The Akashic Age: Toward A New Era?

We are responding to an unprecedented flow of information that is catalyzing a restructuring of our inner psychological states as well as our external social structures. A new awareness in human consciousness is being birthed: an Akashic consciousness.
Kingsley L. Dennis

The Search for a Truth Serum

On April 20, 1950, the CIA under Allen Dulles gave the green light for the intelligence service to evaluate the use of LSD in the secret operation Bluebird.
Dieter Hagenbach

Celebrity Ethnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna Shares Psychedelic Wisdom

I recently met Dennis McKenna at the Harvard Natural History Museum to view the Glass Flowers exhibit. During our walkabout, McKenna pointed out psychoactive and psychedelic plants and shared his insights about the sacred healing plant ayahuasca.
Zoe Helene

Sacred Plant Teachers

When you consider working with a sacred plant teacher, do you consider whether the plant sees you as one of its people—the people it was brought into the world to help? Or do you consider only what you want?
Eliot Cowan

Reaching the Edge

When we reach an edge in our process and are about to have a potential breakthrough, the psyche will oftentimes express itself in synchronistic phenomena. This is a sign that we have touched the archetypal dimension of our being.
Paul Levy

Psychedelic, Shamanic, and Magickal Themes in Video Game Culture

A cursory view of video game history demonstrates the pervasive historical and real world applications of shamanism and sorcery that lie latent in many popular titles masquerading as mere fiction.
Benton Rooks

Radical Spirituality for a Radical Generation

The Occupy Movement was brought on by a sudden burst of discontent by America’s youth. Though such anger was originally pointed at Wall Street, the movement encompasses a much deeper spiritual awakening.
Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox

FOMO, Digital Dementia, and Our Dangerous Experiment

The couple thumbing their smartphones while ignoring one another, the moviegoer texting while his smartphone's screen blinds us, and the person who can't stop messaging long enough to keep the checkout line moving are all suffering from FOMO.
Larry Dossey MD

Gateway drug, to what?

The steps in several states and countries toward cannabis legalization implies a release of the mentality of control: interdiction, punishment, and psychological conditioning.
Charles Eisenstein

The Other Side of the Moon Gate

At nine, I died again. This time I came back remembering not only the whole journey but a whole other life, lived among people other than human in a world that seemed like home.
Robert Moss

Reprogramming the Self-Sabotage Code of Human Evolution

The future isn’t over yet. So let’s put in motion the energy to steer ourselves, and the technologies we touch, into the eusociality of cooperative survival. Starting now.
Kristin Prevallet

Why I Support the Worldwide Wave of Action

Through a worldwide movement, we can rally to change our fate and chart a new direction, but we need to act quickly. We must overcome the current paradigm and launch a new operating system for global society, based on principles of regenerative design.
Daniel Pinchbeck

Revolutionary Optimist Amiri Baraka Done Gone

Amiri Baraka died on January 9 at the age of 79. I began this writing with the urge to speak of the man, and then thought that I am not worthy to speak of him. Then I read the New York Times obituary and felt that I must.
Steven Taylor

Casting Precious into the Cracks of Doom, Androgyny, Alchemy, Evolution and the One Ring (Part III)

Apparently there was an age of androgyny during Paleolithic times. Relations between the sexes were egalitarian, and life-affirming values were celebrated, but this was wiped out and replaced by dominator, patriarchal societies that still rule.
Jonathan Zap

The Light That Burns: Night-Time Illumination and Melatonin Suppression

Darkness heals. Up until recently, the only major sources of light at night were starlight, moonlight and firelight. Now many of us are subject to electrical lighting long into the night. This artificial light pollution has a highly detrimental effect.
Sam Gandy

Set Science Free's 200+ PhDs vs TED

200+ PhDs, MDs, and a Nobel Prize Winner Protest TED's Anonymous Scientific Board on the anniversary of the removal of Dr. Sheldrake's talk The Science Delusion

A Quest for Gnosis: An Interview with Gabriel D. Roberts

Gabriel D. Roberts discusses his latest book, The Quest for Gnosis, with Reality Sandwich. Featuring over a dozen authors, scholars, occultists and modern day gnostic-practitioners, Gabe has accrued a fascinating look at the modern day occult landscape.
Jeremy D. Johnson

The Blunt Edge of Ockham’s Razor

Our scientific beliefs are a laundry bag of second-hand rags cut to resemble lab coats, dyed in the distillate of our prejudices. They are given to us, not chosen by us; but they define our world and set the limits of acceptable belief and behaviour.
The Reverend Nemu

The Akasha

The tenet that the observed world is a manifestation of a deeper dimension is now rediscovered at the cutting edge of quantum field physics. It is not new: it has been a basic element in classical Indian philosophy.
Ervin Laszlo

Integral Revolution

Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation, Neal Gorenflo of Shareable, and author John Restakis interview Catalan Integral Cooperative’s Enric Duran.
Michel Bauwens

The Second Psychedelic Revolution Part Three: Terence McKenna, The Rise of the Plant Shaman

In the decade following his death, the focal points of Terence McKenna’s life’s work have become, for better and for worse, something of a blueprint for the rise of a global neo-tribal, techno-shamanic culture.
James Oroc

On the Subject of Psychic Self Defence

Psychic attack is a real as any other invisible illness. Chronic fatigue syndrome, paranoia, obsessive compulsive disorder are all diseases of vague origin. What matters is your ability to change the game with conviction and redefine yourself.
Sarah Maiden

Mindapps and The Neurosingularity Project

When scientists discover the genes that control nerve growth, will they be able to control this process in order to produce more brain cells? Will the Neurosingularity Project then move from brain repair and enhancement to enlargement or even brain design?
Thomas B. Roberts PhD

Bowie and the Outer Planets: The Astrology of Ziggy Stardust

On February 10, 1972 David Bowie played a gig as an alien. It made him a superstar and changed rock and roll. Bowie's stage show grew to embrace themes that are archetypally reflected by the three outermost planets in our solar system.
Michael Tucker


Taurus Season Starts Today!

Thousands of years ago, the sign of Taurus marked the beginning of spring and the start of the zodiac calendar.
Adam Elenbaas

Psychedelic Christianity, Santo Daime and Ayahuasca

This article was written by Rev. Nemu, author of Science Revealed Ayahuasca religion is a strange concept to get your head around, even before you drink ayahausca.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Nightlight Horoscope 4.19.2014

Since it's Easter weekend and we've been exploring the Grand Cross symbolism all week, over and over, let's take a look at the word "masochism."
Adam Elenbaas

Magic Mushrooms Can Create New Brain Cells

Hardcore trip enthusiasts have been using psilocybin mushrooms for years in an attempt to gain access to the Technicolor trapdoor into the unknown. Of course, there are also those who just want to watch their friends' faces melt off and listen for sublimina...
Jeremy D. Johnson

Our Second Chance: the US and the Neo Cold War

The Ukraine-Crimea crisis marks the official beginning of a new period in geopolitics. The reign of one solitary superpower is over.
John Perkins

A Freely Evolving Topology of Light & Sound [Psychedelic Salon]

There's something about 1980s Terence McKenna talks that makes them tend to be my favourites. His range and depth, eloquence and steadiness of speech are mind blowing.
Jeremy D. Johnson

What to Plant in Your Garden to Help Save the Bees

With the introduction of genetically modified crops, stronger, more powerful, and prevalent pesticides, and a rapidly changing climate, bee colonies are quickly disappearing.
Faye Sakellaridis

The blood moon revived Lord Voldemort, and all I got was this lousy blog post

Destruction has its place—anyone can look out the window these days and list a dozen reasons as to how we’re destroying ourselves, the planet, and our culture. It’s not the biggest deal.
Stephen Hershey

Nightlight Horoscope 4.18.2014

What we're describing today is a kind of highly refined auto-pilot program....
Adam Elenbaas

On Mars Retrograde 4.17.2014

Let's take a deeper look at the inhibiting voice of Mars retrograde in Libra.
Adam Elenbaas

The Dharma of Difference [Buddhist Geeks]

Kate Johnson is a yogi and meditation teacher in NYC where she teaches yoga and mindfulness meditation to high school students in public schools.
Jeremy D. Johnson

Sarcasm and Disillusionment in the New Age Subculture

In this episode of the Maraya Karena Show, Maraya confronts the "Shit New Age Girls Say" meme, the troubling spot in which the new age/spiritual subculture finds itself, and the parallels to what has happened in other Western subcultures.
Nick Meador

Nightlight Horoscope 4.16.2014

The Moon is in Scorpio, trining Venus, and about to make aspects to Jupiter and Pluto.
Adam Elenbaas

R.S. ReReads: VALIS -- Chapters 6 & 7

R.S. ReReads examine your favorite media: counter-culture classics, science fiction, films, T.V. and video games in search of gnostic insights and portals to the Otherworld hidden in the plain site of pop. This month we take on Philip K. Dick's VALIS.
Jeremy D. Johnson

A Message from Manari Ushinga, Zapara Leader & Indigenous Ally

Manari Ushinga of the Sápara people in Ecuador shares with us his people's view the natural world, our interconnectedness, and the importance of keeping the oil that lies underneath the Ecuadorian Amazon untouched.
Faye Sakellaridis

Evergreen – Election Night! An Excerpt from the Film

"Evergreen: The Road to Civilization" documents how the citizens of Washington State legalized recreational marijuana. In this clip, the international media and subjects of the film react to the election results on Initiative 502.
Riley Morton

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscope

In some ways there is no better way of describing it. We are reduced to cliches..."shit's intense," we say. And what's wrong with that, really?
Adam Elenbaas

Grand Cross Symbolism 4.15.2014

We are still under the orb of the eclipse. Sudden freeze warnings on the east coast radios. Let's look at the symbolism of the Grand Cross in greater detail today...
Adam Elenbaas

Comedians Talking about Psychedelic Drugs

Enjoy a glorious 21 minutes as comedians Joe Rogan, George Carlin, Doug Stanhope, Duncan Trussell and Bill Hicks each get a turn in this video to talk about psychedelic drugs.
Jeremy D. Johnson

If Mind Comes First: A Talk by Neil Soten Theise

In this talk at The Village Zendo in NYC, Neil Soten Theise will continue to describe his most recent insights into the implications of the universe as a self-organizing, complex system.
Faye Sakellaridis

Free Will Astrology: Week of April 17

Here are this week's horoscopes, featuring tips on loving yourself with even more ingenuity than you already do.
Rob Brezsny

So You Want To Be An Herbalist In NYC?

Join some of the city's most knowledgeable herbal practitioners for an evening of skill-sharing presentations and drinks at "So You Want to Be an Herbalist at NYC?" an Herbal Imaginarium event, on April 24 in NYC.
Faye Sakellaridis

Astronomers Have Found the First Earth-Sized, Habitable Zone Planet

It's the same size as our home world, and at the right distance from its parent star to have liquid water. So, have we at last discovered Earth 2?
Jeremy D. Johnson

What Kind of Beat Makes You Want to Groove?

Ever start dancing to a beat without even realizing it? According to a new study, there’s a “rhythmic sweet spot” that causes our bodies to move before our minds make the conscious decision to.
Faye Sakellaridis