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Two scenes from my dissolution

Rural Georgia, no sidewalks and ambiguous speed limits, the cars that pass come quick and careless, and I have 2 miles left to go to get to the nearest store, a gas station at the end of the street.


Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly (Part Two): Whitley’s Onion

The desire to find a higher purpose is the same desire that draws people to join cults. If an
individual is more inclined to lead than to follow, he can start his own
following. Although Strieber's case is extreme, it is also typical. Patterns laid down in childhood by
trauma and neglect lurk beneath all such pursuits, spiritual, political,
artistic, sexual, or financial.


Spiritual Bypassing

The use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing
with our painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs is
much more common than we might think and, in fact, is so pervasive as to go
largely unnoticed, except in its more obvious extremes.


Entangled: Chapter Four

Still, surely she must summon help? While there was even the faintest
hope, surely she couldn’t just let her meat body expire? Could she? And
what would happen to her aerial body if she did? Perhaps she would just
go pop! and disappear?–From the novel, Entangled.

Crop Circles: An Invitation

While the rest of the world watched Michael Jackson's funeral, a quiet stream of modern pilgrims arrived at my mother's village. A quick walk has me in the middle of an intricate solar system stenciled into the grain at a prehistoric ritual site. All mysteries lend themselves to detective work, and this year's crop formations, seventy in this area alone, presents a cryptic metaphysical riddle.

lego moon

How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings

It has been 40 years since the fabled Apollo moon landings. For as many years, there's also been a controversy between those who accept the landings as legitimate, and those who believe they were faked. I propose a third position: Humans did go to the moon, but what we saw on TV was completely faked – by none other than the great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.