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LSD specialist, William Leonard Pickard was released from prison by way of compassionate release after 20 years due to drug charges.
For Immediate Release: DARK TALES FROM ELDER REGIONS: NEW YORK-- (Myth Ink Books; On Sale November 23rd 2014 Trade Paperback, 398 pgs, 19 Stories, 20 Illustrations, Color Cover, B/W Internal Illustrations $24.95, $23.70 on, with contributions by Award Winning, Best Selling Authors and is an all new annual anthology to focus on a different...
Filmmakers Jim Sunday and Andre Clement wandered into Mayantuyacu some years ago wanting to make a short film on Amazonian shamanism. They found themselves swept up into a story of pilgrimage and apprenticeship instead.
NASA has released an interactive map of infrared images of the Milky Way. The map is a result of over 2.5 million snapshots taken in over a decade long project.
Mark Demarest has announced the release of the most recent upgrade for the 'Standard Spiritualist and Occult Corpus' - an incredibly in depth digital archive of material being amassed by the International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and...
This Thursday in SF, join Gary Snyder and guests to celebrate the poems by the legendary and mysterious Beat writer, Lew Welch. 
"The Exile Nation Project: An Oral History of the War on Drugs" will be released on April 2nd. Help arrange a screening in your city. [Video]
The Russian Navy has declassified UFO records for the first time, revealing a treasure trove of fascinating new information about UFO encounters.
Uncover the profound link between the default mode network and psychedelics, exploring consciousness, healing, and self-discovery.
Explore the world of Cordyceps mushrooms, from their unique life cycle and health benefits to their portrayal in "The Last of Us."

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