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Void Denizen is Going To Raise The Dead

In an age when personality is social media performance and the ego faces imminent digestion by the intersecting vectors of our growing eco-consciousness and rampant internet technology, the next exfoliating layer of the archetype of bardic entertainer will incarnate as those who see the self as medium, the ones who enter the agora with a wink and grin, acknowledging identity as not the solid ground beneath us, but a game and play of mere appearances.

These trickster wizards will be midwives for the deeper soul that’s shining through, the ones who help us birth a deeper truth without disintegrating into the familiar mess of paranoid delusion, ego-aggrandizing messianic madness, or incapable etheric nothingness.  They’ll lead the way by dancing on one mask and then another – shifting angles, attitudes, and alter egos like the prototype, notorious Manhattan tour guide Timothy “Speed” Levitch, who proclaimed that he “refuse[d] to be enslaved by a single perspective.”

And in that slick mercurial vanguard stands Michaelangelo, a.k.a. Void Denizen, whose creativity is too extensive for a single set of senses, bigger even still than living, who has made it his priority to take “the medium’s the message” literally, and make his next project listen to and speak beyond the grave.  Explore his rich and humorous terrain, of pulling ancient esoteric practices and paradigms together in surprising new configurations, and you’ll be rewarded better than a tomb-raider.

A “lyrical-satirical Necromancer…making light of the Dark Arts” does not begin to do Void Denizen the justice he deserves.  His new Kickstarter video begins to do the trick…

At time of publication, there are merely 71 hours left to fund this wonderful new work of art, and theater, and music.  Take a dive and help the man, if you have means to do so – work and minds like this are rare, and all of us can use more guys like this:

“Hip-hop & rap music have become increasingly materialistic in their focus. So, in pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone, Void Denizen strives to use that material world as a springboard into the metaphysical, to use something as solid as stone to reach a spiritual realm—to transcend the material world by viewing its seeming limitations not as a concrete wall, but like a crystal ball—a portal into the unlimited possibilities of The Imagination.”

Dig him in detail here:

Link to the Void Denizen Kickstarter

More Info on the Concept For His New Work

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