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Cannabis and Ayahuasca: most people believe they shouldn't be mixed. Read this personal experience peppered with thoughts from a procannabis Peruvian Shaman.
The Bible talks about Egyptian priests as wise men who were able to perform magic, make themselves invisible, and cast spells by uttering incantations or mantras. Many ancient yogic scriptures describe similar accomplishments as a result of yoga practices.
Over the years, my sexuality has changed and changed and changed again. Sometimes it does get weird, in a delightful way. When I greet sex with openness and acceptance, the possibilities are endless.
Ali is a genuine hero of his age--- he personified the indomitable aspiration, the arrogant confidence and narcissism to take on social conventions and deliver amazing victories, but also the price that comes due when we attempt to heroically transcend the ...
We are being brought back down to earth by the zeitgeist that is upon us. As Jung says of neurosis, we can go where it’s taking us willingly and follow signs and dreams, or be dragged there unwillingly by symptoms and consequences.
Time dissolves during the weeklong gathering of Boom 2012 in the steppes near the Portuguese-Spanish border.
Blurring boundaries, Charchian creates multimedia experiences that blend Pre-Raphaelite appreciation for the magical beauty of nature, with elements of psychedelic aesthetics, informed by the long tradition of esoteric art.
My career as an interviewer, science writer, scientific researcher, and science fiction author has been inseparably linked with my thirty-three years of experimentation with psychedelic drugs and hallucinogenic plants.
Burning Man's founder explores how it can be a wild party on the one hand, and the most public-spirited city in America, on the other. The essential cause of this is the giving of gifts. A gift economy is founded on principles that are diametrically opposed to those that dominate our consumer culture.
The "near-death experience" that U.G. Krishnamurti had during a lecture in Madras in 1953 was to lead him up to the "final death" and awakening into the Natural State in 1967. It seems, the near-death experience is, almost as a rule, a necessary prelude to enlightenment.

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