"Slutwalks" protest police rape comments, human trafficking is exposed
in Nepal, the largest adult STI testing center shuts its doors, and
Brazil approves same-sex unions in this week's sex roundup.

  • How condoms can save a family. (NYTimes)
  • Human trafficking exposed, with a little more help from Demi Moore. (Ecorazzi)
  • The rape comments of a cop create a slew of 'SlutWalks.' (MSNBC via AP)
  • Brazil approves same-sex civil unions as a way to save human dignity, end discrimination and promote equality for all. (HuffPost)
  • San Diego teacher fired for soliciting oral and anal sex on craigslist. (SFGate)
  • AIM, the adult industry's STI testing site shuts down. (LAWeekly)
  • Why do women feel bad about doing things that feel good? (Alternet)
  • Loud moaning gets a Florida women in trouble for sexual performance in the presence of a child. (NewTimes)
  • Is 10 really too young to talk about masturbation? (TheStir)
  • The Great Wall of Vagina. (Juxtapoz)
  • Making the rounds: A kissing machine, because practice makes perfect. (AOL and LAWeekly)
  • Is there a sex toy double standard? (TheFrisky)
  • Teen moms talk about protection. (US)

Image: "Boston Slutwalk 2011" by weeklydig on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons.