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Venus Walking into the Rays of Mars

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The dark Moon is in Cancer today. Meanwhile, Venus in Leo is approaching a square with Mars in Scorpio. The square will not perfect until Venus enters Virgo and Mars enters Sagittarius, at which point Mars will be moving into a conjunction with Saturn.

Here’s what to watch for:

* As Venus walks into the square rays of Mars, she will also be entering the sign of her fall. Meanwhile, Mars will be co-present with Saturn and applying to a conjunction with Saturn. It is quite possible that we will see attacks on Venus related things, or shocking events related to Venus related subjects, or contention and challenges related to Venus’ significations.
* Attacks on women, women’s issues (Venus)
* Challenges related to grain, agriculture, and crops (Virgo)
* Fire and agriculture or war and agriculture or religion and agriculture (Venus in Virgo and Mars in Sagittarius)
* Religious persecution, violence and religious rituals, priests, priestesses, and sexuality (Venus often signifies religious rituals, temples, or ceremonies)
* A fall from grace or public scandals related to women, religion, sexuality, war, agriculture, etc (Venus entering the sign of her fall + the square to Mars)
* Stealing something and then showing it publicly as an act of revenge or power (Venus walking into the rays of Mars/Saturn may show something being taken away and/or publicly disgraced, disqualified, or discredited)
* The theme of religious insiders vs. outsiders, ritualistic purity or the letter of the law and dogma vs. the heart of the law and the everyday actualization of religious or spiritual principles
* Sexual tension, excitement, taboo, erotic longing, feeling pent up
* Hand crafts, disciplines and training related to technical, artistic, skills
* Design and the ability of art to fight for something
* Feminism and feminist arguments taking center stage
* Deepening commitments to health, purity, lifestyle improvements, physique, etc

These are just a few of the themes that we may see over the coming weeks as Venus squares both Mars and Saturn. We will look closer at this transit over the next week. The Mars/Saturn conjunction itself we will also look at separately in the days to come.

Prayer: Teach us to see the essence of things, rather than only what is taking place at the level of outward appearances.

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