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Reality Sandwich Takes a Bite out of Sacred Rose

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Hey, all you Sandwich Heads! Looking for your next festival trip? Well, we’ve got the full scoop on Sacred Rose! This fest will have you kitty-flipping with joy, all of our favorite psychedelic musicians will be there. What is Sacred Rose? A blooming love letter to the sweet sounds of Americana, Psych-rock, Jam, Indie, Soul, […]

Why Are Psychedelic Stocks Crashing?

why are psychedelics stocks crashing

To begin, buying psychedelic stocks should be considered a long-term investment with a time horizon of at least five years. No one can anticipate…

Shaman on a Mission to Defeat Putin

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A shaman is marching 8,000 kilometers to expel Putin, who he believes is a manifestation of dark forces, in order to save Russian from ruin.

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