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Crafting Your Business Values

Your work expresses who you are. Your vision is the big picture of
your business and your life. Crafting your values is step one is running a business.

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The Beat Godfather, The Great Beast, & the Necronomicon

Ever since his youth William Burroughs had been intrigued by magic and the occult, reading the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead and Eliphas Levi’s History of Magic while he was at Harvard. Evidently, with his return from the Old World to the New, he had not left such interests behind.

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NYC Special Edition Report

A few weeks ago I attended the NYC Special Edition — the very first of its kind. At first glance, Special Edition seems like an offshoot of the fall Comic Con, but this would be missing a subtle and important point.

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Evolving the Vision

This is the crucial moment for our species, and we have to give it
everything we've got. Ayahuasca is moving out in the world and making new
covenants. Maybe it wants to make contact with these strange new minds and to
co-evolve with us. I'm afraid it's going
to get it, whether it wants it or not.

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A Magical Experiment in Economic Activism

We decided to create a networker spiritual entity. While the stereotypical image of a networker is a person holding a business card in one hand and a drink in the other, a networker is really someone who fosters quality relationships between people, finding out what each person needs, and matching him/her up with someone who can meet that need.


What is Economic Activism?

We need to be activists in the economy as well as in politics and the environment. We can use our money and skills to promote humanistic values on all levels of society.

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Nature Loves to Hide: An Interview with Paul S. McDonald

In this interview for Reality Sandwich Prof. McDonald reflects on the differences between the concepts of daimons and.demons, including how and why demons replaced daimons in the popular imagination, the importance of Jung to historians of alchemy, prehistoric stone circles, Hegel as a Hermeticist, Stephanos of Alexandria, and much more.


Artistic Independence and Social Media: Interview with DIY Multimedia Icon Jean Smith

Feminist multimedia artist, singer, and writer Jean Smith – best known as the singer in the iconic underground rock band Mecca Normal – quit her part time job to sell her paintings online. As she shares her latest paintings on Facebook, she allows her fans to follow the rapid evolution of her work. This is the second in a series of interviews with artists working through Facebook to reach audiences.