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Adi Shakti the Supreme Spirit without attributes

The Hidden Path: Shakti Rising

The feminine principle has traditionally been rejected as being soft and useless for true progress on the spiritual path. The path of Shakti is very different. There is nothing in creation that isn’t a manifestation of Shakti, the divine feminine.

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Lucid Dreaming and Mental Illness

The editor of Gawker called me. He said he was doing a piece on Jared
Loughner, who was sentenced to life in prison without parole
for his deadly rampage in Tuscon in January 2011. Gawker had got a hold of some emails from Loughner. He said, "We have an email from him to you."


Neo-Atheism and the Demiurge

An unprecedented kind of mind has suddenly appeared during the last couple of millennia. Enflamed and encrusted with growths like the insupportable noggin of the
elephant man, this self cannot help but look upon the world to
presuppose a somewhat larger Self: the One and Only CEO and Sole
Manufacturer of Absolutely Everything.

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Yoga At the Source

Having had enough of
the carnival sideshow that passed as yoga in the West, one day I
found myself halfway around the world, in the charming city of Mysore,
located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, far removed from
designer bodies and streamlined studios.



"Edupunks" are the radicals
who want to liberate scholarship and learning from the constraints of
institutions altogether. I also call them the monks, and they're part of the coming transformation of higher education. 

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