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Lucid Dreaming Machines

The first lucid-dream machine was created in 1983 by English psychologist Keith Hearne, and there have been numerous attempts to create similar devices since then.

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The New Science of Psychedelics

My career as an interviewer, science writer, scientific researcher, and
science fiction author has been inseparably linked with my thirty-three
years of experimentation with psychedelic drugs and hallucinogenic

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Psychedelic Drug Research

[RS Singles] • Long demonized, ridiculed, or ignored by the mainstream media, psychedelic drugs are finally seeing the light of day, and new scientific research is confirming the results of older studies, which suggest that these unusual substances have a myriad of useful medical applications. 

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Psychiatric Alchemy: An Interview with Oscar Janiger

Janiger is responsible for "turning on" many well-known literary figures and Hollywood celebrities in the late fifties and early sixties, when LSD was legal. In the late eighties,  he founded the Albert Hofman Foundation, whose purpose is to establish a world information center dedicated to the scientific study of human consciousness. Jeanne St. Peter and David Jay Brown spoke to Oscar about his scientific research, creativity and psychopathology, and his discovery of the psycho-act…

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Psychedelic Healing?

Psychedelics are back in the labs, where researchers hope to develop treatments for chronic depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and drug and alcohol dependency.

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