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DMT or N, N-dimethyltryptamine is one of the oldest used psychedelics. As a component in ayahuasca, it has been ingested by indigenous people in South America for centuries. But despite its long history, it’s also one of the least understood psychedelics. DMT is naturally produced in the human body and researchers theorize that the molecule is released right before death and sometimes during childbirth. Because of this, it has been called the ‘near-death hormone.’  

DMT produces strong open and closed eye visuals, and at high doses is a fully immersive experience that radically shifts perspectives and causes mystical experiences. The drug is found in over 400 plants and fungi but can also be synthesized in a lab. Most users will consume DMT by vaporizing it around 160 degrees celsius (320°F). 

Storing DMT

DMT is usually present and stored as a crystallized powder. It is usually pale yellow-orange to pure white and as the molecules oxidize, the powder starts to yellow. DMT is a very stable molecule so its potency is unlikely to degrade quickly. But it can degrade into DMT-B-oxide when exposed to air and high temperatures. DMT is a salt powder when combined with citrate, acetate, fumarate, and hydrochloride. But DMT can also come in its freebase form which is more reactive. Generally, storing DMT as a salt is more stable and will last longer. As with most things a cool, dark, and dry place is the best way to store DMT.

How to Store DMT

The best way to store DMT is in an airtight, small glass jar. DMT can be oxidized by air so keeping it in a sealed jar is the most important part of storage. An amber glass jar (a brown glass jar) is suggested to keep the DMT away from both air and light. 

But unlike LSD, DMT is not reactive to light so it isn’t necessary to store in tin foil. As it also comes as a powder and not a tab, storing DMT in tin foil can be messy. While the community doesn’t agree if DMT will react with the aluminum foil, the safest bet is to avoid tinfoil for any storage except for short periods. Some say the freebase form of DMT will attack the metal and cause problems. 

It is best not to store DMT in plastic or plastic wrap for long periods. The chemicals in the plastic can leach into the DMT (or any substances for that matter) and be ingested with the DMT. Plastic wrap becomes gooey after long exposure to DMT. 

Where to Store DMT

DMT should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. While it is not necessary to store it in the fridge or freezer unless you live in an extremely hot or humid environment, it is fine to do so. But when you take the airtight container out of the fridge or freezer, you need to let the bottle and DMT warm up to room temperature before opening the jar. If you open it right away, while it’s still cold, oxygen will condense on the colder, inside walls of the container and on the DMT. This will make it sticky, clumpy, and contaminate the DMT with water, which will cause oxidation more quickly. 

Storage Temperatures

DMT should be stored under 77 degrees. So unless you live in a hot or humid climate, storing at room temperature is fine. If you do decide to store it in the fridge or freezer remember to let the DMT and jar come up to room temperature before opening the jar. 

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  1. Nathan Huisenga

    I stored my DMT in the fridge in a small glass jar, but I didn’t wait until it got to room temperature to open it. However, I only opened it to smell for a brief second . Do you think that I have contaminated my DMT?


  2. Hi!

    I have an oxygen absorber (covered in plastic) and a silica desiccant. Do you think it could be useful to use both of them inside an amber glass with the freebase DMT? I’m kind of scared that the plastic of the oxygen absorber will leach onto the DMT and ruin it.


  3. Real thanks for this article.Just one question
    how long dmt can be stored in the best conditions?

  4. i have stored powdered dmt in 2 capsules in a small plastic sealed bag and then a metal altoids container and put in freezer. i have had this for over 2 years. i can see a bit of brown particle in the capsules with the yellow. is this normal? should i use this?

  5. If one had dmt in a vaporizer cartridge in a oil/liquid form would the same rules apply for storage? Would this form of it mean it is most likely mixed with another substance like vegetable glycerin or glycol and how would that affect its storage life?

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