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Medicina by AjA

“A direct translation of this song could be: ‘May this medicine heal me, it is the medicine of everything. We are all God.’ When I sing this song, I am giving thanks to Everything…. every breath, every human interaction (be it challenging or easefu…

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Amanda Charchian

Blurring boundaries, Charchian creates multimedia experiences that blend Pre-Raphaelite appreciation for the magical beauty of nature, with elements of psychedelic aesthetics, informed by the long tradition of esoteric art.

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Elvis the Seeker

One day, on a break during the filming of Harum Scarum, Elvis looked up from reading Autobiography of a Yogi and told a stunned Larry Geller that he wanted to be initiated into Kriya Yoga. The Memphis Mafia was not going to like this.

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Music, Technology, and Responsibility

I am caught in a conundrum. I create music inspired by the wild unfettered spirits of the natural world, but the power I am using to create music in my home is literally destroying the beauty and the species that surround me.

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Pop Singer Ben Lee Comes out of “The Ayahuasca Closet”

In this interview, the ever-shape-shifting pop singer Ben Lee discusses his ambitious new album, "Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work," the spirituality of Fugazi shows, how chi gong practices changed his live performances, and why aya is “the perfect medicine for this time.”

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Aligning Minds: My Heart is Love

Aligning Minds’s newest album, My Heart Is Love, has been
described as an ethereal future city. Listening to the album, I feel myself floating in a
dream; swimming through a Miyazaki film or a Philip K. Dick
novel — underwater undulating breaths, heartbeats, android love songs,
dripping tunnels, cathedral hollows, hypnogogic blips and clicks, and
siren arias.

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