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Jeremy D Johnson

Towards an Integral Philosophy of the Present

Jean Gebser was a German-Swiss cultural philosopher, intellectual mystic, poet, and scholar of the evolution of consciousness. Gebser’s time, I believe, has come yet again: to help us in this age of existential and ecological crisis to think towards a planetary future.

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Gary Lachman on Dark Star Rising, Trump, and the Occult

We interviewed Gary Lachman to discuss his new book, Dark Star Rising, and explored what Pepe the frog has to do with “hypersigils” and how magic was co-opted for nefarious purposes in the recent US election. Most importantly, Lachman suggests ways to move forward through this new occult battleground.

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From Metallurgy to Metaphysics

Learn about mineral, biological and spiritual evolution in the alchemy of one of the 20th century’s greatest hermetic philosophers: René Schwaller de Lubicz. Online class hosted April 23-24.

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