength of visible light.” That means our physical body is made of light that is totally invisible to our physical eyes? Think about that a moment. Again, we see that we are made of space, the zero-point field and as science writer Lynne McTaggart of London, England confirms in The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, “Death may be merely a matter of going home or, perhaps, staying behind-returning to The Field.”

Living in the Land of the Dead

In truth then, we are immortal beings of light-a “conscious energy signature” that can coalesce into molecules of matter through the lens of DNA and cycles of reincarnation within The Mind Field of God. British scholar Jeremy Naydler, Ph.D., stated as much in Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts: The Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt: “The word field is frequently used in both the Pyramid Texts and later religious literature to refer to the nonphysical regions traversed by the dead.”

In other words, our separate sense of self from nature, each other, and God is an illusion for we are embedded within a universal zero-point field of “sacred space” like a fish in a net forever immersed in holy water, that is both here and hereafter at once. That is what I saw is true when I was initiated into the “land of the dead” by George, all puns intended, but The Field is made of merely the oscillating flipside of consciousness-unconsciousness: mirror-images of mind-matter, respectively, in the living organic solution we naively call “empty space.” So there is no emptiness only fullness and no one is “lost in space” unless they remain unconscious of this truth. Unfortunately, I am quite convinced that hell is filled-to-the-brim and that infernal space of forgetfulness of our own divinity. Indeed, as mythologist Joseph Campbell himself might classify as a condition spoken to in this Polynesian adage: We humans spend most days ignorant of our innate soul body potentials for self-empowerment like fishermen standing on whales fishing for minnows!

There is ample evidence this is the case from carefully-crafted reports of near-death experience researchers, and psychotropic drug experimenters, including the findings of psychiatrist Rick Strassman, M.D. in DMT: The Spirit Molecule. As well as from the seasoned surfers of inner space: social activists, visionaries, and authors all, Daniel Pinchbeck, in Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism; Martin Ball, Ph.D., in Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and The Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality; and James Oroc, in Tryptamine Palace: 5-MeO-DMT and the Sonoran Desert Toad. By the way, the above referenced texts are all important works, certain-to-be classical contributions to consciousness studies in and of themselves.

However, J. D. Arthur, a self-proclaimed guidance counselor to disabled adults and mentally ill in New England, really hit-a-nerve and a home run in his book, Salvia Divinorum: Doorway to Thought-Free Awareness (2010). That is, he unabashedly declares that he set-out to methodically contact the “land of the dead” [his words], to validate the existence of multi-dimensional realms that are inhabited “bodily” by the deceased and totally accessible in states of trance. Arthur has had to reevaluate the meaning of our sense of “alive” versus dead, and came to see that a “dream language” exists that is as real as rain and co-existent within our consciousness much as outlined by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Christian mystic and Swedish scientist. It is further stated in Wikipedia that Swedenborg, “at the age of fifty-six entered into a spiritual phase in which he experienced dreams and visions.” Of course, these same types of phenomenon are well-documented in the NDE literature and by me as a subject-matter expert, so if interested in them, please see this summation.

For our purposes, I merely want to reiterate what J. D. Arthur did in his book when he candidly said, “Then I would smoke. All of a sudden the reality of the other world and its habitants would wash over me like an icy wave. It would become disturbingly apparent that this realm of experience is the real one. This world is the real world-not the contrived world of personality, ideas, and thoughts that insulates us from the infinite-that coddles us into clinging desperately to the known.”

Binary Soul Doctrine

In blunt terms, we are the ones that currently live in the land of “smoke and mirrors,” an illusion of immense proportions and consequences since we play with fire (nuclear weapons) and may burn this planet and people with them, claim prophets, mystics, and shamans. No doubt our split soul body is the creator of this lack of communication between consciousness-unconsciousness and, furthermore, was a well-known crisis to resolve within time and eternity as former psychological counselor and scholar of world religions, Peter Novak, highlighted in a trilogy of books dedicated to the Binary Soul Doctrine. In particular, I am speaking to “the common foundation of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Huna, shamanism, and even the pyramid religions of ancient Egypt and MesoAmerica,” as he elaborated upon in a monumental text titled ominously The Lost Secret of Death: Our Divided Souls and the Afterlife.

Novak speaks in his book to the importance of mastering trance techniques: “These hypnotic methods seem to allow subjects to recall the after death experience of both sides of the mind. I think it is very important for us to recognize that these hypnotic techniques allow people to do today what they couldn’t do when these experiences were occurring-monitor the experiences of both parts of the mind at the same time.” The big idea to grasp is that our lost soul fragments-unresolved past and future-life conflicts-co-exist within the zero-point field and will never go away ever peacefully unless we consciously bring them into our own consciousness. I cover this topic at length in my book so I will not belabor this point here except to say this is the psychic force driving the apocalyptic “end-of-time” visions today.  The message is clear: time is up and we will not be allowed to hide any longer behind the masks of religion or science from our soul body’s true higher self: God.

Our Bipolar Soul Bodies

Our soul body double is what many near-death experiencers call a “guardian angel” that they meet inside the tunnel of light. Ned Dougherty confirms this truth after drinking what turned out to be his last alcoholic beverage in fact-appropriately enough for a Catholic Irishman, it was an Irish Mist. There in Old Ebitt’s Grill in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., he knew that his 20-year battle with the bottle was over and he had to reclaim his lost soul [body].

He soberly reflected, “Whoever I really was, as a spiritual and human being, had been lost to me for those twenty years. Suddenly, a roaring mechanical sound moved by me. The scene around me melted into a funnel of shimmering walls, and I was staring into a tunnel. The dim image at the end of the tunnel was my mirror image staring back at me. I was in the tunnel again, just as I had been five months ago [during his NDE]. Perhaps, I was being called back,” he reflects in Fast Lane to Heaven.

In no uncertain terms, we all have a bipolar soul body “cross” to bear and that leads to salvation through trance-formation triggered by breath management! For in a relevant text A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli, & The Great Cross, co-authors Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges remind us that this is the key to immortality: “The Pharaoh then built the Ankh within himself by aligning his subtle bodies or energy fields in this pattern.” Maybe we ought to likewise learn the deeper meaning to the symbolism in the “sign of the cross” made over the heart center by practicing Catholics?

The secret of the cross in Christianity and the Egyptian Ankh cross pattern is the same: simply mapping the flow of chi, the in-out breathing cycle of cosmic consciousness through us called in yogic terms “pranayama.” Wikipedia adds: “Several researchers have reported that pranayama techniques are beneficial in treating a range of stress related disorders, improving autonomic functions, relieving symptoms of asthma, and reducing signs of oxidative stress. Practitioners report that the practice of pranayama develops a steady mind, strong will-power, and sound judgment, and also claim that sustained pranayama practice extends life and enhances perception.” I outlined the theory of trance in the First Edition and how I used this information to heal myself of illness in the Second Edition of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century.

That is to say that we must see ourselves as the archetypal clone of Christ, the mirror-image container of God’s cycle of consciousness to then unify the inside and outside of creation within us. Just as Dr. Paul A. LaViolette has revealed, too, the symbols in the Zodiac and Tarot cards encode the spontaneous creation of matter out of nothing but the zero-point field energy in a biochemical reaction-diffusion process that takes the shape of the Ankh. He calls the Ankh the “Model G” pattern in a new unified physics of The Field he defined as sub-quantum kinetics. (Reference here.)

There are also the insights of Mayan scholar John Major Jenkins: “The Egyptian Ankh scepter is suggestive of the crossroads formed by the Milky Way where it crosses over the ecliptic, and the dark rift near the Galactic Center. A form of it was held by Isis, and it later became the astrological symbol for Venus.” This Ankh shape is beyond a reasonable doubt the meaning to the original “Cross of Christ” with its corresponding power to move Heaven and Earth, literally, between the bipolar Venus transits of our Sun in June 2004 and June 2012. Briefly recall that in Central America, El Castillo, The Castle, in Chichen Itza served as a temple to Kukulkan: The Feathered “Vision” Serpent. During the spring and fall equinoxes the shadow cast by the angle of the sun and edges of the nine steps of the pyramid combined with the northern stairway and the stone serpent head carvings to create the illusion of a massive serpent descending the pyramid. The bipolar, forked-tongue serpent in Mesoamerica cosmology signified the opening of the “portal between two worlds” [within cosmic-galactic-consciousness]: Hunab Ku, translated into English as “Sole” or “Only” God.

The God Theory

Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, Ph.D., is the author of over 130 scientific publications and that alone is impressive and has my respect as a science writer and Editor-in-Chief myself. He likewise served as a scientific editor of the Astrophysical Journal for ten years, and was Principal Investigator on several NASA research projects. After earning his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Haisch did postdoctoral research at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. His professional positions include Staff Scientist at the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory. Prior to his career in astrophysics, Haisch attended the Latin School of Indianapolis and the St. Meinrad Seminary as a student for the Catholic priesthood.

Dr. Haisch has written The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What’s Behind It All, that asks then answers the question in the affirmative: “Is there an intelligence behind the origin of the Universe? Bestsellers by Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris have denounced the evils of religion and proclaimed that science has shown that there is no God. Their angry accusations are partially correct. Religions have been used to justify crimes against humanity: witness the Inquisition of centuries past or the sectarian slaughter in the Mideast today. But the human misuse of religions and the existence of God are very different matters.” Haisch explains how, “A remarkable discovery has emerged in astrophysics: that key properties of the Universe have just the right values to make life possible. Most scientists prefer to explain away this uniqueness, insisting that a huge, perhaps infinite, number of unseen universes must therefore exist, each randomly different from the other. That way ours only appears special because we could not exist in any of the other hypothetical universes.”

Then in a counterpunch, he remarks, “I propose the alternative that the special properties of our universe reflect an underlying intelligence, one that is consistent with the Big Bang and Darwinian evolution. Both views are equally logical and beyond proof. However exceptional human experiences and accounts of mystics throughout the ages do suggest that we live in a purposeful universe. In The God Theory I speculate on what that purpose might be… what that purpose means for our lives… how it might explain the riddle of evil.”

In concert with this parry and thrust, Dr. Haisch writes in his above referenced book, “consciousness creates matter” and “… we are literally all one being (God) in many individual forms. Why then we would continue to harm one another?” Indeed, if our own Milky Way Galaxy is one of the living body-mind cells of God, I want to know: “Is there a doctor in the house?” Fortunately it is not Dr. House!

Physician Robert Lanza, M.D. is considered one of the leading scientists in the world and author of this highly-controversial book but well-needed rebuttal to atheists, Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe. He is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Advanced Cell Technology, and Adjunct Professor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He has hundreds of publications and inventions, and over 20 scientific books: among them, “Principles of Tissue Engineering,” which is recognized as the definitive reference in the field. Others include One World: The Health & Survival of the Human Species in the 21st Century (Foreword by former President and Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter), and the “Handbook of Stem Cells” and “Essentials of Stem Cell Biology,” which are considered the definitive references in stem cell research.

Dr. Lanza received his BA and MD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a Benjamin Franklin Scholar. He was also a Fulbright Scholar, and was part of the team that cloned the world’s first human embryo for the purpose of generating embryonic stem cells. In 2001 he was also the first to clone an endangered species (a Gaur), and in 2003, he cloned an endangered wild ox (a Banteng) from the frozen skin cells of an animal that had died at the San Diego Zoo nearly a quarter-of-a-century earlier. Lanza and his colleagues were also the first to demonstrate that nuclear transplantation could be used to reverse the aging process and to generate immune-compatible tissues, including the first organ tissue-engineered from cloned cells.

If that were not enough for one lifetime of achievement award, Robert Lanza has written this article published in The Huffington Post titled “Does Death Exist? New Theory Says ‘No'” and that gets to the heart and soul body of what I am focused on today too. That is, as Dr. Lanza declares: “Many of us fear death. We believe in death because we have been told we will die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know that bodies die. But a new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think.”

In other words, Lanza grasps The God Theory implication of Bernard Haisch’s zero-point field physics for quantum biology, stating, “A new scientific theory-called biocentrism-refines these ideas. There are an infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe. Death does not exist in any real sense in these scenarios. All possible universes exist simultaneously, regardless of what happens in any of them. Although individual bodies are destined to self-destruct, the alive feeling-the ‘Who am I?’-is just a 20-watt fountain of energy operating in the brain. But this energy doesn’t go away at death. One of the surest axioms of science is that energy never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed. But does this energy transcend from one world to the other?”

In my opinion, based upon my observation of the other world, the land of the dead that contains George, at a minimum, I say, yes our energy does survive death first and foremost because we have at least two if not many more soul bodies co-existing at the same time in multiple worlds. M.I.T. trained physicist Claude Swanson, Ph.D. confirms in The Synchronized Universe: New Science of the Paranormal, “Entering deep meditation states causes a synchronization of the vibrations of the DNA in the body, and it is very likely that this is one of the keys to ‘psychic superpowers.’ … ‘Phase’ acts like a fifth dimension which distinguished one parallel reality, one ‘universe’ from another.” Thus our problem in a nutshell is that we cannot see the invisible realms yet because we have not been able to synchronize our brain’s two hemispheres unless in a state-of-trance. This means that our sense of self, or “ego,” is fragmented, split into two “selves” neurologically with a hardwired ten second fuse delay in signal transfer between our whole brain and the zero-point field-Mind of God-and thereby there by yields a “false” representation of reality. Again, we need to synchronize the waveforms of our cells in trance meditation. So I am going to open Pandora’s Box and the curtain on the Wizard of Oz using the scientific findings of the late University of California, San Francisco, neurologist Benjamin Libet, Ph.D. (1916-2007) insights into free will as documented in his book Mind Time: The Temporal Factor in Consciousness.

Specifically, Dr. Libet was the first recipient of the Virtual Nobel Prize in Psychology from the University of Klagenfurt, “for his pioneering achievements in the experimental investigation of consciousness, initiation of action, and free will.” In the 1970s, Libet was involved in research into neural activity and sensation thresholds. His initial investigations involved determining how much activation at specific sites in the brain was required to trigger artificial somatic sensations. His most famous experiment demonstrates that the unconscious electrical processes in the brain called “readiness potential” discovered by Lüder Deecke and Hans Helmut Kornhuber in 1964 precede conscious decisions to perform volitional, spontaneous acts, implying that unconscious neuronal processes precede and potentially cause volitional acts which are retrospectively felt to be consciously motivated by the subject. The experiment has caused controversy as it challenges the pre-scientific philosophical and religious views of “free will.”

In plain terms, we are not consciously aware of what goes on unconsciously for a full “ten seconds” (Lanza, Biocentrism, 2009) unless we are entranced! That means we are not tuned to the “source” of our thoughts but rather we react to an unseen and felt mind-field that filters its contents through us continuously in a ten second delay pulse signal wave pattern. Reminiscing in My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla, he recalled, “When a word was spoken to me, the image of the object it designated would present itself vividly to my vision, and sometimes I was quite unable to distinguish whether what I saw was tangible or not … My early affliction had however another compensation. The incessant mental exertion developed my powers of observation and enabled me to discover a truth of great importance. I had noted that the appearance of images was always preceded by actual vision of scenes under peculiar and generally very exceptional conditions and I was impelled on each occasion to locate the original impulse. After a while this effort grew to be almost automatic and I gained great facility in connecting cause and effect. Soon I became aware, to my surprise, that every thought I conceived was suggested by an external impression. Not only this, but all my actions were prompted in a similar way. In the course of time it became perfectly evident to me that I was merely an automaton endowed with power of movement, responding to the stimuli of sense organs and thinking and acting accordingly. The practical result of this was the art of teleautomatics that has been so far carried out only in an imperfect manner. Its latent possibilities will, however, be eventually shown.”

That is to scream to high heaven: we are not separate from each other, nature, or God! We are embedded within the “images” of the zero-point field. Although we are in fact individual cells of cosmic consciousness on earth, we are seeking to awaken to our source and potential as a unified global being: Our Great Self. Once again, here is the same truth straight from the Gospel of Thomas — the word in Greek that means “twin” — when Jesus was asked what to do to bring peace on earth? He said to them, his beloved disciples, “‘When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make an eye in place of eyes, a hand in place of hands, a foot in place of feet, an image in place of images, then you will enter the kingdom.'”

Overall, there is a consistent theme to Gnosticism and that is to “crucify the cosmos” by making what seems to be two soul bodies, one, claim co-authors Gandy and Freke in Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians. “This represents freeing ourselves from the idea of the cosmos as an objective reality and understanding it to be an ever-changing dream within the constancy of Consciousness.”

The Science of Self-Healing

“This body, that you are in, has been alive forever. It comes from an unending stream of life, going back to the Big Bang and beyond.” ~Mellen-Thomas Benedict

1970’s pioneer in biofeedback equipment development, Dr. Buryl Payne, speculated in Getting There Without Drugs: Techniques and Theories for the Expansion of Consciousness: “Maybe the brain serves merely as a link from the fifth dimension to the fourth one, like a kind of transformer. In the same way, our physical bodies serve to transform the brain processes into the third dimension. Telepathy may be simply the receptivity of one amplifier to the signals emanating from another.” In simple terms, our brain serves as a two-way bipolar switch like those used in digital computer logic circuitry to toggle between the zero-point mind-field and us. Therefore, trance is the phase-lock resonance way to open up a channel of communication between our conscious-unconscious minds-bodies contained in other realms of existence. And as Alan F. Alford of Walsall, England heartily declares, “Ancient sages believed that the future destiny of mankind lay in a return to the Source, i.e. to God and Heaven. The death of the body, they said, did not mark an end but rather a critical mid-point in the human existence. Those who had the secret knowledge could retrace the path to the Heavenly Source and enter the gates to the lost paradise. The knowing soul would then unite with its primeval body double and materialize in a remarkably Earth-like world.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) captured my mind from an early age and later my heart in college when I read his statement, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Thus, I attest that I likewise seek the application of scientific theory to spiritual truth for one without the other slips into meaninglessness. Specifically, although the above musings may sound marvelous to the mystics, they have no real utility, in my opinion, unless they can mitigate the suffering and pain on this planet here and now, if not hereafter.

This rings true with the NDE of Reverend Howard Storm as well, who saw our future up to about 2185 A.D., and learned “Everybody was a student of Nature, which they knew intimately and with which they could communicate, knowing the sensations and vibration of every part of creation. People explored outer space without moving an inch. People communicated telepathically with everyone on Earth and had relationships with intelligent beings on other worlds. There was no space travel because there was no need. People stayed put and shared life experience across galaxies. People valued the life experience they had been given in this world because they knew it was a precious gift from God.”

Indeed in the Second Edition of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century, I shared more of my motivations with my readership for spending two decades researching the coming earth changes in era-2012 and beyond. It was to get a clear-eyed, hearted-centered understanding of why the coming cataclysms are necessary to bring about self-healing to the planet and people. So, I highlighted the implications of the ancient wisdom teachings of the Egyptians, Mayan, and Native Americans with respect to sacred sites and healing ritual ceremonies dedicated to the Sun, sharing at length my life’s journey of extreme suffering to wellness that included the use of clinical hypnotherapy-trance-protocols plus massage therapy, breathing exercises, along with optimal nutritional supplementation and “super green foods.”

Truthfully, I spend almost every minute of my day dedicated to medical science research into anti-aging, boosting immune systems, and so on, employing self-healing techniques and products on my wife, Connie, and myself. Now what we need is the way to share this cutting-edge knowledge with more people faster in a direct manner that is both fun and profitable!

That is, I came to realize how the “end-time” messages were converging on the theme of cleansing, detoxification, purification of planet and people. Clearing our old, habitual dead-end body-mind-spirit memories still locked into the “chakras” or the “seven seals” portrayed symbolically in the Book of Revelation. I mean self-empowering seminars will “” the World Wide Web and 3-D Holographic HDTV channels as will sacred geometry constructed spas-resorts the landscape. But I likewise envision that what StarbucksTM did for caffeine, we could do with “Cybernaut Cafés” to jet fuel our consciousness revolution. For example, can you imagine instead of getting hot-headed on coffee, you get your seven major chakras cleared of past-life conflicts, tune-up the “amygdala” for a day of self-soothing creativity and problem solving power by simply going for “brain breakfast” at your neighborhood neuro-biofeedback wellness center? I call these, based upon plagiarizing the genius of psychologist Dr. James Hardt, Cybernaut Café, at the moment: until the lawyers stop me anyway! (Reference here and here.)

Inside “my” Cybernaut Café I see a sunken living room, lounge-like atmosphere with full-spectrum lighting to offset the “blues,” by stimulating production of Vitamin D3 benefits. It has that series Cheers “bar and grill” ambiance with an aromatherapy lemon-lime organic twist to it. Only the cutting-edge state-of-the-science brain-body-spirit beverages and foods served as one sits in front of a liquid-crystal plasma display observing one’s brainwaves in concert with learning how to master emotional freedom techniques in order to choose life-enhancing images and set the Mayan Calendar feeling-tones for the day. Perhaps, returning at lunch for a “Mind Martini” and after work for a “Body Beer” that consists of relaxing herbs, nutrients that nurture, detoxify not destroy the nervous system. This is also an adult “jungle gym” with colorful, fun, interactive games such as Wiifit competitions much as we used to play darts in the pubs of yesteryear. (References here and here.)


Beyond a doubt, our healthcare system is in transition but I am convinced this chaos will lead to a dynamic new order: exciting new ways of educating and entertaining, shapeshifting our own as well as our children’s future wellness options. One of the pioneers in this field that I respect for his spiritual power of presentation is Stephen West and contents such as in his book Introduction to the Science of Lymphology based upon the lifework of his late beloved father, Dr. C. Samuel West, a chemistry professor and full-time “health missionary.” Upon reviewing this material I can testify that I used this model of self-healing to stimulate my own immune system and overcome osteoarthritis. I am totally pain free today because of it. (Reference here.)

Equally, I am in agreement with Mellen-Thomas Benedict with respect to what he shared with me a decade ago that I put forth in Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century: “The promise of immortality motivated and focused my research efforts on the mystical wings of world religions and the musings of modern science for I discovered that was none other than what Sir Isaac Newton (1647-1727) desired for us as he stated, “The changing of bodies into light, and light into bodies, is very comfortable to the course of nature, which seems delighted with transmutations.” The fountain of youth formula has been sought not only in Florida by Juan Ponce de Leon (1471-1521) but by every alchemical magician on the face-of-the-earth and it is my vision that we are on the verge of witnessing it manifest. Yes, we’ve been told by the highest authority: “Remember this and never forget; you save, redeem, and heal yourself.”

In closing, I’m ready to help co-create then celebrate our self-saving, self-redeeming, self-healing social networking centers such as Cybernaut Café. Hope to see you there for a unifying, death-defying, brainstorming soul body tune-up session soon now!

Image by, courtesy of Creative Commons License.

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