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Professor Heisenberg has been working feverishly on his retrocausation experiments. He says that he has actually been able to digitally hack into the past and manipulate Facebook status updates a quarter of a century before the Trumpocalypse...
Wherever seeds of racial inequality have been sown, there are copious layers to comb through to unpack the systemic racism behind why minorities continue to be grossly underrepresented in psychedelic-medicine studies. 
What is an entheogen and how are they used? Read our guide to learn all about these plants and their use in medications and therapy.
Consciousness has long been a mystery to mankind. This article looks at consciousness through both philosophical perspectives and scientific theories.
Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian conflict resolution system that has become popularized. This article traces back through its history and evolution.
In a ceremony, everything matters and we attend to every detail. As we approach ecological healing with a ceremonial mind, more and more becomes visible for our attention.
For twenty years David Charles Plate has explored the mysteries of synchronicity in films and music. Enlightened by his occult and cultural studies, David has brought light to a little understood area of human experience..

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