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You are an Interdimensional Traveler

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cover image: Interdimensional Passport, paper and gel medium on plywood, 1997 by Jonathan Zap 

Your primary identity is not reducible to your present age, gender, or social position. At your core you are an interdimensional traveler. You entered this dimension at birth, will exit it at death, and you travel away from it most evenings when you enter the dimension of the dreamtime. Fully engaging with another human being is being interpenetrated by another dimension. Your core nature is that you are an interdimensional traveler. The reality you experience is ever shifting, and as a traveler you should be aware, wary, courageous, careful about your companions, and gracefully adaptable. Wherever you travel — waking, dreaming, into another’s psyche — remain aware of your core and realize that this realm, this timeline is not all there is and that the journey is the destination. As the boy Jake says in the Dark Tower books, “Go then, there are other worlds than these.”

The above paragraph is excerpted from the Zap Oracle, a 664 card free online oracle. For more on working with your identity as an interdimensional traveler see: A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler and an Interdimensional Traveler’s Codex.


Experienced interdimensional travelers are wanted as beta-testers of Parallel Journeys an interdimensional epic. Please read the beta test user agreement carefully so that you understand all the risks. 

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