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9 Halloween Movies With Psychedelic Influences

Want to take your Halloween experience to the next level? It’s the perfect time to get into a comfy Kigurumi costume, find your favorite spot on the couch and treat yourself to a trip while watching these scary, psychedelic-enhancing movies. If you are ready to go down some rabbit holes, pop some of your favorite psychedelics and enjoy these top 9 scary movies to watch while tripping.

Slightly Spooky

We know that not everyone is a horror fan, especially when psychedelics are involved. These films have those spooky-enough vibes that won’t send you reeling: 

1. Spirited Away (2001)

Enter a world of magic, spirits and sorcery with this childhood classic. Filled with beautiful animation, wild characters and plenty of memorable moments. This film is ideal for someone who loves a twisted plot and still wants that happy ending.

2. Labyrinth (1986)

With David Bowie as your captain, you might not want this trip to ever end. Completed with fantastical scenes, furry faces and a classic adventure storyline— this movie combines everything there is to love about filmmaking in the ‘80s.

3. Alice in Wonderland (2009)

Thanks to Tim Burton’s vision of the classic story, viewers can experience all the nonsense they remember from the 1951 animated cartoon now amped up with both darker and realistic effects. It’s as if this film was influenced with ‘tripping’ in mind. 

Distressingly Disturbing

For those of us who yearn for a good scare, pick up the remote and press play on these wonderful yet disturbing films. 

4. Mother! (2017)

If this movie feels like a fever dream while sober, imagine how it’ll feel tripping. It’s definitely a disturbing ride, and if you’re someone who loves looking for symbolism and metaphors, you’ll have an interesting day with this film.

5. Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

Get ready for a little gore and a few jump scares with one big trip. This satirical horror drama offers a biting critique of the art world and a fresh take on familiar fears. It’s perfect for those who have a darker sense of humor.

6. Eraserhead (1977)

Featuring disturbing imagery and an ability to scratch at the part of our brains that fixate on that “something’s not right” feeling, it’s easy to see how this indie film is a midnight cult classic. 

Chillingly Creepy

If you’re a horror fan who takes Halloween seriously, these scary flixes are perfect for you.

7. Midsommar (2019)

Did Halloween even happen if you didn’t watch an A24 production? Midsommar is gruesome and flat-out terrifying, plus it features scenes where the characters themselves use psychedelics. Trust us, it’s so good, it’s scary.

8. Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

A classic horror film to watch, this flashback-fueled nightmare takes hold in a terrifying way. You’ll follow the main character as he loses his grip on reality, and battles with plenty of demons along the way. 

9. Mandy (2018) 

Anyone who’s seen Mandy understands that it’s definitely a trip — to the point where dropping acid before watching may actually help make sense of it. If you’re looking for goriness and loads of violence, you may have found your film.

2 thoughts on “9 Halloween Movies With Psychedelic Influences”

  1. Two movies I saw for the first time while tripping; Apocalypse Now, and The Exorcist. Not for the faint of heart!

  2. With its outlandish, sometimes beautifully macabre visuals and dream-like lack of narrative logic, the second Hellraiser film is great one if you’re not too easily freaked out. John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and “The Colour Out Of Space” are also worthy additions and since Panos Cosmatos’ “Mandy” is listed, I’dadd his earlier film “Beyond The Black Rainbow”

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