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Who is DELIC? 

Hey! It’s me, Jackee. I founded DELIC as a creative outlet to help the emerging psychedelic space translate information to a mainstream audience. DELIC is the parent company to multiple creative platforms, all built to support civil discourse in a fun and safe environment. One of those platforms is Reality Sandwich. There is so much groundbreaking research being done about psychedelics and their effectiveness to treat mental health and positively impact other human functions. Translating that (often) dense information to a mainstream audience is the difficult part. No one was doing it. That’s where DELIC began, in 2018.

A Psychedelic Renaissance

We’re living in a time when the ideas surrounding psychedelic substances are changing, as more evidence is proving what ancient cultures have known for thousands of years: these substances have the potential to bring enormous benefit to humans. They have paved the way for a new ideas, aesthetic principles, and creative expression.

What do you think… Are psychedelics for everyone? Is wellness for everyone?

We say, YES, and…

We’re in a psychedelic renaissance. You can feel it too. But what does that mean? For me, psychedelics have always played an important role in the wellness of my life. Whether they were teaching me hard lessons, helping me to see myself from a different perspective or creating the space to unpack trauma, plant medicine (or whatever you want to call it) is my ally. YES! And…Psychedelics are deeply powerful. It is my view that they be considered thoughtfully and researched extensively by anyone who’s curious. It’s time to promote individual responsibility.

That’s where DELIC comes in.  After fifteen years of making other people’s ideas come to life, it was time to nurture my own- and in a BIG way. DELIC is the first-ever psychedelic multimedia brand, working to reframe the psychedelic conversation for a mainstream audience. Our mission is to create opportunities for people to ask questions and have civil discourse about polarizing topics within the psychedelic space. We do not have all of the answers but rest assured we are full of questions.

As a 12-year-old information brand, Reality Sandwich is now taking the next step in its evolution. Who’s coming with us?

Wise about where we’ve been. Excited about where we’re going. No longer a part of the counterculture; you are nurturing the new wave of mindful evolution. One bite at a time.”

-Love Jackee

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