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Since the birth of our publication in 2007, the conversation around psychedelics has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of debunking urban legends like Reefer Madness and spontaneous acid flashbacks. Now, we are faced with a new slew of questions: Who gets to use psychedelics? How can we make drug policy ethical? What is a drug, anyway?

To stoke the flames of these conversations, we seek to highlight the experiences, wisdom, and hot takes of the global psychedelic community. Do you see something missing from psychedelic culture? Is the latest fad totally missing the point? We want to hear about it!

We’re not just a news site—we’re a mosaic of every groundbreaking idea, spiritual awakening, and pioneer for progress in the psychedelic world.  To feed this vision, we invite the thinkers, writers, and skeptics of this psychedelic Renaissance to submit original articles to Reality Sandwich. If your submission is selected for publication, your work will be added to our growing collection of articles, including writing from published authors, film producers, and academics.

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