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A selection of the best articles on yoga:

What Does Yoga Have to Do with Vegetarianism?
By Sharon Gannon
Yoga's popularity has grown tremendously in the midst of a global
crisis, because it  promises to transform our ways of relating to
animals, the Earth, and one another. The most important part of yoga
practice may happen three times a day when you sit down to eat.

Sri Aurobindo Radical Social Vision: the Possibility of Telepathic Utopia
By Tristan Gulliford 
Aurobindo Ghose (also known as Sri Aurobindo) was a Bengali mystic, poet, political activist, and social theorist. What
would society look like if Aurobindo's views, methods, and practices
were applied on a wide scale, and formed the basis of spiritual ethics
of social action?


The Missing Dharma of Yoga

By Michael Hewett
The unconscious bait and switch of communing with reality becomes engraved into the synaptic patterns of a soon to be disappointed, nostalgic sucker who thinks the reflection is actually in the mirror. The yoga I'm interested in teaching is to perceive the mirror-like nature of all objects.

Yoga at the Source

By Vikram Zutshi
Having had enough of the carnival sideshow that passed as yoga in the West, one day I found myself halfway around the world, in the charming city of Mysore, located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, far removed from designer bodies and streamlined studios.

A Yoga in Space

By Robert McCoy
In the future, space travel could be more of a 'retreat' to an ashram than a destination in itself, a retreat to an aware inner space rather than outer space. If that turns out to be true, then all the fortunes we've spent on space will pay off in ways that no one could have ever predicted.

Interview with a Medicine Hunter
By Nese Devenot
Fox News "Medicine Hunter" Chris Kilham discusses the re-release of his bestselling book The Five Tibetans, the relationship between yoga and shamanism, and the public's shifting perspectives on psychoactive plants.

Yoga and Money

By Sharon Gannon 
We are on the brink of an apocalypse that some have prophesied will result in a radical shift in how we relate to time. The yogic practice of greedlessness can shift our relation to time; when we let go of the habit of accumulating money and material things, we might have a chance to drop into the present, where our true multidimensional self exists, and where our destiny will be revealed.

Uncovering Reality in 30s Hollywood

Stefanie Syman
Swami Prabhavananda assured Christopher Isherwood that just trying to meditate was a positive advance on the path to God. Most crucially, he didn't see Isherwood's homosexuality as a particular obstacle. He simply advised him to see his lover as the young Lord Krishna. 

Heart Yoga: My Story

By Karuna Erickson
As our practice deepens, we experience a vast expansion into universal presence as well as the microscopic attention to the minutest particles of the body. This fusion of universal consciousness with precise cellular awareness is the door through which grace can enter. 

Autobiography of Sadhu

By Rampuri
Baba Ji learned that he would have only three disciples. One would perish in a fire, one would lose his powers and eventually be murdered, and the third would be a foreigner. I asked him several times what would happen to the foreigner, but he never told me. All he would say was that he knew the exact moment I would cross the threshold of his ashram in Rajasthan ten years later.

Prolegomena to a Guide for the Emerging Yoga Shaman

By Allowah
A shift is happening in the yoga world in connection to shamanistic practice, particularly the use of plant sacraments like ayahuasca.  Finally the older generation of yoga teachers who have used ayahuasca for decades are speaking about it more openly.

Psychedelics in Light of the Yoga Sutras

By Allowah
What can the Yoga Sutras and their interpreters tell us about entheogen-induced states of consciousness? If I partake of plant medicines, have I fallen from the path, or can botanicals play a role in the discipline of yoga?

The Psychology of Ecology

By Ethan Nichtern
To date, the green movement has focused on the external world of objects and resources. But what about the internal landscape of consumption – the subtleties of our state of mind as we attempt to change our patterns?

Kung Fu: Preparation for the Armageddon 

By Sam Michael
While modern artillery might have rendered traditional hand-to-hand combat obsolete, martial arts and yoga attendance is skyrocketing. Perhaps by embracing the warrior archetype we can reduce the need for mass armed conflict and survive this coming age.

Sound Against Flame: The Process of Yoga and Atheism in America

By Derek Beres
Yoga has been used to describe everything from the physical asana practice to bread, tea, clothing, and spa services. While there are many ways to dissect and explore this aged philosophical system, we will focus on the yoga of knowledge — otherwise known as the art of discrimination. Atheism is, believe it or not, rooted in a similar soil.

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