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Psychic services are a mainstay on Craigslist's classified ads, but there are more rarefied offerings from a few unique individuals who have stepped outside of the common spiritual SEO. These beautiful people offer us a vision for how the traditions of folk spirituality continue on in the digital world.'
What will our world look like in a hundred years? Tod Foley explores that question with a crew of fellow creatives collaborating on UbiquiCity, an anthology of sci-fi short stories that serves as a GameMaster's sourcebook for role-playing games.
“Romantic love is the single greatest energy system in the Western Psyche. In our culture it has supplanted religion as the arena in which men and women seek meaning, transcendence, wholeness, and ecstasy.”
Nowhere is the disconnect between science and spirit felt more intimately than in matters of mental health.
Rhetoric, seduction, humor, and intimidation are powerful and persuasive weapons in the magician’s arsenal. Make no mistake, this is powerful magic with undeniable consequences.

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