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Venus Stationing…

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Venus is stationing today…
What to watch for:
* Breakdowns of communication in relationships
* Halts to negotiations
* Revisions of agreements
* Delays or mess ups related to beauty products, art projects, design or creative plans
* Stubbornness in relationships
* Insistence on my way, one way only, etc
* Misunderstandings in romance and love
* Confusing something beautiful for something ugly, something ugly is actually beautiful
* An issue from the past resurfaces, re-litigating an old fight or problem
* Returns on investments, relationships, or allegiances from the past
* Unexpected gifts or honors/awards
* Revising or editing a creative project 
* Note how right as Venus is stationing we have a series of allegations surrounding potentially dubious meetings with a Russian diplomat/ambassador…were these simple diplomatic meetings, really, or were they acts of collusion? 
* Figuring out carefully who is to blame versus letting go of the search for blame all together?
* An aggressive emphasis on sexuality, sex, and eroticism…articles, posts, essays related to sex and sexuality
* The love of war, the love of combat, the beauty/pageantry of competition
* Refraining, or turning away from something we’ve been pursuing, looking for perhaps an easier path or one less impeded by difficulties or long wait times
* PC and polite or impatient and demanding…when is it appropriate to be totally deferential and yielding and when should we pour out a cup of kick ass?
* Gifts mistakenly given, gifts mistakenly rejected, gifts taken the wrong way
* Friends and allies suddenly pulling back support or offering a revised plan of support
* Allegiances eroding due to something that may not surface until later
* Lovers from the past returning
* Sleeping with the enemy
* A smooth and beautiful process, like a dance, suddenly fraught with unsmooth and annoying delays, like a dancer with the hiccups

OH and…there’s that whole intense and historic revolutionary t-square ..Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto…so yeah all of the above is happening in the midst of a large revolutionary storm. 

Prayer: Hey Lady Venus, how bout you uh, do that um… retrograde thing to us? 😉 😉

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