The Rise of Planetary Entrepreneurship


I see the prolific rise of the co-working space as speaking to an even deeper anecdote, one that points to the human need for community, connection, autonomy, and the type of nourishment that late stage capitalism just doesn’t offer.

Art, Poverty, and the Children of Gran Rue: An Interview with Love Leonce

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Artist, curator, and computer science teacher Love Leonce is co-founder of the Timoun Rezistans Art School, which teaches art and computer science to young children in Haiti. The seventh in this series about creatives using social networking to find non-local audiences is this interview with Love Leonce.

We Do Drugs Because It Feels Good: An Interview with Dr. Ingrid Walker

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Self-proclaimed multi-drug user Dr. Ingrid Walker’s new book “High: Drugs, Desire & A Nation of Drug Users” is a comprehensive look at the soul of American drug use in its joys and hypocrisy, and how the war on drugs has stigmatized our view of different substances. In this interview, Gabriel Roberts and Ingrid discuss the war on drugs, the benefits and pitfalls of our present national policy and how we might see a better approach to drugs, moving forward.

Trump’s Cognitive Decline


Trump’s counterfactualism may not be spin, but at narcissistically disordered personality in cognitive decline desperately trying to maintain its ego self-image.

Defend the Sacred Manifesto

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In August 2017, activists from around the world – indigenous elders and youth from North America, (including initiators from Standing Rock), Colombia, Israel, Palestine, Brazil, Kenya, the Philippines, Europe and 35 countries in total – gathered in Tamera Peace Research and Education Center in Portugal to collaborate and envision a global alliance to defend the sacred.

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Hear from the RS community in our new video series, spotlighting shared experiences and stories with plant medicines, psychedelics, consciousness, dreams, meditation, etc.

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