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Tuning in to the Current Running Through Everything

In this short clip from the upcoming film, “Time is Art: Synchronicity and The Collective Dream”, Jennifer Palmer meets with Evolver Network organizer Magenta Imagination Healer at a Bay Area Farmers’ Market to talk about some of the challenging emotions she’s been experiencing during a time of profound personal change.  With steel drums playing hypnotically in the background, Magenta speaks about how it is by opening up to the needs of others that we find the safety of community. Instead of hunkering down in isolation and trying to figure everything out, our ability to move outside of ourselves and help others will in turn guide our own healing.  Magenta talks about what she sees as a transition to a collective awareness that’s taking place which is causing people to develop increased sensitivity and feel things that aren’t usually addressed or understood by popular culture but are in fact, “completely normal”.  As we tune into the “current running through everything” we realize how connected we are to the world, and that it’s ok to ask for help as we go through this exciting evolutionary process.

“Time is Art: Synchronicity and The Collective Dream” is a feature length, experimental documentary that’s inspired by acclaimed & visionary author Jose Arguelles’ studies in ancient indigenous wisdom, and the idea that modern humanity is in trouble immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time causing us to deviate from the natural order of the universe.

In the film we follow Jennifer, a NYC based writer, who is compelled to make sense of the strange coincidences and mysterious symbols she experiences in her day to day life. Throughout her serendipitous journey, she converses with scholars, graffiti artists, authors, activists, dreamwalkers, and ayahuasqueros; in an attempt to understand her role in an evolving and changing paradigm. For her, the idea that “Time is Money” has radically transformed into “Time is Art.”

The film crew recently returned from The Joshua Tree, California, where they filmed visionary thinkers at the paradigm-shifting Synchronicity Symposium, including Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake, Jill Purce, Rick Tarnas and more.  The shoot was made possible thanks to the supporters of their successful IndieGoGo campaign, in which they raised the funds to make the journey to this special gathering.  Now, with only a few shoots left in the NYC area, the crew is deep in the editing process with the goal of releasing the film in the Spring of 2015.  You can check out the process and get involved by pre-ordering the film, bringing the film to your town, and submitting an idea for your own “SyncStory“.  Visit the  film’s website at for more info.  If you’d like to purchase videos of the Synchronicity Symposium talks, you can order them here.

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