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Your Guide on Psychedelic Shroom Tolerance

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Tolerance can develop with a variety of substances, not just psychedelics. Caffeine, medicines, and even some supplements can cause the body to become accustomed to their effects, which causes people to increase dosages.

To get the most out of your psilocybin trip, it’s important to learn how to avoid magic mushroom tolerance and how to adjust dosages accordingly. It’s also good to understand why tolerance breaks are so crucial. Here’s an easy guide for you to refer to if you need help.

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Tolerance to Magic Mushrooms?

Tolerance builds up quickly when it comes to shrooms — one dose is all it takes to see a difference in effects. If you take a three-gram dose of magic mushrooms today and another three-gram dose tomorrow, the second dose will only be around half as potent. Thus, to achieve the same impact, you’ll need a greater dose. And if you take the same dose of magic mushrooms every day for a week, you won’t feel anything at all by the end of the week.

Fortunately, that tolerance can be reversed just as rapidly as it’s formed. If you take a break from magic mushrooms for a few days and then start taking them again, the effects will be practically identical to the first dose. In a nutshell: your tolerance will be completely reversed 14 days after taking a dose of magic mushrooms.

Your Guide to Tolerance Breaks:

Tolerance to shrooms can be reversed by taking a break. The goal here is to simply take time away from usage on a regular basis to allow the body to recover from tolerance.

Psychoactive Doses

Because the majority of people don’t take psychoactive dosages of magic mushrooms, tolerance breaks occur naturally. But ideally, your psilocybin sessions should be spaced out by at least two weeks.


If people are microdosing, they will need to take tolerance breaks. You may take mushrooms every day, every other day, or once every three or four days, depending on the microdosing regimen.

If you take mushrooms daily, even in a microdose, the effectiveness will eventually deteriorate.

Dr. James Fadiman’s normal microdosing procedure entails taking a microdose on the first day, then going three days without it. This break will effectively provide the tolerance gaps that the mushrooms require to continue operating. Take a tolerance break once a month for at least a week if you’re microdosing every day to maximize effectiveness.

Final Thoughts:

Psychedelic tolerance is surprisingly frequent and develops quickly, so when the same dose of magic mushrooms is consumed a second time, there are notable changes in the effects. One week is all it takes to become entirely tolerant. To experience the benefits of magic mushrooms, you must either take bigger doses or take a tolerance break to reverse tolerance effects.

If you’ve recently used magic mushrooms and plan to do so again, try using this shroom tolerance calculator to figure out what amount you’ll need to counteract these side effects.

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