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Mother, Elephant Kingdoms and the End of Man: Report from my 11th and 12th ayahuasca ceremonies

I thought about all the work I have to do helping organize people to bring about change. The alternative is an Africa without elephants and rhinos, and seas devoid of whales and sharks, where only toxic algae blooms and no shadow from any bird stains the wave crests.
Guy Crittenden

Untangling the Web of Maria; On the Consequences of Chronic Cannabis Use

From dispensaries to park benches, she’s everywhere you turn these days, and love her or loathe her, marijuana’s enjoying a new golden age.
Jonathan Hadas Edwards

Look for Her among the Living

One of the great visionary artists of the theater died last week, but don't look for her among the dead.
Steven Taylor

The Consciousness Revolution

Consciousness is one of the great mysteries of science—perhaps the greatest mystery. It is surely the most intimate, the most sapient, the most personal part of ourselves. Yet no one can really claim to have understood and explained it completely.
Graham Hancock

Connecting with the Spirits of Plants: Step-by-Step Instructions

Plants easily connect through feelings. Whatever you are feeling has an impact on the plants around you. If you approach them feeling love and gratitude, awe and wonder, they will certainly respond.
Carole Guyett

The Reality Nervous System

We do not need to postulate a whole material universe outside of consciousness anymore. Empirical reality is merely the outside image – the external aspect – of the mental activity of a cosmic consciousness.
Bernardo Kastrup

Dagobah as a Proverb for the Psychedelic Journey

In Star Wars, The Force is the energetic source of all life and it can be channelled to accomplish great feats and develop significant supernatural powers. The concept parallels a variety of philosophies on universal energy.

An ‘Oríkì’ for the Times: Reflections on Wonder and Change

Where I come from, names tell stories. My name means ‘I have met ease and pleasantness’. My other name means ‘one who teaches others the good life’. But it wasn’t until recent that I realized that I had a gift deeper than names could convey.
Bayo Akomolafe

Interplay with Indra's Internet

Our future — as switched on individuals and as a collaborative species — belongs to those of us who attempt the terrifying but enlivening experience of authentic collaboration: Seeking love, truth and creativity in interplay with others.
Nick Seneca Jankel

Retreat, Renewal & Rejuvenation: A Process of Spiritual Development

Emergence is a process, not an object. New capacities and openings occur in relationship, not in isolation. We strengthen our hearts and our core, and we cultivate tenacity and resilience to allow, to let be, and to let go.
Amy Edelstein

Why You Should Make Your Own Tarot Deck

Making your own deck can give you a better understanding of not only how archetypes and symbols work but also how card readings work, and even how the traditional tarot works.
Anthony Alvarado

Shadows & Light: Understanding Our Archetypal Nature

Most of us imagine that we know ourselves pretty well. But like a periscope that thinks it’s the whole submarine, our self-image makes no accommodation for the fact of the unconscious.
Gary S. Bobroff

Pluto and the Death of God

Pluto appeared as the Roaring Twenties gave way to the Great Depression and the world marched toward Auschwitz and Hiroshima. Already in 1930, those who cared (or dared) to scry the forces at work behind the scenes could feel the rising heat.
J. F. Martel

Timothy Leary: Twentieth-Century Neuronaut

Leary was tanned to the point of sunburn and wore, as always, a thousand-watt smile and a pair of white, high-top tennis shoes. Between quick, nervous puffs on his Benson & Hedges, he discussed the new face of electronic stimulation and the novel as an archaic art form.
Todd Brendan Fahey

CHAPPiE: Failing From Great Heights

CHAPPiE is the mainstream cinema’s latest robo-epic. It’s a strange combination of District 9, Short Circuit and the original Robocop all remixed with popular themes out of the current mainstream geopolitical paradigm.

Counterclockwise: When Biology Is Not Destiny

A recurring temptation in psychology is to consider the latest discovery as something final. What could possibly lie beyond mind-body unity? This attitude is deadly, particularly when we already possess the building blocks for a nonlocal view of consciousness
Larry Dossey MD

The Qualities of the Heart

Living through the heart is where we are all going, sooner or later, someday, in some lifetime. The particulars of how we each arrive at our heart comprise the story of our unique healing journey. That is the story of our spiritual growth in this lifetime.
Jonathan Goldman

Shamanic Healing for Body, Mind, and Soul

In shamanic healing work there’s a difference between what you truly need versus what you think you need or want. Surrender to your helping spirits; let them assist you in the way that is best for your healing process.
Sandra Ingerman

An Introduction to One Spirit Medicine

I first encountered these practices many years ago, during my fieldwork in the Amazon and the Andes. But these traditional practices are being confirmed today by what we’re learning about the body and the brain.
Alberto Villoldo

What Is the Relationship Between Meditation and Transformation?

You live your whole life anchored to a narrow range of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and suddenly you find yourself floating in midair. Nothing is more exhilarating or mind altering than the freedom you find in true meditation.
Jeff Carreira

The Spirit of the Stratocaster: Talking Wolves and Ayahuasca with John Sheldon

After ayahuasca taught him to connect with divine energy, guitarist John Sheldon found a scintillating focus for his life’s work, writing songs that tell a new story about wolves in North America—and how we can save them from extinction.
Zoe Helene

Reflections on ESC & the Psychedelic Renaissance

ESC is a nonprofit launched in late 2013 and dedicated to “assuring the sustainability and safe use of traditional plants,” of which ayahuasca has been the clear priority thus far. All in all, ESC seems well-intentioned. So what are 17 experts (now 62) from Canada, Brazil, the UK, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, the US, and Colombia up in arms about?
Devin Van Dyke

Interview with James Spektrum of Lucidity Festival

Time for Lucidity Festival is fast approaching. Set from April 10-12th in Goleta, California, this year's headlining artist is The Polish Ambassador (David Sugalski), an electronic musician and DJ from Oakland, California.

Drinking the Jungle: A Film Review

Simply put, this is an excellent introductory documentary for anyone considering a trip to Peru to drink ayahuasca, or who wants to share concise and reassuring information with their friends and family (who might think they’re nuts).
Guy Crittenden


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Spring Prayers 4.21.2015

A recuperation phase after our recent eclipse cycle...
Adam Elenbaas

Liberation Through Unknowing with Martin W. Ball

Host of The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast Martin W. Ball Joins us this episode to talk about 5-Me0-DMT, the nearly- religious fundamentalism around Terrence McKenna, the role of the Ego, and your true nature in non-duality.

Black Hills Are Not For Sale: The Unity Concert 2015

On August 28-30, at the Elk Creek Resort in The Black Hills, join native and non-native peoples for The Unity Concert, a gathering in the name of cultural reconciliation and environmental restoration.
Faye Sakellaridis

Creativity, Madness and Drugs - disinformation

Would we have Poe's Raven today if the tormented author had taken lithium to suppress his bipolar illness? Not likely, considering the high frequency of psychiatric illnesses among writers and artists, concluded psychiatrist Kay Jamison of Johns Hopkins Medical School speaking last week at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Batman: The Deal

This fan-made comic from Moonhead Press reimagines the relationship between Batman and the Joker through the insights of the late Bill Hicks.
Faye Sakellaridis

Evolver and Arborvitae’s Herbal Imaginarium Presents: Fire and Smoke

Tonight in NYC -- Join Evolver and Arborvitae’s Herbal Imaginarium for the 420 holiday to discus the sticky subject of marijuana and it's effects and mechanisms of action as an herbal medicine.
Faye Sakellaridis

The Stoner Canon: Essential Weed Movies, Books, Music, and TV Shows

Pot-smoking and pop culture consumption go hand in hand: do the former, and you run the risk of only wanting to partake in the latter - especially if you're smoking an Indica strain. In turn, pop culture has taken advantage of the laughing fits that often accompany bong hits.
Faye Sakellaridis

The Ayahuasca Monologues-John Sheldon

John Sheldon communicates his story of self-healing through words and music in this video recorded at The Ayahuasca Monologues in NYC. His evocation of the experience through guitar alone is truly magical. Good headphones/speakers recommended!
Faye Sakellaridis

Lucidity Countdown 2015: Week 2 - Grensta [Promo Mix 012] by MUSIC IS LOVE

Perfect for pre-partying, Grensta's mix encourages you to shake your groove thang! Initiating his mis with Latin-inspired house, Grensta progresses to deep house, funk, tech, and soul to nostalgic, bouncy house.

The True Light Of Darkness

An exploration of the turbulent struggles involved in entheogenic shadow-work.

Dark Moon Forecast 4.15.2015

Dark Moon time, and the end of eclipse season. What to watch for...
Adam Elenbaas

Glow Of Attraction by Johnny Blue

Glow Of Attraction (Compiled & Mixed by Johnny Blue)

Time is Art: "Discovering the Divine Spark Within Us"

In this exclusive clip from the Time Is Art documentary, Jennifer's quest to find the meaning of symbols and coincidences in her life leads her to an exploration of cosmology and synchronicity with artist Justin Gray Morgan.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables

Each year, the capacity for renewable power increases. The question is no longer if we will transition to cleaner energy, but when.
Faye Sakellaridis

Vice Talks to First Human to Get a Head Transplant

Valery Spiridonov, a 29 year old man born with a degenerative muscle atrophy condition, is the first human set to receive a head transplant, an unprecedented medical procedure that's received skepticism from medical professionals.
Faye Sakellaridis

10 of the best ancient ruins ... that you've probably never heard of

Done Pompeii, Ephesus and Angkor and still thirsting after archeological marvels? The founder of Timeless Travels magazine recommends 10 less well-known sites that can usually be savoured without the crowds.
Faye Sakellaridis

What would the world look like without a drug war?

Find out on the weekend of April 17-19 when Psymposia hosts a new kind of drug conference in the brand new Integrative Learning Center building at the University of Massachusetts campus.
Faye Sakellaridis

Alpha Brain Waves Boost Creativity and Reduce Depression

Recent discoveries in neuroscience suggest that stimulating alpha waves through mindfulness training and meditation in our brain can boost creativity and reduce depression.
Faye Sakellaridis

Discovering the Alien "Other" 4.9.2015

What happens when we discover alien life? It's possible it will teach us more about diversity on our own planet than anything we've learned so far.
Adam Elenbaas

"Photochromia" Garments Reveal Hidden Patterns in Sunlight

Wear a Photochromia shirt inside and it will look one way. Take it outside into the sun and it will magically transform before your eyes to reveal hidden geometries.
Faye Sakellaridis

New Radiocarbon Dating Technology Will Revolutionize Archaeology

A new technique that allows for dramatically faster radiocarbon dating will revolutionize field archaeology
Faye Sakellaridis

MetaMix Episode 4 (Jan 2015) by MetaTek

MetaTek is the creation of JB DeVries and exploring, creating, and sharing a deep range of textures in the world of techno music is his primary motivation.

Free Will Astrology: Week of April 16

Here are your horoscopes, with tips on how to embrace the useful kind of hope & lose the disempowering kind of hope.
Rob Brezsny

The On Demand Revolution

In the modern digital age the world is an extension of our agency -- we can summon information and services at well. Jason Silva talks about how this "on demand " economy is a step into a new space of consciousness in the latest episode of Shots of Awe.
Faye Sakellaridis