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The End of War

In a more and more obviously interconnected age, the habit of war is becoming harder to sustain. Whether in politics, medicine, or our relationship to nature, the program of overcoming an enemy is less and less useful.
Charles Eisenstein

Gone to Burning Man 2014

Time for the burn, now that the hail has abated. We'll be back with new RS articles next week. Here are a few 2014 highlights.
Steven Taylor

Evolving from the Industrial Age to the Regenerative Age

Pollution, war, poverty, disease, climate change and the destruction of our biosphere are major challenges that threaten the thriving of humankind. These challenges are symptoms of deeper, core causal problems.
Mark Chasan

Rehearsing for the Future at Boom Festival

We are seeing festival culture move beyond being merely a hedonistic playground and into a realm where radical engagement can occur. On a recent pilgrimage to Boom festival I witnessed a vibrant resurgence of psychedelic culture, a strong sense of oneness in a sea of global cultures, and a devout application of ecological principles.
Sarah Levine

So, You Wanna Go to Burning Man…

Get out of your comfort zone. Try a new healing modality. Volunteer. Be of service. Engage humans you don’t know. Dance under the stars. Use your best judgment. Stay connected to your heart and your truth. Cut cords. Clear your entities. Ask the plant spirits for their blessing before dosing.
Dani Katz

On The Inner Nature of Art: A Conversation with Michael Divine

To listen for one's own voice - to see what it has to say and to follow it from the broad brush stroke down to the finest pinpoint - that requires extracting oneself from the sea - the marketing, the internet, the friends - and really letting go into that void.
Lily Ross

Sacred Sound

Many years ago when I started a yoga practice, I had no idea what it would reveal to me. I was just hoping for a little extra strength and flexibility, and I did what I could to avoid all the spiritual trappings of the practice. But, somehow, as it does, the yoga did its job. Over the years it brought me through physical, psychological, and emotional revelations that I can’t imagine would have taken place otherwise.
Alanna Kaivalya

Sync in the City

My positive take on city life is perhaps the major dividing line between myself and my hardcore hippie friends. They can’t believe I’ve lived and thrived in NYC since 1999. How could someone as sensitive as me find stillness and peace in such an energetic whirlwind? Didn’t I long to be in nature?
Jennifer Palmer

The Greatest Contradiction of Common Sense

This essay is about a shocking contradiction in our common sense about the nature of reality, a contradiction that you are probably totally unaware of. Becoming aware of this contradiction has the potential to change your life.
Bernardo Kastrup

What to Eat on the Playa

You’ve rented the RV, acquired the goggles, dust mask and fur fur, decorated your beach cruiser with the glow sticks, LED rope and alien stickers, and gathered enough entheogens to melt a pony. But what, dear Burner, are you gonna eat?
Dani Katz

HiveMind: A Journey of Local Relationships

HiveMind is a quarterly Evolver Bay Area convergence/festival/think tank, produced by a 5-person collective, with a focus on individual and systemic transformation and building a coalition of organizations in the Bay Area that support each other in their missions.
Magenta Imagination Healer

Crossing the Threshold

History reminds us that no cultural or spiritual wave is everlasting. Every wave of our evolution prepares us for another subsequent movement forward. Today we have reached a threshold that is ushering us in to a new relationship with ourselves and with all that is around us.
Chris Saade

Who’s Tripping Who?

Psychedelic plants, fungi and animals can provide extremely valuable insights relating to life on this planet. Our species would be foolish to disregard these transformative agents that can be of benefit to ourselves, all life, and our long term future on this planet.
Sam Gandy

The Beat Godfather, The Great Beast, & the Necronomicon

Ever since his youth William Burroughs had been intrigued by magic and the occult, reading the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead and Eliphas Levi’s History of Magic while he was at Harvard. Evidently, with his return from the Old World to the New, he had not left such interests behind.
Matthew Levi Stevens

Sensing Sacred Objects

The more they are used, the more precious they become. You may find yourself physically drawn to them, actually sensing their energy. With practice, you can refine your capacity to sense the energy in these special objects.
Dee Joy Coulter

Cosmic Consciousness, Transcendence and Dissociation

The distinction between dissociation and transcendence is not always easy to make. At Harvard in the early 1960s, we experimented with DMT. While most of us found the experience to be chaotic and dissociative, one of our visitors assumed a yoga posture and sat in deep meditative absorption for 40 minutes, thanked us and left. The ability to make sense of the experience would certainly be a function of having had some prior experiences of transcendent consciousness...
Ralph Metzner

Mediumship & Folk Models of Mind and Matter

Mediums often claim that the standard materialistic view of science is inadequate as an all encompassing model of reality because bodies are permeable, matter is essentially non-physical, consciousness is far more expansive than our normal waking state would lead us to believe, and that persons are multiple, can survive death, and may be influenced by external spiritual entities.
Jack Hunter

The Legal Cannabis Business: A Talk with Mike "Zappy" Zapolin

Reality Sandwich interviews Mike "Zappy" Zapolin about what's happening in the fast-changing cannabis business. Zappy shares his expertise on a range of issues and opportunities in a field now emerging from the shadows into a multibillion dollar industry.
Zappy Zapolin

Stanislav Grof and Richard Tarnas: The Birth of a New Worldview

In the mid-1960s, psychiatrist Stanislav Grof’s research in LSD psychotherapy challenged the orthodox Freudian model of mind. For years, Grof and his colleagues looked unsuccessfully for some kind of diagnostic system to predict the experiences of their clients in deep self-exploration. When Richard Tarnas applied archetypal astrology to this problem, Grof had to ironically concede that the one successful technique was even more controversial than his research in psychedelic therapy.
Renn Butler

Laevorotation at Boom 2012

Time dissolves during the weeklong gathering of Boom 2012 in the steppes near the Portuguese-Spanish border.
Reba Manuel

A Love Letter to the Temple Guardians of Burning Man

In 2013, camera in hand, I arrived on the playa with clear intent. No more was there a dilemma between spectator and participant, between giver and taker. I came to make an offering to the Guardians. But there was something I had to do first.
Ian MacKenzie

Stephen Hawking and the Black Hole Information Paradox

Information can't be lost when a black hole evaporates, as it was never an aspect of tangible existence to begin with. Despite the readings of a measuring apparatus, from its own perspective the quantum is never quite lured into the trap of definite form in a distinct moment to be instantly sucked into a dead past. When it comes to information, the next moment never arrives because the quantum, like the conscious, is forever now.
Ted Dace

Vulvatron and the Re-Birth of the Evolver Network

The Vulvatron is a radical agitprop project that honors the female form and celebrates the divine feminine in us all. Helping bring this revolutionary idea to life is the newly revamped Evolver Network.
David Metcalfe

Eckhart as Sufi

Sufis, the mystics of Islam, have employed poetic language as a way to convey their unorthodox teachings while protecting themselves from charges of heresy. We can see the same approach in the work of the Christian mystic Meister Eckhart.
Matthew Fox


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DARPA Neuromodulation of Organ Function to Help the Body Heal Itself

DARPA's new Electrical Prescriptions (ElectRx) (pronounced "electrics") program aims to develop new high-precision, minimally invasive technologies for modulating nerve circuits to restore and maintain human health.
Jeremy D. Johnson

4chan Hackers Build A Skype Not Controlled By Microsoft

The web forum 4chan is notorious (most recently) for juvenile imagery and hacking shenanigans. But it's also the birthplace (or spawning ground) of a subversive app aimed at the NSA's mass surveillance program.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Internet Archive: A Short Film About Accessing Knowledge

Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive, describes his vision for universal access to all available knowledge in this 13 minute video.
Jeremy D. Johnson

A Brave New World for Psychiatry? Free Issue On Psychedelic Psychiatry

This month's special issue of The Psychologist, focusing on psychedelic psychiatry, is available free online.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Moon Exaltations: Sagittarius

Moon exaltations continued...for today's Moon in Sagittarius Goddess
Adam Elenbaas

Spirituality vs. Fetishism

Often what we see as cultural forms of ‘spirituality’ are little other than conditioning techniques...Are we unconsciously wanting to find a community to replace a lack in our social lives?
Kingsley L. Dennis

Sun opposite Chiron 9.1.2014

The sun is applying to oppose chiron this week. It's a good day to discuss the chirotic archetype in greater depth...
Adam Elenbaas

Evolver Network's Graphic Designer Makes the Nomad Leap

Evolver Network volunteer Boris Iskhakov needs some community help getting a truck to travel with his gifts. It would be awesome if we could give back for all the help he's given us!
Magenta Imagination Healer

Nightlight Horoscope of the Day 8.30.2014

Here's a few things to watch for today...and then a short note about the Saturn/Jupiter square...
Adam Elenbaas

Moon Exaltations: Libra

Moon exaltations continued...for today's Moon in Libra goddess
Adam Elenbaas

Sun opposite Neptune 8.27.2014

A few notes on the Sun opposite Neptune...what does it mean to be a hero?
Adam Elenbaas

International Overdose Awareness Day

International Overdose Awareness Day helps to raise awareness of overdose and spreads the message that the tragedy of overdose is preventable. Please consider donating.
David Wilder

[Visionary Dialog] • Is the Contemporary Occult Different than Occult Era’s Past?

There is a growing interest in fringe consciousness experiences long associated with the “occult." Join Gary Lachman, Mitch Horowitz, David Metcalfe, and Pam Grossman for November’s Visionary Dialog, "Is the Contemporary Occult Different than Occult Era’s P...
Visionary Dialogs

Moon Exaltations: Virgo

Moon Exaltations Continued...for today's Moon in Virgo goddess.
Adam Elenbaas

Virgo Season Begins Today! 8.23.2014

Virgo season begins today! There's a lot that can be said about Virgo, but it might be best to start (especially given the Scorpionic presence in the air) with Virgo's relationship to death and the underworld.
Adam Elenbaas

Ken Wilber Talking on Ayahuasca, Psychedelics and Meditation

Here Ken Wilber offers his take on the role of entheogens in transformative practice, particularly Ayahuasca. What do you think? And what are the "techniques of ecstasy" you employ?
Jeremy D. Johnson

Moon Exaltations: Leo

Moon Exaltations continued...for today's Moon in Leo Goddess.
Adam Elenbaas

The New Moon in Virgo: Health is Wealth

The New Moon in Virgo (August 25, 2014) is the time to delight in the doing. The more we pour our energy into our own healing the more we can be of service to our planet. Our healing is bigger than us. Our planet is surviving on it!
Cole Lopez

New Moon Today! 8.25.2014

It's a new moon in Virgo today. This new moon cycle opens amidst a number of very tight and culminating planetary aspects!
Adam Elenbaas

Listen to Dani Katz Read "So, You Wanna Do Aya?"

[Author Podcast] “I am not an accredited expert on ayahuasca. I’m simply a gal who has participated in lots of ayahuasca ceremonies." Download an MP3 of Dani Katz reading her complete essay.
Conscious Agents

This Man With Pineal Gland Cancer Creates Mind Blowing Art

While in art school, Shawn Thornton unknowingly developed cancer of the pineal gland. As his progression worsened, he started to creating stunningly psychedelic art.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Writing at the Edge of Drug Culture and the Case for Middle-Sized Ideas

Julian Vayne over at The Blog of Baphomet describes the importance of what McKenna called "middle-sized ideas" after "devouring" two volumes from PsyPress UK. May we all bring some middle-sized notions back with us to culture.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Watch Burning Man's Live Stream

It's that time of the year again -- Burning Man is revving up, and for those who couldn't make it this year, we can still watch via Burning Man's webcast. Tune in for 2014's Burning Man: "Caravansary."
Jeremy D. Johnson

This Week In Psychedelic Culture

This week in psychedelic culture: psychedelic scenes in video games, a Mushroom Oracle, Ayahuasca and alien intelligence, legalizing psychedelic therapy, and McKenna's cannabis lifestyle.
Jeremy D. Johnson