A Field Guide to the Playa

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Join Evolver co-founder Daniel Pinchbeck, along with Jill Ettinger and Baza Novic, Evolver LA honchos, with special guests, for "A Field Guide to the Playa," a journey into the practice and philosophy of Burning Man, the festival’s dust-blown past and unclear future. During this Evolver Intensive live online video session, we will discuss the evolution of the festival, its ever-growing cultural impact, this year’s ticket fiasco, and much more. Also, how do you integrate Burning Man into your daily life?

Saturday, August 18th

9am Honolulu • 12pm San Francisco • 3pm New York • 8pm London

Whether you are a Playa newbie or the most grizzled Burner veteran, there is always more to learn and new techniques to master for maximizing your Burning Man adventure. As we approach Burn 2012, with hordes of rabid newbies getting prepped to descend on Black Rock City in faux fur, this is the moment to prepare your Psyche for the sub-cultural onslaught coming your way imminently, and brush up on your Playa protocol. In this learning experience, we will explore deep questions such as:

  • Is it a good idea to snort bath salts from the bellybutton of a stranger?
  • Is getting branded on your tongue something you are likely to regret later?
  • Are Sparkle Ponies worth taming?
  • Is the Burning Man camp a new form of social organism?
  • Can hipster cache be bought with a credit card?

All these questions and more will be addressed in this unique one-time only webinar. Please bring your own “burning” questions to this interactive forum.

By participating in this online course, you will receive:

  • Useful tips and Playa checklist
  • Conversation with Evolver and Reality Sandwich co-founder, Daniel Pinchbeck
  • 30 minutes of question and answers
  • Participation in a private online community with other students
  • Unlimited online access to video recordings of this segment
  • Fuzzy tails and hats not included.

Maximize your Burning Man adventure by joining us on August 18. 

Check out the intensive here.

Image by Perfecto Insecto, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing. 

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