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Hunter S. Thompson and Psychedelics: Key Takeaways

hunter s thompson and psychedelics key takeaways

Not just an author, but a cultural phenomenon, Hunter S. Thompson lived an absolutely legendary existence. His lifestyle was debaucherous and chaotic, and his work gave birth to what is now known as Gonzo journalism.

Elephant: Teacher of the Buddhic Way

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When we are around elephants, something magical, elevating, and awe-inspiring occurs. Simply put, elephants make us happy. They elevate our spirits. They bring peace to our hearts. They make us feel joyous.

The Eyes as Doorways into God


Through gazing we can develop the ability to love in the deeply tantric way of Jesus, in which there is no exception or “outside” in regard to whom or what is loved.

The Six Pathways of Destiny

6pathwaysLg copy

Each of us, as a human soul, incarnates by choice with a purpose, an intention or vision for this life – what we came here to do and to be.

The Wayana Fight for Survival

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For almost twenty years, the lives of the Wayanas has turned into a nightmare. Like other Indians living in Guyana, they are the victims of unauthorised gold panning and the invasion of illegal immigrants attracted by the gold rush.

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