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The market for underground psychedelics is alive and well. And it’s evolving to be packaged and presented as seemingly normal packaged goods.
Learn what factors influence shroom potency, and what you can expect from various magic mushroom dosages. It’s all here in our comprehensive guide!
We're all taking the necessary precautions, but what happens if you get COVID-19? A respiratory expert gives us some tips on what you can do.
This astrology guide takes you through the zodiac signs, planets, aspects so that you can start reading and interpreting your birth chart and horoscope.
Exclusive interview with Bluetech's Evan Bartholomew and Keyframe-Entertainment on Bluetech's latest electronic music album Holotrope.
Our ultimate guide to Mescaline has everything you want to know about this natural hallucinogen found in a variety of cacti such as Peyote and San Pedro.
The Maya respect for time depicts each person as a biological individual or member of a legacy and as an element of time cycles. A person is not only a singular or individual sequential occurrence in a historical time line but an eternal protagonist embedded and participating in recurring events in vast cycles of time as well.
In this interview for Reality Sandwich Prof. McDonald reflects on the differences between the concepts of daimons and.demons, including how and why demons replaced daimons in the popular imagination, the importance of Jung to historians of alchemy, prehistoric stone circles, Hegel as a Hermeticist, Stephanos of Alexandria, and much more.
There really is room for a conversation between physicists and students of metaphysics. We just have to be reasonable — and patient on both sides. If we can do that, the payoff may be extraordinary.
Narratives which gloss-over the history and socioeconomic dynamics of ayahuasca’s globalization may, despite good intentions, actually do more harm than good.

We’re now streaming consciousness and medicine music all day, every day. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Hear from the RS community in our new video series, spotlighting shared experiences and stories with plant medicines, psychedelics, consciousness, dreams, meditation, etc.

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