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Into the Green Underworld (Part 1 of 2)

Most of my adulthood, I have been irritated with ungrounded, yet hugely gifted creative people who have shown me the value of healthy skepticism. I have always been empathic myself, and my ability to "see things" has been developed and tempered with testing and observing repeatable results using methods requiring considerable practice through spiritual exercises. I had a good reason to develop my senses, my work as a healer required it to be effective. I began to notice "other things" on clients or friends as my work progressed.

Although I had never smoked marijuana myself, I noticed that the partaker of this plant became susceptible to the influences of foreign entities. I saw them in people's auras as "smoky wisps" and was greatly disturbed by their presence. Once a person began to smoke, I would see in clear plain sight a smoky wispy 'mirage' on the shoulders of the people while they were smoking. Empathically it had a presence, I could feel something there. Out of love, great respect, curiosity — and concern for my friends, I decided to investigate further to understand the true nature of these beings and be able then to be in a position to inform my friends and myself. If they were good influences, I would find out. (Maybe they were just foreign to me and I didn't understand them.) If they were detrimental, I chose to protect my friends by at least giving them information to make a more informed choice about their use of marijuana. I have never felt drawn to marijuana, this felt like a sacrifice. I asked myself, "Who else if not me could do this or could give me a satisfactory answer?" Ultimately, it was this decision to help my friends and find the truth of the nature of these smoky wisp spirits that led me into the green underworld.

Prior to that very intentional journey one night in May of 2005, that was mostly what I saw: an expression of wide-lipped satisfaction, a vacant emotionally numb demeanor and a sense of lowered extrasensory perception and mental clarity. Often (almost always — 99.9 %) I have seen signs of the weakening of the will of those who use it. And in about 85% of overall cases, I have seen the worst side of its use (which has more to do with the user than the plant or its spirit in my opinion) and this is the sickening fiendish dependency on it to maintain balance. The users cannot stay somewhere if there is not a fresh supply of it. They may not leave home for fear that they may run out of it and become "stranded" without their crutch. They may begin speaking urgently and with a rationalizing hypocrisy always in defense of their "fun" addiction. But this is not really just a physical addiction in the works. It is far more complex.

My concern for my friends' wellbeing and distress at the unknown nature of these wispy visions had focused my will and preparatory psychic protection ritual to a razor-sharpness; I had a lot of emotional intensity behind my will to see the truth about these plant spirits. We all sat in a circle, and the last words I heard before my first taste of this medicine was, "Be really present." Then with a nod and a gesture my journey began.

During the experience of being high, which accelerated from 9pm-ish to a 3am peak, I was aware of very little. I noticed that most of my psychic abilities were diminished or absent altogether. I felt "fogged" — hazy, sort of disconnected, but grounded to the Earth. Mental and emotional function was altered. Fortunately, before partaking I called upon my spirit animal allies who were not easily "fogged." Later on, they relayed to me what happened

During the trip I did experience 'being' this alien plant thing. I was aware that I was allowing a being to inhabit my body, but I was not allowing it to have control over my command identity center; I wanted to deepen my shamanic awareness. I was channeling it, and it was a very old, scarily-wise plant being that was actually feeling out the parameters of my body and seeing if it could move my fingers etc. It was consensual and I was OK with it in the moment, but it was just so different from any other plant spirit I have ever met before. It was so adamant and forceful in expressing its desires! It had a weird scarily-powerful magnetic conductive feeling to it that reminds me of gemstones only with more of an agenda.

I noticed less pain in my body and that I didn't care so much if other people were angry or happy or distressed; I figured that this was their problem and was too much trouble to be bothered with. My girlfriend became angry with me because I wasn't being sensitive or present. I thought that this was hilarious at the time because I was quite silly.


2. Little Green Men

My spirit animal allies, who were not "fogged," told me later what happened, they showed it to me in pictures and feelings like a movie. I was awake, sitting upright, after the buzz had finally worn off and my subtle senses returned, and in a mild trance, watching the movie with my eyes open. In this mild trance state, I felt the presence of my spirit animals pressing in upon my thoughts gently but firmly indicating urgency and care. I accepted the "chat" and soon was flooded with images and impressions. I watched the images and felt impressions that appeared before me with full 5 senses. I then captured these by writing. Writing it down seems to intensify the clarity for me. It makes it more kinesthetic and less thought-oriented, similar to automatic writing. With this outlet of auto writing I felt I had an adequate outlet to channel the information from the trance state. I could freely move backward and forward in the story to gather more information and write it down as long as my trance state was connected to the source of the information. In this case the source was an inner aspect of me connected to my spirit animals Raven and Wolf, making use of their senses. This is what was revealed about these beings I had perceived previously as "smoky wisps":

I was observing myself (or rather I was viewing what Raven and Wolf had seen of me interacting with the beings). Somehow through the smoke around me, I was participating in something with them.

They are green beings roughly one foot to a foot and a half high with lamp-like yellow eyes. They stand on the shoulders and suck out emotions, memories, thoughts, will and (as though conducting a bank transaction) they deftly replace these things with thick oily-grey fog.

This transaction happens through contact of their mouths to the top of the head or through the ears and temples. When the transaction is done, they stand on one foot and jump from the shoulder causing their little green bodies to spiral for a moment then the body seems to vanish into the smoke and then a bolt of electrical light, as if they are somehow being transmuted into smoke and travel electrically through the smoke to other linked smoke highways throughout the world. They look humanoid in the rough sense. Two arms, two legs one head, two eyes and so on. However there is a feeling about them; they are decidedly more organized and of a culture that is very different from the ones I am familiar with humans being a part of. What else can I say about their appearance? Even though they were so short, they were fairly proportional. They were sort of like stretched-out versions of Yoda, only they felt nothing like Yoda, and they were kinda leafy looking and felt really intense, the eyes were rather haunting and bright yellow and glowed like a nocturnal animal's eyes glow.

I still saw myself from the observer position, and while I was watching, two or three of them they kept vanishing into smoke so that no more than two or three were on me at a time. It is possible that there were many more than two or three actually making the transactions, blowing fog into my head.

I (or Raven and I) somehow followed one of them along the smoke highway…


3. "Into the Green Underworld"

I was no longer in the world as I know it! It looked familiar enough though; I have done lots of dream work and soul travel exercises and I could tell that I was somewhere in the mid-lower astral plane. The laws of physics were somewhat different here, as is usual with any higher frequency dimension. I must be where these beings come from! The setting was round green hills and what looked like a distorted astral Shinto shrine! On closer inspection, the Shrine was a large Pi symbol shape similar to actual Shinto shrines, but it also had little spiraling parts that were somehow apropos. The shrine was also not made of wood, it was made of light and it glowed and hummed and had a bright red tinge that showed up on the edges of the shrine. Mostly it was white light. As I got closer to it, I saw the beings blowing thought-forms and emotions into the shrine. Or more accurately, as they got closer to it, the shrine would suck the thought-forms and emotions into itself like a big light-magnet.

As to the mood, it seemed very tense, these beings were clearly banded together for some purpose and they were not messing around either. They were very tightly knit, very sharp, everyone knew their place and their task and they were fully on it with zealous fervor.

I then saw that these beings had a caste-like system — a hierarchy. Some of the beings were collectors and others were specialists, and one was a shrine keeper, and then there were also shrine guardians (who weren't any bigger, like bouncers, but just seemed really nasty and powerful). It oddly reminded me of a Mafia kind of social structure only somewhat Japanese and of course non-human and in the Astral Plane. The shrines were clearly nexus points and this was but one of many — how many I wasn't sure.

These beings were clearly very connected; they were like rich smooth green gangster Yakuzas with built-in telepa-phones and astral martial arts skills. Then I saw I was approaching one of the hills and the Green shifted to mostly white as I approached it. This was the astral body of the plant being and it looked almost nothing like its physical form. The hills had millions of these plants as far as the eye could see. They were roughly the same size and shape as the physical plant but they were not really plants at all; they were plant-shaped crystals here! Wild! They were pulsing together like a set of Broadway lights that blink in succession to give the appearance of motion. It was like they were communicating. The other thing I noticed was that there were colors moving in the plants — emotions! It looked like a Kirlian photograph.


4. "Underworld Workings"

Suddenly it dawned on me: these plants were transmitters! Wait, more than that! There must be crystals in the physical plant that act as multidimensional Gateways for these beings! Resins, Of course! There are crystals!

Firstly, the way that they must work is that when you inhale smoke, the plant crystals (resins) are in an excited state, i.e., activated by fire. Burning Crystal Smoke becomes a conductive medium similar to the way that if you squeeze a crystal you can get a spark of electricity (Piezo-electric effect). Imagine thousands of tiny crystals bursting into flames at once. If that doesn't create a portal or intense effect on the space around it, I don't know what does.

A second part of the workings is that once the resin crystals become connected to the host's body (activated by fire or not) they can transmit gifts and influence from their world. Once in the body these specialized crystals transmit the Plant's physical signal anchoring in influence from the plant and the shrine network directly. Then it becomes easier for the people of the leaf to make their shrewd deals and transactions.

(In other words, once the crystals are activated by fire, the smoke is a portal for transit and information. A little green men transporter device! Once the resin is in the body, the physical plant spirit itself also begins to influence the imbiber.)

Once there is enough smoke or "fire-activated crystal medium," The Little Green people can then hold an intention and do that jumping twisty-leap thing and "spiral out" to accelerate through the medium in their astral bodies to the proper location in the astral plane and deposit their merchandise into the light shrine.

The intention is like a course heading. They imagine where they want to go, and to raise their vibration slightly they jump upwards in a spiral then — poof — their astral body changes into an electrical state, and then they are conducted to where they intended along the "smoke highway."

Of course! How could I have missed that! My mind was reeling! I know from working on clients doing energy work and shamanic healing that various entities are always trying to find a way to affect the physical world. This is how these entities do it — through growing special transmitter crystals that are designed to interact with the human brain in a way that could influence our behavior! Every Shaman knows that one of the biggest priorities for any non-physical being is to find a way into the physical dimension or to somehow influence it through us! And Every Shaman also knows that crystals are multidimensional transmitters!

This has really profound and disturbing implications! I believe that many people's actions are being nudged by, if not strongly influenced by, the beings of this green underworld. Perhaps unknowingly they regularly trade their feelings and thoughts and much of their will and directive for the "blessing" of emotional /mental numbness and the psychic connection to others who have crystal implant "cell-phones" from the same plant, same frequency! (Same bud, plant or crop resonance.) Further benefits are subconscious connection to the information-thoughts and feelings of every being on that shrine network. The light shrines are all on power points in the astral world that connect together like a ley line grid in the physical Earth frequency.

Since humans are mobile, this means that you could take one bud from this plant from Seattle, break it in half, and give one part of it to your friend who will stay here in Seattle while you are going to Australia, then say you both make an agreement to light up at the same time, let's say on the full moon for instance. You both imbibe a fresh supply of crystals from the same bud, thereby refreshing the portal to the green underworld network in Seattle and instantly somehow "just know" how people in Sea-town are feeling and what they are thinking and generally what is going on! Also you would have a particularly strong connection to the person who has the other half, or any bud from the same plant or crop. How convenient? How seductive? I wondered what the real cost was, and if it is just disturbing because I am new to this or if there is a more positive way to use this as a medicine!

Their ultimate agenda as beings is really mysterious to me. So I did some further investigating and found that they view humans in classes also. After making my own careful observations and interpretations thus far, I wanted to talk to someone who could really explain what I was seeing and feeling. I used my Higher Self and chose my Raven Ally specifically to make contact with one of these beings, it was a powerful enough intention to have worked it seems, because we were shortly greeted by a representative of the little green men.


5. "A Green Historian Explains"

This one seemed older, and in translation its title was 'historian' but also had a connotation of being something of a diplomat. It didn't flap jaws at me to speak. Instead it began downloading into my third eye (in a crystalline fashion) from its third eye in telepathic language. This communication experience for me is sort of like watching a movie projector only it is interactive. I could also control how opaque or transparent the projected image is overlaying the astral landscape around us. So again, this isn't in words but in impressions and feelings that I still have to interpret, but at least these are guided impressions from a seemingly knowledgeable being. The historian began explaining about the classes system that I had observed.

From the impressions he sent me, I could determine 4 levels of class.

At the low end we have basically:

A) "Dumb Food": These are weak-willed imbibers who use without intention or awareness. They have very little respect for humans who fall into this category, and they therefore give the least number of benefits to them. These are partier/recreational users who they consider to be so dumb that they don't even need to be duped to be taken advantage of; their thoughts, will and emotions are easily robbed from them because they themselves do not value these possessions.

B) "Slow Food": These are meager-willed but intentional imbibers who seek awareness consciously along with numbness subconsciously. They cannot just be taken for a ride because they at least value their will somewhat and therefore are more protected by Multidimensional Karmic Law.

(In other words, "the people" have laws and codes called "The Law of Balances. This form of law is based on doing all that they agree to by contract and treating people according to the measure of their own character based on how well they keep their word and follow through on their contracts and agreements. This includes how well the person is living in accordance with their own personal will. This means living in alignment with their own personal conscience and true desires. While the people of the leaf are not bound to always obey the law, it may be enforced by other beings that guard the gates. And so these beings often make agreements with slow food people that they are not bound to, because it is less enforceable according to their law. I.e., your honor, this human never does what he says he will, how can you keep me bound in contract to him? He cannot hold covenant…)

The Slow Food types require more fogging than the first group, but can be mostly placated and deluded with lesser gifts and less of them. They are most often kept in the dark with their own rationalizing hypocrisy due to somewhat addictive, vain or apathetic personality traits. Many people who think they are higher on the respect list than this fall into this category .

C) "Providers": These types are distributors of their precious crystalline portals, known to you and me as dealers/ growers. They have some respect for some humans in this group as long as they get the job done. To these people (though there is a large range of respect within this category) they tend to bestow more gifts. There are so many gifts that may be given that can aid a provider to have the best tools available for getting that job done. The beings often try to recruit humans whom they feel will be good providers, and they have a whole set of criteria that includes: Charisma/magnetism, value of self and money, highly social with more contacts, shrewdness, loyalty to the cause, and a hierarchical belief structure. These criteria also reflect their own somewhat feudal belief structure. Providers are often given the "whispering wisdom" that tells them valuable Intel on if their plants are in trouble. They also gain a more active telepathic link with the plants. They tell the providers what they need to know to take care of the plants and they often even induct them into their plant spirit religion and its history.

Remember these beings are businesslike! They look to fill specific positions in their "provider network" those with the most ability and drive are at the top of their provider network and have the most abilities and beings assigned to them to transmit those abilities. This is because they are the ones most crucial to ensuring that more people get fresh crystals. Also unconsciously there is a feudal obedience system that occurs from dependant to supplier. So one of the big perks here is having servants who don't even realize that they are serving you or how much.

On top of that, to this group they offer what they value most: MOE!

Medium Of Exchange. This is better than money, or broader than money. In their own world they are like merchants that trade primarily in Emotions and Thoughts and Will. With these powerful ingredients, opportunities for these creatures are created. Perhaps they sell the emotions to aliens or other beings who don't have them or maybe they use the will to power magical devices. Along my dream travels I have come to believe it is probable that there are a whole host of beings that would pay dearly in one way or another for human feelings. Of course, the more obvious use of will is to empower their cause by imparting will to providers and to themselves.

In this world the providers are given lots of cash for crystal plants, but they are also given some MOE. (Yes, this is why not all imbibers are completely lifeless and apathetic and why some seem all supercharged, they may be eating the willpower of others. Hmmm.)

D) "Shamans": These imbibers have a high degree of valuing of the will and self-directive and are intimately connected to their own palette of purpose. They use only when needed and always for a specific purpose. There is also always a larger degree of sophistication in the understanding of the plant spirit world and the nature of what exactly is being exchanged for what. This group is the most difficult to fog, because they are not limited to the confines of their body. In addition, the true Shaman is aware of any dependant or addictive tendencies in him/herself and its nature, and consciously chooses to act only from the will and in connection with the Higher Self & Great Spirit. A Shaman most often will require guides and/or animal allies to protect themselves from being steered away from his/ her/ its true purpose. (That would weaken the will and create vulnerability to influence.)

The negative ego is used against all four classes to create opportunities for influence. The last really powerful imbibing shaman in America, according to this download from the green historian, was named "White Bear," and seems to be one of the last few humans on this continent that these beings had true respect for.

Note: there is a sub-class here: The Wounded Shaman who has aspects of several groups and often varies in treatment somewhat by these beings, but never with the respect of a true Shaman. Often they are allowed to play with a few gifts and develop them to a high degree, but they are also influenced and sometimes duped. These people don't read the fine print and really dig deep and make sure that they understand the contract between parties or haven't developed the will enough.


Image by austins_irish_pirate, courtesy of Creative Commons license.


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