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Before you start munching on magic mushrooms, it’s wise to learn about timelines. So, how long does a shroom trip last? Let’s find out.
The buzz is growing about where to buy shrooms legally. From Colorado to Oregon, and even online–find out what the options are.
Learn what factors influence shroom potency, and what you can expect from various magic mushroom dosages. It’s all here in our comprehensive guide!
Curious about smoking shrooms? We've got the lowdown on why it's not the way to go, and better methods to enjoy these magical fungi.
Amplify your Halloween film experience with Reality Sandwich's curated list of horror movies perfect for a psychedelic twist.
This woodland-loving mushroom is a mouthful! Found out where to forage this tongue twister of a mushroom and how to identify it.
Take a trip with us back in time to review the Cascade Equinox Festival, held in Redmond, Oregon, September 22-24, 2023.
Ride this wave if you dare. Tidal Wave mushrooms are said to be one of the most potent trips out there. But just how strong are they?

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