What Does Psychedelic Mean To You?


At Reality Sandwich, we have a dedicated community that is motivated and passionate about progressing psychedelic culture. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas. And to start, we’re curious what psychedelic means to you.

What does psychedelic mean to the community?

Take a look at what psychedelic means to others in the community! 


For me it’s probably the chemistry of dreams. The profound wisdom gained from them is valuable to me and everyone.


It means that your whole experience of life is in YOUR mind and expanding your mind is a beautiful thing!


Out of the ordinary. A journey into spirituality.

A roll of the dice and an intimacy with my psyche, in whatever shape or colour that may be….


Mind manifesting, consciousness expanding. This realization that we don’t exist outside of everything else, but as a part of a larger network, and that love is the gravity that holds that whole network together.


It means breaking boundaries. Shattering barriers that restrained, restricted and blocked the mind or experiences. It’s an experience that frees one from chains, preconceptions, restrictions and limitations. It means discovering new ways of thinking and being


It means having transcendence. In music it puts you in a certain space, of heightened senses, where takes your spirit away, where you discover a certain wholeness, fulfillment. Deep joy. And adventure in your own mind and soul, navigating barriers and rough waters until you arrive safely to an understanding.


Psychedelic to me means the enormousness of the universe and my mind which can be tapped into by the use of many substances both natural and manufactured to reveal to me much of the “other” which is locked down and is released through the use of these substances to expand my consciousness.


Breaking the shackles of the “life sucks then you die” mentality. Expanding my outlook and creativity, that I know is there but I find to be very elusive. Life is way too short to be narrow minded.


Exposing your mind to the dream world beyond it…


To me, psychedelic is a state of mind, the world around you, the world within you…it exists in every single thing. Through the use of substances, both natural and derived, we can reach the highest plane, the very height of existence, where we come to realize that every living thing is connected and together we make up all there is. Love. Unity. Respect. Knowledge. The Divine. Once you understand, you will never, ever be the same.


Psychedelics to me mean a relieble source of insight.They allow me to connect myself on regular Bases with the deeper layers of Reality,and they always provide healing if used properly!!!!


What isn’t psychedelic….? Isn’t a trip that we breathe in oxygen for life…? And a trip that trees actually produce oxygen!? That is just one example of how deeply connected to the planet we are. To me that is psychedelic. Expanding consciousness can come through using substances or from being real quiet and listening to the world around us. Psychedelic lives in that process…. in the opening of awareness to what it means for you – as a human and pure energy – to engage with this crazy-beautiful matrix we call Earth.


“Psychedelic” to me…means the expansion of ones reality, whether that be taking a lesson from an insightful film, feeling euphoric after watching an amazing sunset, or grooving to that new music track. All of these things shape ones perception and reality, psychedelics can help us appreciate the beauty this world has to offer even more…I’m ready to take a bite…are you?


It means that your whole experience of life is in YOUR mind and expanding your mind is a beautiful thing!

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