We are empaths.

We feel what you’re feeling, whether we like it or not. We feel it in our bodies.

We know how you’re doing. When you say you’re doing fine, we know it isn’t true. We know what’s happening. Because it’s happening to us, too.

We do not mean this conceptually. We mean it literally.

We feel the feelings underneath your words, coming at us like bad breath. When you are anxious, we are anxious with your anxiety. When you are sad, we are sad with your sadness.

When you light up, we light up, too.

We may or may not be psychic. We may pick up information from other realms, but not necessarily. We may see auras or have visions or we may not.

What we share is nothing more and nothing less than the experience of your feelings in our bodies.

Feeling deeply is a beautiful thing, don’t misunderstand, but it does not make you an empath. What makes us empaths is that we feel you deeply.

We have been called sensitive and hyper-sensitive. We have been called weak. We have been told to toughen up. We have been told to get with the program.  

We have been told lies.

We listened, but we did not believe. We believed in something else, something we didn’t have words for.

We believed in Another World.

We believed in it, but we didn’t say it.

Now is the time to say it.

We call for a world built on empathy.

We call for a world that honors the emotional realm as sacred.

We call for a world that values the deepest experience of human beings and animals and the Earth herself above business, above money, above power.

Emotions are not obstacles on the way to achieving your goals. Emotions are the soul’s way of expressing your deepest needs.

The era of achievement is over. The era of empathy has begun.

You do not have to figure anything out. You just have to learn the language of emotions, their texture, their subtlety, their flow.

Do not attach words to your feelings too quickly. Do not explain them. Not until you know them. Honor your feelings as they are.

Everyone likes to say separateness is an illusion. As an abstract idea, it doesn’t really matter. If you want to know it, really know it, know this: your emotions are my emotions; your pain is my pain; your joy is my joy. These are not words, this is not poetry, this is our life.

Empaths, we have been hiding. We have been hiding because we felt rejected. But they were not rejecting us. They were rejecting themselves. They are ready now. They are ready because there is no other choice. Not anymore.

They are ready to believe the stirrings of their hearts.

They are calling for us.

Let us face this responsibility together. Let us gather in circles, in person and online, physically and energetically.

We will feel each other’s struggles. We will feel the struggles of all those whose struggles we have brought with us.  

We will acknowledge, to each other, the profound service we have been rendering, unacknowledged, to all of you.

We will laugh at the silliness of it.

What a relief.

We will learn from each other. How to protect ourselves. How to put on the proper shield. How to untangle the deepest entanglements.

We will unlock the locks. We will empty ourselves, tune into whomever we like, discover what is knowable, and use this knowledge for their benefit or ours.

We will release everything that is not ours. We will call back everything that is.

We will close our eyes, feel the feeling of the circle, feel our fellow empaths feeling it. We will disappear together into this feeling of togetherness.

We will amplify this feeling by bringing our attention to it. We will amplify it beyond our circles, beyond the spaces where we’ve gathered, beyond our understanding of the stale rules of cause and effect.

This is the joy of true interconnection. What everyone is searching for, our bodies have already mastered.

We will amplify this feeling with such power, it will explode the great lie of our culture.

We know our purpose.

We feel you, we feel all of you, we feel everything.

We are here so that you may know yourself through us. So that you may know yourself as us. So that we may be as one.

Empaths unite.


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