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Addiction, Climate Change, and the Psychology of Recovery

Any analysis of addiction in the wake of global climate change would benefit greatly from considering what we depend on in order to maintain our civilization. As we grow into a more holistic understanding of addiction and we awaken to the redundancy of the war on drugs, perhaps we can grow in our capacity to develop more sophisticated psychological frameworks for mending our ecological crisis as well.
Sarah Levine

Flashback, Pucallpa 2000: Mystic Terror

I look forward to each of my trips there. I look forward to this specific moment, the greatest adventure I’ve ever been able to experience, and yet, as soon as this adventure happens, fear enters into the dance. Fear mounts from night to night, in step with new invisible encounters. It turns into terror the last few days, and on the last night I end up making my way through it.
Jan Kounen

Revelation and Prophecy Without FM: William S. Burroughs’s War on Control

Burroughs’s transgressive prose works aimed at naming and defeating demons. Language is a form of magic that can triumph over control.
Steven Taylor

Santo Daime in the Sacred Valley

In the early part of the 20th century, Raimundo Irineu Serra—known today as Master Irineu—ventured into the Brazilian Amazon to work as a rubber tapper. There, he encountered the practice of drinking ayahuasca. During an extended participation in this ancient ritual, he received a vision from what he perceived to be the Virgin Mary. She instructed him to establish a specific spiritual doctrine. In 1930, Master Irineu formally established the first church of the Santo Daime.
D. C. Alex Robertson

A Brief History of How We Got Into This Mess

While some praise indoor plumbing and the flush toilet as sterling achievements, for others, it is the height of insanity to use drinking water to dispose of human waste and then wash it away into large bodies of water, spreading the potential for pollution of all Earth’s water bodies.
Mark Nelson

The UFO Mystery: The Night Sky Part 3

Just because we have UFO-like archetypes doesn’t mean that there aren’t aliens too. If UFOs turn out to be metal ships with sentient passengers, we would still have to work out the conjunction of their arrival with our own projections.
Richard Grossinger

A Talk with Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger is a stage name for Israeli based electronic musician, Yuli Fershtat. We talked about what triggered his entrance into the world of psychedelic electronica, his most rewarding festival experience, the psychedelic culture/conscious movement and how it ties into his music, and more.
Keyframe Entertainment

Beyond Sustainability: The Power of Regeneration

If we could see the entire Earth as a garden—as a living but damaged paradise, worthy of love and admiration—we could then act as gardeners, working in collaboration with the soul of the world. In this role, we could creatively participate in the cultivation of all life, and help to restore nature’s beauty, fertility, and resilience where it has been lost.
David Fideler

Ayahuasca – Natural Medicine for Brain Disease, Cancer and Wellness

Ayahuasca and other entheogens can and will gain the credibility and amends they truly deserve, and bring new possibilities to many out there living with diseases that lack conventional options for treatment
Daniel Gustafsson

I See with the Eyes of the Christ

As you claim your Christed Self as you truly are, the vibration that you will hold and are agreeing to take as you, is higher than you have known.
Paul Selig

The Second Psychedelic Revolution, Part Six: A New Earth?

The most practical application of psychedelics is as a tool for examining differentiated states of consciousness, and ultimately for investigating the basis of consciousness itself. This was the promise of psychedelics that first created such tremendous interest within the scientific community before research was effectively banned in the early 1970's.
James Oroc

The Formless Speaks

We are incessantly, relentlessly, tirelessly telling ourselves stories; constantly attempting to categorize and match everything we experience against some (coherent) storyline playing out in our minds. That is why certain forms of meditation prove so challenging
Bernardo Kastrup

A Review of Andrew Dawson's Santo Daime: A New World Religion

What is it that draws modern middle class individuals to a highly ecstatic and mystic religious culture in light of the increasing presence of scientific rationalism and reductionism? Andrew Dawson’s book has led me closer to finding the answer.
Gabriel D. Roberts

The Sun: The Night Sky Part 2

A Christic energy, formed by love in the way that matter was formed by heat, permeates and percolates through the multiverse, manifesting in individual systems but actually everywhere: in galaxies, rocks, birds, puddles; in Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Jay-Z, and Kim Jong Un.
Richard Grossinger

Taking the Empirical Path to Awakening: A Finders Course Roundtable

The Finders Course is training individuals to achieve higher states of consciousness. We invited 3 alumni to discuss their experiences and the course’s lasting impact.
Ken Jordan

Cherish more than a child the hostile gods and demons of apparent existence...

Since moving to rural Georgia nearly a year ago, I've been unable to avoid the realities of the world that we live in - not the sparkling affluent consciousness culture illusion - the raw, unflinching realities of life in the United States.
David Metcalfe

Welcome to the "New Normal"

Things are never going to be the same again.. .the "new normal" is here to stay.
Kingsley L. Dennis

The Biology of Enlightenment

I am aware of the points of contact of the body with something else; I am aware if there is a tension in a muscle; I am aware if I feel pain somewhere; I am aware of the heart beating or of the breathing. But all these are like dots. If I say that I am aware of the shape of the body, I am putting a line across all these dots and saying that is the shape. But it is not me. It is an assumption, an image.
U.G. Krishnamurti

Imagine a 3-D World

Film, television, and video games pack in as much fast-paced, loud, intense action in a minute as real life does in a week. The nervous system, conditioned to such intense stimuli, becomes uncomfortable in the presence of the slow, the quiet, and the natural. As Lao-tau said, “Colors blind the eyes, sounds deafen the ears, flavors spoil the palate.”
Charles Eisenstein

Good Intentions and the Road to the Amazon

A group of academics and others have published a letter expressing severe criticism of the methods and aims of the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council (ESC), an NGO which has assumed the mission of ensuring the safety and sustainability of ayahausca and other entheogens. The letter is reproduced here. The debate continues…
Rev Nemu

Shaman Claus: The Shamanic Origins of Christmas

Have you ever wondered why in modern Christmas tradition we do the things we do? Where do these stories come from – and better yet: what are we actually celebrating on Christmas morning? There are answers to these questions.
Matt Toussaint

Pantheistic Insights: Vegetarianism in Psychedelic Culture

From the historical perspective, vegetarianism has been a persistent theme in psychedelic culture related to the ethical and spiritual insights that the psychedelic experience may lead to.
Henrik Dahl

"The Interview": Frat Boy Consciousness Backfires Big Time

There is a kind of karmic mirroring going on here where one privileged, childish, narcissistic bubble-dweller surrounded by yes-men is surprised to find himself challenged by another. The scale is different, but the underlying consciousness is the same.
Steven Taylor

Owning Is the New Sharing

The notion that sharing would do away with the need for owning has been one of the mantras of sharing economy promoters. We could share cars, houses, and labor, trusting in the platforms to provide. But it's becoming clear that ownership matters as much as ever.
Nathan Schneider


News, Videos, Podcasts & Events

Flirting With Ideas Under Mercury RX 1.25.2015

Under Mercury retrogrades we have to learn how to flirt with, rather than act upon, our ideas!
Adam Elenbaas

What Do We Mean by "The Unconscious?" 1.24.2015

Waxing Crescent Moon. Ideas gaining force. What do we mean by "the unconscious?"
Adam Elenbaas

The Power of "I Don't Care" 1.22.2015

As Mercury has just gone retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, we might take a deeper look at this idea of ambivalence...
Adam Elenbaas

Void of Course Moon Magic 1.23.2015

Void of course Moon in Pisces today. A good day to learn about the void of course magic.
Adam Elenbaas

Critical Theory Resources for Consciousness Culture

Crucial to developing a "spiritual activism" in the consciousness culture are educational resources on gender, sexuality, race and culture.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Tribal Alliance

The Tribal Alliance is a collective of visionary leaders, event producers, elders, wisdom keepers & community organizers committed to anchoring in a new era of collaboration. The Tribal Alliance is from March 5-9 in Costa Rica, and is a free event.

Sorian - Walking In The Desert Set

Ethnic and modern musical instruments mixed together with an electronic concept creates a new musical fantasy by Sorian.
Keyframe Entertainment

Food Tank Conference

Food Tank livestream today and tomorrow. Representatives from diverse areas of farming talking about how to support resilient practices and small local food businesses. It's a great overview of looking at an industry from a micro to macro perspective.
Magenta Imagination Healer

Of Sound Mind and Body: John Beaulieu & Jeff Volk

John Beaulieu describes sensing pulsation through our ears, and how our listening effects everything from our mood to our posture, to our perception of ourselves as vibratory beings resonating with myriad energy fields.
Faye Sakellaridis

Thinking Mercurially about Mercury Retrograde 1.21.2015

Tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde. A good day to think Mercurially about Mercury retrogrades!
Adam Elenbaas

Research Suggests That Psychedelics Hold Promise For Suicide Prevention

Newly published research in the journal Psychopharmacology supports the growing body of evidence that psychedelics have therapeutic evidence, showing a reduction in psychological distress and suicidal thoughts.
Faye Sakellaridis

Visualizing a Plenitude Economy

An animated vision of what a post-consumer society could look like, with people working fewer hours and pursuing re-skilling, homesteading, and small-scale enterprises that can help reduce the overall size and impact of the consumer economy.
Magenta Imagination Healer

Computer Scientists Generate A Self-Aware Mario That Can Learn And Feel

Programmers from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence claim to have created a "self-aware" Mario that can learn from his environment and respond accordingly.
Faye Sakellaridis

Burning Man 2014, Camp Mystic Wednesday Night Set by NIMITAE

"Direct Transmission of Truth and Beauty" at 1am at the epic camp mystic Wednesday night party.
Keyframe Entertainment

Imogen Heap's New Gloves Bring Movement to Music

After 5 years of musical and technical collaboration, indie electro artist Imogen Heap has introduced Mi.Mu gloves, a wearable musical technology that allows to the user to manipulate sound through their fingertips.
Faye Sakellaridis

Mathematically Precise Kinetic Sculptures and Transformable Objects by John Edmark

If you enjoyed John Edmark's trippy 3D-printed zoetrope sculptures last week, you might also enjoy some of his kinetic sculptures that rely on excruciatingly precise laser-cut wood and internal mechanisms to create optical illusions and other unexpected behaviors.
Faye Sakellaridis

Dance Temple 02 - Boom Festival 2014

Thatha has a psychedelic and sophisticated style, adapting herself perfectly to any dancefloor, never losing her concise base in the underground and with an outstanding technique, her music is full of rhythm, light and charm.
Keyframe Entertainment

Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice (Two variations on a theme), by The Message

David Metcalfe has composed two variations on a thematic sound work written to accompany the publication of J.F. Martel's Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice.
Jeremy D. Johnson

No You're Not Good Enough 1.18.2015

Reflected in today's astrology is the idea that "It's not just the thought or effort that counts." There is real work to be done and it's time to stop making excuses.
Adam Elenbaas

Activate Your Highest Self Through Love

Learn to see your partner as your guru, your relationship as your dojo and your heart as the compass in Annie Lalla's "Falling and Staying in Love." This live, interactive video course starts February 10th.
Evolver Learning Lab

All Responses to ESC Controversy Found Here

Ayahuasca.com collected the ESC (Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council) debate together on one page. Read it here.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Saturn/Neptune and the Art of Living 1.16.2015

Today's Moon aspects are engaging the Saturn/Neptune square, whose complex interactions are reflected in many unique ways, including revolutions in cinema, film and television.
Adam Elenbaas

New Moon Daemonics 1.20.2015

The New Moon is in Aquarius today. A good day to look at the constellation image of the water bearer, as well as the idea of the "daemonic."
Adam Elenbaas

Desensitized to Desensitization 1.17.2015

Venus in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo. What happens when we're desensitized to the idea of desensitization?
Adam Elenbaas