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Smokeless in Seattle: on the quest for a legal, recreational high in America

A week after recreational sales become legal in Washington State, Seattle, I happened to be in the area and decided to go in for some first-hand knowledge.
Terra Celeste

NYC Special Edition Report

A few weeks ago I attended the NYC Special Edition — the very first of its kind. At first glance, Special Edition seems like an offshoot of the fall Comic Con, but this would be missing a subtle and important point.
Jeremy D. Johnson

The Astrology of Game of Thrones

The popular response to HBO’s Game of Thrones series made me wonder if the characters and themes carry an archetypal resonance more substantive than that of other current fare. The show’s characters embody something ancient, yet familiar. I began to see parallels between the Game of Thrones panoply and the celestial archetypes.
Dorothy Abrahams

Psychedelics, Parapsychology and Exceptional Human Experiences

At the beginning of the 1950s the developed world began in earnest its psychedelic research era. Since then these profoundly mind-altering substances have been inextricably associated with paranormal experiences—such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and out-of-body experiences—by many of the researchers who have studied their effects. Currently however, virtually no research is being conducted in this area.
David Luke

William Irwin Thompson on the Horizons of Planetary Culture

My second rap with poet-philosopher William Irwin Thompson, on the transformations of self and society in an age of collapse and emergence – of cyborgs, surveillance, and psychedelics, paranoid apocalypticism and inspired new visions for our species...
Michael Garfield

Yoga, Ayahuasca & A Course in Miracles: Long Reads & Short Roads Home

Ayahuasca hasn’t made me enlightened, if there truly is such a thing, though it has done the work of a traditional guru and illuminated the darkness within, which has allowed me to be more aware of and correct/prevent self-serving, fear-based thoughts, words and actions.

Taboo from the Jungle to the Clinic

Of all the potions boiled up and blended in the cauldron of Amazonian prehistory, the most fascinating to layman and researcher alike is ayahuasca. With a few notable exceptions, academia does not take seriously the folkloric tale that the plants themselves told the shamans how to prepare them, bringing the powers of a particular vine to bear upon a particular leaf, and thereby unleashing its latent visionary potential.
Rev Nemu

America is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens

Richard Linklater’s latest film, Boyhood, follows the character of Mason from the age of six until he arrives at college. This movie is unique in that we see the kids grow up and the parents enter middle age over the 12 years it took shoot the film.
Steven Taylor

Five Ways Materialists Beg the Question

In this essay, I want to summarize some of the common ways in which materialists beg the question: that is, the ways in which they argue for the validity of materialism by assuming materialism in the argument. The circularity of their reasoning becomes clear once it's pointed out, but it is astonishing how often educated, intelligent materialists fall for it.
Bernardo Kastrup

From Citibank to Vegan Activism: A Talk with Philip Wollen

I discovered Philip Wollen by watching the video of a debate called “Animals Should Be Off the Menu” last May. I was mesmerized by his oratory skills and the passion in which he described the absolute horror that animals live under all over the world.
Gary Smith

The CBD-Only Stampede

For every family that has moved to Colorado, many more have chosen to stay home and lobby local officials in an effort to change state law. However, there’s a catch: The bills under consideration will only allow the use of CBD-rich oil extracts with hardly any THC.
Martin A. Lee

The Lemon Juice Syndrome and the Hunger Games

Americans who, under the rubric of conservatism, oppose nutrition assistance to children also tend to deny the looming devastation of global climate change, the human costs of an inept healthcare system, the negative consequences of a constricted view of consciousness, and the dangerous costs of denying biological evolution. This is very troubling.
Larry Dossey MD

A Druid's Approach to the Spiritual Power of Plants

The ancient Druids used the variety of plants and trees available to them in a unique way, employing the gentle extraction and refinement of the plant’s physical benefits in the form of “complexes” and energizing these complexes in order to release and focus the natural spiritual attributes of the plant.
Jon G. Hughes

Visionary Experiences

To the extent that these experiences are convincing, detailed, explorable, real, they make fluid the line between the visionary and the everyday worlds. Perhaps they teach us to de-reify the world, to personify, to mythologize — to obliterate the boundaries, construct a visionary world from the detritus of the everyday, let us see through, turn the world into metaphor, into magic.
Stephan V. Beyer

Endgame of an Era

As a civilization we are in the throes of living out an “endgame.” This is not the endgame of our species or any similar dire situation - but the endgame of an era.
Kingsley L. Dennis

Wrong Yoda Was: The Force of Fear

We see in the original Jedi Code an acknowledgment of things like emotion, ignorance, passion, chaos, and death, yet they are to be transcended in order to maintain a state of peace, serenity, harmony, and oneness with the Force.
Chris Dierkes

The Gnosis of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

Dr. Sheldrake maintains that there is a morphic field outside the bounds of the material world that contains a collective memory.
Gabriel D. Roberts

Mongrel Patriot Review: Beehive Design Collective

Where did the Occupy people go? Many decided to take on the challenge of how to create a more just society by examining and adjusting every aspect of their lives. It’s hard to find a better example of that kind of dedication than the Beehive Design Collective.
Tamra Spivey

Meat of the Issue

My personal belief is that the food we eat has a major impact on not only our physical health, but also our state of mind, our happiness, our fear, our peace, our anxiety. High consumption of dead animals who lived miserable lives and suffered horrific deaths helps feed the negative states of mind.
Gregory Sams

Dreaming the Psychogenic Fugue

The fact that people can fall asleep to become a unicorn flying through the air, and then awaken to drive to work like nothing ever happened, is an accomplishment of composure that deserves recognition.
Maja D'Aoust

You Have a Constitutional Right to Psychedelics

Who has the right to rule on what ideas you may and may not consider? Who has the right to regulate how you chose to use your mind? Not the Congress of the United States, not the Drug Enforcement Administration, not the National Institute of Drug Abuse.
Thomas B. Roberts PhD

The Yoga Sutras and The Red Violin: a review of David Gordon White’s New Book

In a wildly entertaining tour-de-force of deconstructive research, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: A Biography, is an extended meditation on the red violin of modern Yoga, along with its most famous players.
Matthew Remski

The Second Psychedelic Revolution, Part Five: A Short Psychedelic History of Humanity

Psychedelic revolutions in various societies —psychedelic "transformations" might be a better term—have been somewhat common throughout mankind’s history, and may prove to have been essential to the development of culture.
James Oroc

Some Ideas about Healing from an Herbalist

Extraordinary healings can and do happen every day. Sometimes they are instantaneous. What do you imagine is possible in the realm of healing yourself or another?
Robin Rose Bennett


News, Videos, Podcasts & Events

Closing Set BiTF 2014- July 12th 2014 by Nehana

As a DJ, producer and promoter Nehana brings passion and intensity into each event she’s involved in. In clubs, music festivals and underground parties, Nehana has made thousands dance and celebrate.
Keyframe Entertainment

Nightlight Horoscope 7.22.2014

Mercury is opposite Pluto and preparing to square Uranus...powerful communication, intense or unexpected information...
Adam Elenbaas

Drone's eye view of Burning Man 2013

A drone's eye view of the Playa gives you a new perspective of the sheer size, scope, and creative works that made up 2013's Burning Man.
Jeremy D. Johnson

George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed by Actual Beetles

A humble Los Angeles landmark meets a bizarrely fitting end A tree planted to honor of the memory of the Beatles songwriter George Harrison has been killed by actual beetles. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the living local monument fell victim to an infestation of insects that couldn't be bested.
Faye Sakellaridis

"Green Altruism"

Can a stroll in the park make you better person? Recent research in France suggests that immersion in nature makes you more likely to act altruistically towards fellow humans.
Faye Sakellaridis

What the Cannabis Health Revolution Means for You

Join host Martin A. Lee and fellow experts in the field of medical cannabis for the upcoming live, interactive video webinar, "The Cannabis Health Revolution: Understanding and Utilizing the Latest Science and Research." This 5-session course starts Wednesday!
Evolver Learning Lab

Gratifly Festival : Hosting an Evolution in Transformational Festivals

Something truly special happens when we join together in these powerful containers, share sacred space and our gifts, and bring our hearts close to the Earth with intention, love, celebration and togetherness.

Saturn Turns Direct 7.21.2014

What happens when Jupiter asks Saturn to roll the dice?
Adam Elenbaas

Magick Class with Jason Louv [The Duncan Trussell Family Hour]

Duncan Trussell sits down with Jason Louv, author of "Generation Hex" and creator of UltraCulture magazine. Together they talk about ecstatic peaks and terrifying troughs of the magickal paths.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Organic Foods Continue to Show Nutritional Benefits

Organic foods are healthier according to a recent comprehensive study of organic foods. Researchers found less pesticide residue, fewer metal toxins and higher antioxidant levels -- as much as 19 to 69 percent in produce.
Carol Hibbert-Swegle

Explore the World's Plant Medicine Traditions at Evolver's East Meets West Medicine Fest in NYC

Join Evolver NYC for a day of interactive talks highlighting the similarities between Chinese, Ayurvedic, Western, alchemical, and shamanic plant medicine traditions on July 19.
Jeff Bausemer

William Gibson Talks Fashion, Futurism and Science Fiction

William Gibson writes for the Wall Street Journal, "We Can't Know What the Future Will Bring," using this fall's "mind bending" fashion styles to reflect on how we imagine the future to be.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Intel experiments with mindfulness to combat digital overload

To combat the negative effects of multitasking, a handful of Intel employees took matters into their own hands and introduced a mindful awareness program.
Jeremy D. Johnson

This Kid Made an App That Exposes Sellout Politicians

16-year-old Nick Rubin created an app called Greenhouse, a plugin that lets you see where politicians are getting their money.
Jeremy D. Johnson

MIT upgrades the human hand with two robotic fingers

Two extra fingers could make all the difference in the range of tasks we can accomplish. MIT researchers have developed a “7 finger robot” which demonstrates the effect of a two finger upgrade.
Faye Sakellaridis

Wind declared cheapest energy source in Denmark

Onshore wind is now the cheapest form of new electricity generation in Denmark, undercutting coal power, according to the government's energy agency.
Faye Sakellaridis

Integral Voices on Sex, Gender & Sexuality

"Integral Voices on Sex, Gender & Sexuality: Critical Inquiries", co-edited by Sarah E. Nicholson and R.S. author Vanessa D. Fisher. Published by SUNY Press, August 2014.
Jeremy D. Johnson

45 Years Ago Today: Celebrate the 1969 Moon Landing

On this day, July 20th 1969 we set foot on another world for the first time in the history of our species, perhaps the history of life on our planet. Celebrate the Moon landing by watching NASA's live feed.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Announcing The Gabriel D. Roberts Podcast

R.S. contributor and author of The Quest for Gnosis, Gabriel Roberts, is starting his very own podcast. First up is his interview with Rupert Sheldrake. Give it a listen!
David Luke

Marijuana edibles burgeoning into an industry

The proliferation of marijuana edibles for both medical and recreational purposes is giving rise to a cottage industry of baked goods, candies, infused oils, cookbooks and classes.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Man and Woman Plan to Travel to Mars in 2021

In 2021, Earth and Mars will be aligned in our solar system and according to Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, it will be the perfect time for them to board a space shuttle and head into the orbit of Mars.
Carol Hibbert-Swegle

Live by The Wisdom of Shankara

The Wisdom of Shankara (Brendan Evans and Elijah Wilson-Kelly) is an electronic music duo on an exploration through the musical galaxy to discover the possibilities of sound.
Keyframe Entertainment

VICE Discovers Terence McKenna!

Tao Lin shares 30 of his favorite McKenna memes for you as part of his "Beyond Existentialism" series on VICE.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Time is Art: Synchroncity & the Collective Dream

An artful meditation and feature documentary that explores synchronicity as a portal to a new reality. Helping to see with our hearts what was once invisible.
Jeremy D. Johnson