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Modern Muslims use dreams to make major life decisions The traditional practice of using night dreams to make major life decisions is in widespread use among modern Muslims, reveals a new study. Interviews with 60 Muslims in the UK, North America, Europe and Pakistan have revealed that night dreams are being used to make choices on issues like marriage, business, career development and politics.
While bacteria might not exactly do what one might call thinking, they have been known to exhibit the ability to make complex decisions.
Indigenous plant medicine traditions exist all over the world. Explore various practices as we aim to honor their cultural legacy.
Is there a connection between addiction and transcendence? This article explores the bridge between medical models and psychedelic use for recovery.
Discover the ancient Himalayan superfood, Shilajit, and its potential benefits for modern wellness. Learn how to use this powerful resin in your daily life.
There’s a lot of buzz about the psilocybin scene in Oregon, but are shrooms legal in Oregon? Find out all the details here.
How long does cocaine stay in your system and what are the effects on the body and brain? Find out now.
Discover how modern moms are integrating mushrooms into their lifestyles, and how it impacts their parenting. Dive into experiences, benefits, and challenges.
Are magic mushrooms legal in your state? Learn about the current laws, decriminalization efforts, and potential uses.
How long does MDMA stay in your system and are there long-lasting effects on the body? Learn more now.

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