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Ibogaine and aftercare helped me remain completely abstinent from drugs and alcohol for the entire year following treatment. My recovery continues, and I remain abstinent today—over four years since taking ibogaine.
In the deserts of Nevada and the psych wards of New York City, a man tries to live with his madness rather than have it bludgeoned out of him.
On April 20, 1950, the CIA gave the green light for the intelligence service to evaluate the use of LSD in the secret operation Bluebird.
The first randomized, double-blind clinical trial evaluating MDMA as a therapeutic adjunct garners hope in healing PTSD.
How many friends do you have who died in childbirth? Can you imagine one in seven, as it would be if you lived in northern Afghanistan? What does "reproductive freedom" mean in an environment where mothers are dying in childbirth on a regular basis?

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