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The Keeper of the Fire: Shamanic Initiation

The growing spiritual movement and neo-shamanic community are hotly debating a number of questions, such as: What is the role and relevancy of shamanism in our modern world? Who is a shaman? What function must a person perform to be called a shaman?

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The Sociology of Ayahuasca Healing

Samantha Retrosi is on the show to talk to us about healing with ayahuasca –what that means, how it happens – and the importance of understanding that healing and illness go well beyond the individual and extend into relationships, society, and politics.

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Every Act a Ceremony

In a ceremony, everything matters and we attend to every detail. As we approach ecological healing with a ceremonial mind, more and more becomes visible for our attention.

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Animal Reactions to Crop Circles

What made a Rottweiler rushing ahead of its owner into a crop circle suddenly stop dead, roll over, and fall asleep just before it reached a terrified woman sitting meditating in the center?

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Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy) on Taking Peyote

Long before Carlos Castaneda and Aldous Huxley there was … Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy). In 1928, the avant-garde playwright, novelist, dramatist, painter, philosopher and psychedelic pioneer wrote one of the first literary descriptions of a Peyote trip.

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Wisdom of the Maya: Perceptions of Time

The Maya respect for time depicts each person as a biological individual or member of a legacy and as an element of time cycles. A person is not only a singular or individual sequential occurrence in a historical time line but an eternal protagonist embedded and participating in recurring events in vast cycles of time as well.

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Hey Woke Folk: You May Not be as Awake as You Think

PC/Woke culture has pathologized into an over-correction of valid past abuses of various groups, and now has become a set of blinders, a template that encourages shadow projection on to some groups while practicing shadow denial with other groups.

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