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Consciousness in the Cosmos

The beyond-the-brain consciousness is not a material entity in the manifest world. It is an intrinsic element in the Akasha, the deep dimension of the cosmos.
Ervin Laszlo

Halloween as Liminal Window Zone

The essential idea of Halloween is that it is liminal (between and betwixt), an opening between the world of the living and the world of the dead. It can also be a temporary autonomous zone where the imaginal prevails.
Jonathan Zap

Canyon de Manhattan

We speak of geologic time as if it is an anomaly, as if human constructed time were more normal, more real. The opposite is true. The rhythms of the earth are real time, or the real timing with which we should concern ourselves with.
Glenn Aparicio Parry, PhD

Musica Speculativa - Occult Roots in Sound and Vision (Part 1)

It is from the secret pages of the 'Book of Nature' that the original meaning of the 'occult' was first drawn. As lovely as one finds the careful curve of a daimonic sigil, the cunning craft of a cautiously cut wand, or the potent poesis evoked by a proper turn of mantric phrase, these are but aesthetic adornments lavished on deeper essential elements. Music remains one of the most powerful ways to return our attention to the secret root at the heart of occultism.
David Metcalfe

The Rise of Empathic Consciousness

The esoteric is the heart of civilization. And should the outward forms of a human civilization become totally unable to contain and adapt the energies of great spiritual teachings, then that civilization has ceased to serve its function in the universe.
Kingsley L. Dennis

The Staying Power of the Succubus: Why Erotic Supernatural Experiences Won’t Go Away

In October 2012, the pop star Ke$ha claimed she once had sex with a spirit. The announcement came while she was promoting a new song, "Supernatural," and coincided with Halloween. Many dismissed it as a headline-attracting media trick. But there may be something to her claim.
Ryan Hurd

Sex Work and Sexual Healing: Modern Day Sexual Healers Speak

Can a provider of sexual services facilitate healing? How can transformation take place within such an exchange?
Britta Love

We Don’t Know: Reflections on the New Story Summit

What is exciting to me is the possibility that the NSS marks a transition into a different kind of gathering entirely, no longer a conference, but perhaps more like a festival or a retreat, or something that is all and none of these things, something new, something edgy, something experimental, something destined to succeed and to fail, and thereby to illuminate the next step beyond. What else can we hope for, as we explore this mapless place between stories?
Charles Eisenstein

Aya2014: Joining Worlds for Bottom-Up Self-Regulation

At the ICEERS Aya2014 conference in Ibiza, Ben De Loenen outlined the increasingly restrictive pronouncements made on ayahuasca by the International Narcotics Control Board. He shared his hope that bringing together researchers and practitioners would generate strategies for self-regulation, so that the authorities need not regulate our favourite beverage from outside.
Rev Nemu

The Astrology of Russell Brand Revisited

Last year I wrote an article entitled “The Astrology of Russell Brand” to make a case for why I felt Russell was an essential human for these times. It was an Eclipse window then, and it is now. Mercury was also about to go retrograde in Scorpio like it is now. Lots has changed since then for Russell, and for all of us.
Adam Sommer

The Veil of Dreams – The Beauty of Collaborative Art Projects & Intimacy

Dreams and good art share many characteristics: inspirational, unexpected, life changing, multilayered. Both convey powerful yet inexplicable messages. Both move us to action in ways we don’t rationally comprehend and by sharing both, we share an intimate part of ourselves.
Livia Filotico

Japanese Media and Psychedelic Yokai

The popularity of monster hunting culture in the demon blood-soaked West comes from its prehistoric psychedelic origins, when our ancestors freely indulged in visionary plants and found themselves living in the enchanted world of laughing fairies.
Benton Rooks

A Miracle in Scientific American

In the latest issue of Scientific American, Michael Shermer describes an amazing and beautiful synchronicity that happened the day of his wedding,That this spontaneous and numinous experience happened to one of the world’s most prominent debunkers of such experiences may, like the dot of yin in the fullness of yang, portend a fundamental transition.
Charles Eisenstein

How Yoga, Cannabis & The Art of Psychonauting Saved My life

The breakthrough came while watching surfers carving up the barreling waters of Ocean Beach, SF. I suddenly realized that to ride a monster wave (physical or energetic), you had to find the courage, pleasure, and audacity to surf its roaring currents.
Jonathan Talat Phillips

The Grand Fire Trine of 2014

There have been some downright oppressive, fiery, violent stories in the news lately. I like to recognize the results of such aggression and hubris— the uncomfortable or even morbid parts of life—not only as appreciable aesthetics, but as settings, textures, character traits in a sort of grand play.
Alex Baker

Ouspensky in London

While the workers of the world united, the author of books on the tarot, the fourth dimension, and the superman, whose talks about India and his travels in the East filled lecture halls in St. Petersburg and Moscow, carried luggage as a house porter to support his family.
Gary Lachman

Birth: Toward Air and Light

The problems of previous generations affect the baby’s gestation from the moment the sperm penetrates the egg. At this key moment not only is the mother’s psyche present, but so is that of the father, grandparents, great-grandparents, and any social upheaval.
Alejandro Jodorowsky

The Unobstructed Secret of the Golden Flower

Imagine life as the ultimate game, where the formless explores forms and the timeless experiences time. Imagine the infinite pretending to be finite. But this is a game of forgetfulness. It’s designed to make us forget we’re playing a game; to mistake our role in the game for the only life we’ll ever have. What would it be like to wake up in that game?
Ronnie Pontiac

Who Do You Serve?

The awakened self seeks to bring up each aspect of the self to its own awareness, so your entire life may be lifted and supported in your awareness of who and what you are.
Paul Selig

Transforming Asheville: A Talk with 3 Days of Light's Scott and Zen

Three Days of Light Gathering is a retreat-style festival in Asheville that draws a diverse, all ages crowd, and has facilitated powerful transformations in the conscious scene. I reached out to producers Scott Love and Zenaura Soluta for insight into the event.
Edwin John Leskin

Rick Doblin: Hippie of the Year

If Rick was going to run an organization dedicated to providing “rigorous scientific evaluation of the risks and benefits” of MDMA, he was going to have to learn how to do rigorous science. He set out to teach himself.
Tom Shroder

Entheodelic Storytelling: A Conversation with Magenta Imagination Healer

Magenta is the Executive Director of the non-profit Evolver Network, which coordinates and supports a network of grassroots consciousness "Spores" across the globe. I had the pleasure of speaking with her about psychedelics, digital magick, education, and more.
Benton Rooks

From Burning Man to Bellevue: A Hero’s Journey

In the deserts of Nevada and the psych wards of New York City, a man tries to live with his madness rather than have it bludgeoned out of him.
Jeffery Goines

DMT, the Prophetic Experience, and the Hebrew Bible

To the extent that DMT and other psychedelics occasion altered states of consciousness with “prophecy-like” features, one could consider the judicious use of these agents in this context. In a complementary manner, those who use psychedelic drugs for spiritual purposes may wish to consider the Hebrew Bible an interpretive tool for understanding and applying the information contained in their drug sessions.
Rick Strassman


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November Spore Theme: Social Justice & Decolonization

We now stand at a time when settlers in colonized nations need to take responsibility and provide allyship to the frontlines of indigenous issues that affect all people, both indigenous and settlers. We need to confront still present acts of racism, stereot...
Magenta Imagination Healer

Occult Rock [Expanding Mind Podcast]

Host Erik Davis talks with author Peter Bebergal, author of Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll, about imagination, performance, and rock star delusions.
Faye Sakellaridis

Mercury with the North Node 10.29.2014

Today it's all about Mercury helping us to establish new lines of communication...
Adam Elenbaas

MetaTek - The MetaMix Volume 1 (October 2014) by MetaTek

The MetaMix is an exploration into the sounds of techno from all over the world. Drawing influences from progressive and psy culture, all while keeping with that techno bump you know and love. Enjoy!
Keyframe Entertainment

Astrology as Calling 10.30.2014

Join Adam Elenbaas and Nightlight astrology students this evening for a free talk on the "calling" of astrology.
Adam Elenbaas

Learning New Words Activates The Same Brain Regions As Sex And Drugs

New research finds that learning new words is just as titillating to the brain as sex and drugs, something us linguaphiles have already known about for quite some time now!
Faye Sakellaridis

44 Essential Movies for the Student of Philosophy

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "philosophical film"?
Faye Sakellaridis

Iceland Has Given Björk an Island to Thank Her for Cultural Contributions

Some countries award their outstanding citizens with medals and ceremonies, but Iceland just one-upped everyone. To thank singer and activist Björk for her cultural contributions both in and out of the country, Iceland has given her an island.
Faye Sakellaridis

Death isn't scary - if you've had a near-death experience

Contemplating death evokes anxiety in most people, but for those who've had near-death experiences, the notion is a peaceful one, even pleasant.
Faye Sakellaridis

EvolverNYC Screening of "Water and Cooperation", from the Director of 2012: Time for Change

EvolverNYC will be hosting Joao Amorim for a screening of his second feature documentary this Thursday October 30th at 7PM in Soho. There will be a panel discussion following the film.
Jeff Bausemer

Magic Mushrooms Create a Hyperconnected Brain

A new finding in the ongoing research of psychedelic drugs and their medicinal uses is that psilocybin mushrooms alter the brain's communication networks by connecting regions of the brain that don't normally talk together.
Faye Sakellaridis

New Research Suggests Autistic Savants May Have Enhanced Telepathic Abilities

After conducting a series of research sessions with a severely autistic 9-year old girl, neuroscientist Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell concluded that her data was “highly suggestive” of telepathic potential in people born with impaired language abilities.
Faye Sakellaridis

NUGZ Live Dusty Rhino Afterburn PublicWorks SF 9 - 27 - 2014 by The Dusty Rhino

Opening set from the Dusty Rhino Afterburn celebration, at Public Works in San Francisco Sept. 27th, 2014. Straight up solid house tunes even the old school heads can appreciate. Deep, techy, sexy, funky, techno, garage, disco, acid.
Keyframe Entertainment

Never-Before-Seen Sketches That Inspired the Birth of Alien

The new book "The Archive" is the first complete collection of concept art and photography from the Alien franchise, including work H.R. Giger did for Jodorowsky's failed Dune adaptation that was reimagined for the Alien films.
Faye Sakellaridis

Live at Foreverland by IRIE¥ES

This is 100% live set from Foreverland festival. No edits, just a floating stage beach party.
Keyframe Entertainment

Scorpio Season Begins! 10.25.2014

It's that time of year again. Scorpio season. Recently one of my students said, "I'm so sick of the very word "Scorpio," right now that I don't even want to say it when I look at people's charts."
Adam Elenbaas

New Moon Solar Eclipse 10.23.2014

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, featuring Venus in Scorpio in a triple conjunction!
Adam Elenbaas

Revisiting the Age of the Sphinx Controversy with Robert Bauval and Robert Schoch

Nostalgic for the halycon days of the 'alternative Egypt' craze of the 1990s? It seems that two decades later, it's due for a comeback.
Faye Sakellaridis

Horizons 2014: Tom Shroder & Nicholas Blackston "Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy and the Power to Heal"

Can once-feared drugs heal our wounded warriors and liberate our souls? The astounding saga behind the renaissance in psychedelic healing. Watch Tom Shroder and Nicholas Blackston present at this year's Horizons, an annual forum on psychedelics.
Faye Sakellaridis

Consciousness Hacking NYC

Following on the success of the Consciousness Hacking meet-ups in the Bay Area, three New Yorkers have decided to launch an East coast version. Come by this Wednesday, October 29.
Faye Sakellaridis

Make Sacred Geometry a Part of Your Life

Discover how to make sacred geometry's elegant insights an essential part of your daily experience. Join David Metcalfe for the live, interactive video course "Sacred Geometry Applied: A Practical Approach to the Harmonies of Light, Sound, and Vision." Nov. 18
Evolver Learning Lab

Why Learn Astrology? 10.24.2014

Why has the language of astrology called to so many people for so long?
Adam Elenbaas

Gateways London '14

Gateways Of The Mind returns to London on the 8th & 9th November for another transformational weekend of presentations, practical sessions, panel debates, meditational soundscapes, art and workshops.
Faye Sakellaridis

Breaking the Spell 2 ~ Waking Up from Our Self-Slumber

In a modern global world that increasingly seeks to distract our attention and awareness, surrounded by a constant stream of impacts, influences, and events, we each need to learn about our innate powers that we possess to change the perspective of our lives.
Kingsley L. Dennis